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From Syrian refugee camp to dumpster-diving in Memphis, TN

Posted by Ann Corcoran on April 13, 2016

To get Obama’s promise of 10,000 Syrians on US soil by September 30th fulfilled, resettlement contractors like World Relief (and eight others) must resettle about 358 a week for the remaining weeks of this fiscal year.

Is this story from Memphis indicative of what is happening in your town as more and more refugees are dropped off?


“Welcoming” Memphis! Syrian refugees dumpster-dive to support families. Where are all the charitable and good Evangelical Christians at World Relief? When the RAP was created, these federal contractors were supposed to match the federal dollars with private charitable giving. The private share is almost non-existent now.

The Refugee Admissions Program (RAP) of the UN/US State Department already costs American taxpayers over $4 billion and this is what you get for your money!

Where is all the money going? I expect to offices and staff at the nine federal contractors!

From the Memphis Mirror:

After a lengthy lead-in about the troubles the Alkani family had in leaving Syria, check this out!

Today, Alkhani’s strife is drastically different. He is not surrounded by warfare, but struggles every day to make his family’s next dollar with no English language skills and a sixth grade education.

His worries about money started immediately. He owed the U.S. Department for their flight fares – a total of $6,000.***

Refugee families receive a one-time welcome payment of $925 per person from the U.S State Department, or $4,625 total for this family, that was channeled to them through World Relief Memphis. [Most people, especially the refugees, don’t know that World Relief, as the middleman, gets a cut of the money —-ed]

World Relief Memphis was the Alkhani’s first American contact and provided the family with the basics to get them started in Memphis. The money for basics like couches, kitchenware, and beds was deducted from their welcome money. [And, World Relief couldn’t get those items donated and save the cash?—ed]

“The World Relief Organization took care of the migration process,” Alkhani said. “We were supposed to get $4,500 in welcome money. We only received $900 of it.”

World Relief Memphis also provides English lessons for refugee families. But Alkhani, like other refugees, said he did not learn much. Alkhani gave up after three months because the teacher only spoke English, and he could not understand anything.  [Your tax dollars paid for those English lessons!—ed]

Rami Alhomsi is another Syrian refugee who gave up on the English classes that World Relief Memphis provided.

“None of us benefited from these lessons. We all quit school after sixth grade,” Alhomsi said in Arabic to an interpreter. “We don’t know any English.”  


Because of the language barrier, Alkhani has trouble finding a permanent job. He works for people in the Arab community whenever someone needs an extra hand. He also collects items thrown out in dumpsters and on sidewalks and sells them in a flea market on Summer Avenue.

By the way, World Relief has been advocating that 100,000 Syrians be admitted to the US. For what? So they can compete with poor Americans in dumpster diving?

*** One thing most of you don’t know is that when World Relief collects the airfare loan money they get to keep a portion of it for themselves for running the collection service.  All of your money does not return to the US Treasury.

Meet the staff at World Relief Memphis by clicking here.

15 Responses to “From Syrian refugee camp to dumpster-diving in Memphis, TN”

  1. mscamillegjones said

    Syrian refugee is fortunate enough to be given this kind of opportunity. Hopefully, this wont add up to our economic problem.


  2. […] yesterday we reported that Syrian refugees resettled in Memphis, TN are dumpster diving because they don’t have jobs […]


  3. […] From Syrian refugee camp to dumpster-diving in Memphis, TN April 13, 2016 […]


  4. It would be very surprising if these ‘refugees’ do not qualify for Food Stamps. I suspect the dumpster-diving is to scavenge for resale, as is common on every street corner in Africa, with local crime lords taking a cut of the earnings. Fine with me, but best kept in Africa.


  5. Wow, I’m stunned. You mean these third world wonders can’t find work and have to suck down our public resources? who would have imagined…


  6. kerberos616 said

    Reblogged this on Kerberos616.


  7. Andrew said

    From warfare to welfare to dumpster fare.
    Long live the late USA…

    check my poem:


  8. Skip Patel said

    Another great victory for the Post-American region of the Globalised Planet:

    WESLACO — Fewer people are being deported now than any other time in the last five years.

    When Homeland Security charges someone with a violation of immigration law, they give them one of two papers. It’s either a notice to appear or a notice of referral to an immigration judge.

    Half of the people caught crossing the border illegally never make it to an immigration court.

    “As long as they claim to be here before 2014, we just let them go,” said Brandon Judd from the National Border Patrol Council. “They don’t have to prove it. They just have to tell us.”

    Link: U.S. Department of Justice FY 2015 Statistics Yearbook Report

    Para leer noticias en español, visite nuestra sección Español.


    • My favorite pathetic attempt to pretend like they are enforcing the immigration laws are the “run letters” ICE sends out when they find our an illegal is living at a particular address. They mail out a form letter informing them that they know where they are, and would they be so kind as to show up for a hearing? of course, the illegal takes off like a frightened rat, never to be seen from again.


  9. Skip Patel said

    What’s the fuss? The LameStreamMedia® has reminded us (hourly) that we have always had an open-door immigration policy. The Islamic world has always been given priority (and “Super-Citizen” status) when it comes to re-locating to the United States……it’s a mainstay of our pioneer heritage (isn’t it?).

    George Orwell and Aldous Huxley are our prophets and we like it that way.

    “Syrian father surprised by fast move from Jordan to Missouri”

    Take your medication and shut-up, before you are charged with a hate crime.

    Liked by 1 person

    • This guy they are showing is typical of the leeches they are dumping on us. He’s 45 years old, doesn’t speak English, and has no marketable job skills. He has at least three kids, and a wife, and is islamic to boot. He will either be handed a job that should have gone to one of our own needy people, or more likely will be given housing, welfare, medical and dental benefits, in addition to burdening us with his children, who will create another burden since they don’t speak the language, and will require more of an educational expenditure. And once he is officially riding the gravy train at our expense, he can then sponsor other family members to come here siphon off our resources as a family affair. And of course, he will surely whine, bitch, and moan that there aren’t enough mosques around, and that we don’t appreciate islamic culture enough. This will give him something to do between during those lazy days between welfare check payments.


  10. tomasrose said

    Yes, the volag pockets 25% of the loans they collect for airfare. It means millions for some of the larger Volags. And the couches, kitchenware and beds that World Relief provides? World Relief (and the other volags) make money on that too. If they can get a donated couch, they bill it to the federal government and receive cash for it in the grossly mis-named Match Grant program. In the wonderful money-making Match Grant program the Volag gets a dollar for every 10 cents it puts up.


  11. GERALD POTTS said

    Ms. Corcoran, Rumors have been flying here that the Interfaith Refugee Ministries either was founded by a Muslim group, or is receiving support from a Muslim group (some claim the Muslim Brotherhood).  Do you have any information to support or refute that?  Could you guide me to where I could find such information? Let me express my deepest appreciation for the work you do.  You may not recognize it as we do, but you have single handedly informed the American public of this dangerous travesty and initiated a movement to stop it.  That goes right up there approaching MLK. Thank you, Gerald Potts

    Liked by 1 person

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