Heads-up Aberdeen, South Dakota! New resettlement site being proposed

Update: State Department admits today that the Syrian Sunni surge to America is on, and readers that is why you will see many more stories like this one from South Dakota—they need to find places to put them!

People ask me all the time, how will I know if my town is next?  The only way you will know is by picking up little tidbits of information like this from South Dakota Public Radio.  Hat tip: Joanne

Mike mayor
Aberdeen Mayor Mike Levsen: ““We need workers, and we certainly would be glad to have more friends and neighbors and more children in our schools and more cultures that we can learn from.” [And you get to pay for it all while big business gets cheap labor!]
There is no organized advanced planning for the secretive UN/US State Department resettlement sites.

There is no proper notice to communities. There will be no input from you, the taxpayer paying for all of this.  The process is one big free-for-all with federal contractors, like the Lutherans here, scrambling (especially now!) to find ‘welcoming’ communities with government subsidized housing as the Obama refugee surge has moved into high gear.

[Please see my previous post on the 100-mile radius, because as they move them out from the bulls-eye, they create ever-expanding target ranges for resettlement.—ed]

And, as you read and listen to the public radio story, I want you to think about this!

As infuriating as it is, it is one thing to sign the new refugees up for their “services” (aka welfare, food stamps, education, medical care), but now we see an expanding need to follow previously resettled refugees around the country as they move on their own to make sure they have a federal contractor to hold their hands to get their “services” wherever they move!

Do they ever stop being ‘clients’ of federal contractors?

And, notice that when “integration” is discussed (not ASSIMILATION) that integration seems to be linked somehow to their “services”— to their welfare?  What! no integration without a connection to the taxpayer teat?

From South Dakota Public Radio:

South Dakota could eventually have another direct resettlement site for refugees. A refugee is someone who has been forced to flee his or her country because of persecution, war, or violence. Currently any refugees who migrate to South Dakota arrive in Sioux Falls or Huron. A number of them choose to secondarily migrate to Aberdeen, and officials are considering making that city a direct resettlement site.

Tim Jurgens
Tim Jurgens, State Refugee Coordinator. SD is a Wilson-Fish state (see what that means below).

Tim Jurgens is the State Refugee Coordinator. He directs the Center for New Americans with Lutheran Social Services. Jurgens says he and others are trying to figure out the number of refugee eligible individuals that currently live in Aberdeen, to see if there’s a need to make it a direct resettlement site.

“Currently if they secondarily migrate into Aberdeen, so they arrive somewhere else, and they secondarily choose to move, it creates a bit of an issue,” Jurgens says. “Because when folks secondarily migrate, you don’t necessarily have all of the information you want or need for effective integration. Secondly, the funding is not necessarily going to be there immediately to assist the community. And then third, it’s just that you don’t know what services they’ve already achieved or already had, so you have to really restart that process for appropriate integration from a delayed time frame. So those would be the advantages to being a direct resettlement site.”

In summary, they can have a much faster delivery system of your money to refugees if they have an office in your town!

By the way, the Lutheran Social Services office in Huron is within 100 miles of Aberdeen, so there is no reason to set up a satellite office!

There is much, much, more to get you angry, continue reading here.

Some in North Dakota get it!  Come on South Dakota! Your governor could stop this in a heart beat!

As a Wilson-Fish state (see TN close to filing a States’ rights lawsuit) there is no role for elected representatives of the people in South Dakota, decisions are made about who is resettled there by Lutheran Social Services and the Obama Administration.

Just now as I had a look at other news here at RRW about South Dakota I was reminded of the 2014 Iraqi refugee sex trafficking case, here.

And, don’t miss this, there is some sort of funny business between BIG Meat (cheap immigrant labor)/the city and a federal immigrant visa program in Aberdeen already.


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  1. Citizens of Aberdeen are currently trying to fight for a voice in this. They are being told by the mayor, stop asking whiny questions and no one can stop us, not even the state or federal government. Time to start defunding some programs. The refugees that came here honestly for a better life are being harassed and silenced by the radicals that they are settling here. They can’t assimilate no matter how hard they try. LSS is pathetic, greedy, and dangerous. If you have any advice, the community would like to hear it ASAP. This is happening now. As fast as they can to try to avoid the backlash and force people to accept it. This is the second time they did this. The first was an epic fail with the meat packing plant and now they have it re-opened for round two after their greed got the state of South Dakota sued by 35 Korean Investors that bought a meat packing plant that was sold to them dishonestly.

    @Tma_sierrahills (@Tma_sierrahills) – he is both as far as I am concerned.

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  2. Another “vetted” Muslim asylum seeker in PA What a shock?! He lied! Notice – even after a likely lengthy criminal sentence for egregious crimes/lying – the USA gets to keep him. More, like Mohammed, coming to a neighborhood near you. . .

    Mohammed Jabbateh, 49, who lives in East Lansdowne, Pennsylvania, was indicted on two counts of fraud in immigration documents and two counts of perjury.

    U.S. Attorney Zane David Memeger said in a press statement that Jabbateh had concealed his identity as an officer of the United Liberation Movement for Democracy in Liberia,

    . . .Jabbateh had failed to disclose his Liberian crimes when he applied for U.S. asylum in December 1998 and when ******he was interviewed by an immigration asylum officer in January 1999****** (Look how long it took for the truth to emerge!)

    “This defendant allegedly committed unspeakable crimes in his home country, brutalizing numerous innocent victims,” Memeger said.

    He said Jabbateh had failed to disclose his Liberian crimes when he applied for U.S. asylum in December 1998 and when he was interviewed by an immigration asylum officer in January 1999.

    Jabbateh has been accused of committing or ordering troops to commit murder and torture, public rape, enslave civilian noncombatants, and other crimes motivated by race, religion, nationality, ethnic origin or political opinion, Memeger said.

    . . .If convicted, Jabbateh faces a maximum sentence of 30 years in prison, a fine, a $400 special assessment, and a period of supervised release. He does not face the possibility of being deported as a result of this criminal prosecution, Memeger said.”


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    1. It is definitely possible!!! The feds (and their contractors) are arrogant and don’t see any need to confer with anyone!


    1. The mayor and other local politicians are getting pay offs for resettling these invaders. These Muslims will eventually become radicalized. This country will end up as a caliphate like the EU is now, with Shiria law as invaders come in and settle all over the country.


  3. Syrian refugee kids are assaulting children in a Nova Scotia grade school, and the coverup has begun.
    These are the families that Obama is fast tracking to America. I’d really like an objective observer to describe what this screening actually entails, it could be a few cursory questions, for all we know. We don’t even know how many people are assigned to screen, who they are, and how many they screen a day. The states really have to get their act together and hold these refugee resettlement companies accountable.


    1. “… more cultures that we can learn from”. Like how to be a failed State in three easy lessons, perhaps? Dumb as a stump I’d say.


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