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Buffalo, NY: Something fishy in Somali tale of woe

Posted by Ann Corcoran on April 17, 2016

It is not surprising that as the New York primary approaches this week, that left-leaning media will find stories about how Republicans Trump and Cruz are ‘Islamophobes’ and how Muslims are gravitating to Sanders and Clinton.  However, you would think a reporter could find a more credible sob story than that of Aden Ali.

Here is what Aden Ali told a reporter for the Buffalo News:

Aden Ali of Buffalo has a lot riding on the outcome of the presidential election. The Somali immigrant has a wife and two children in Kenya, awaiting clearance to join him here.

US-map-Somali refugees

Buffalo has received the third highest number of Somalis in the last year after Minneapolis, MN and Columbus, OH.

But Donald Trump says he wants to block Muslim refugees from entering the United States, and Ali, who is Muslim, worries about the possibility if Trump is elected president.

“If he wins the presidency, how are my wife and kids going to come to this country?” said Ali, who works as a machine operator at a local chocolate maker.


Ali arrived in the United States as a refugee 15 years ago and is now a naturalized citizen and eligible to vote.

The story of Mrs. Ali and the children back in Kenya is suspicious!

So, we are expected to believe that Ali left a wife 15 years ago and still can’t get her in to the US, as he is now a US citizen to boot? And, the “children” would have to be grown men/women in these 15 years.

Are we expected to believe that our US Refugee Admissions Program left a wife and children behind and admitted this single man—15 years ago—while the US State Department has admitted over 87,000 other Somalis in those 15 years?  What, no room for Mrs. Ali and the little ones?

Or, is this a case where Ali traveled SAFELY back to East Africa and ‘found’ a wife in subsequent years?  It is happening that, supposedly persecuted and in danger, ‘refugees’ travel back to their home country to find wives which of course begs the question—in how much danger were they in the first place?

And, there is one more possibility—maybe there is no Mrs. Ali in Kenya!

Do these left-leaning reporters ever bother to ask more questions when they find those they make the poster-immigrants for their stories?

Remember readers, it is all about the heart wrenching ‘stories’ for this breed of reporter—facts be damned!

For more on targeted Buffalo, click here.

11 Responses to “Buffalo, NY: Something fishy in Somali tale of woe”

  1. […] Buffalo, NY: Something fishy in Somali tale of woe […]


  2. […] Buffalo, NY: Something fishy in Somali tale of woe […]


  3. dotsword said

    “… you would think a reporter could find a more credible sob story than that of Aden Ali….”

    Actually Ann, no I wouldn’t think that…..I do believe credible muslim story falls into the oxymoron category {{giggle}}

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Skip Patel said

    Reblogged this on theflyingcameldotorg.


  5. Skip Patel said

    Pity the poor criminal alien!

    Latino Life: Living in ‘Gringolandia’

    When you have to drive more than six hours to eat your favorite Latin American dish because local groceries don’t carry the ingredients to make it at home, you know you live in “Gringolandia.” That is what Nery Diaz, a native of Honduras, discovered days after moving to Maine a year ago.

    “Even if my wife wants to cook baleada (a traditional Honduran dish that is similar to a Mexican quesadilla) at home, we haven’t been able to find a store locally that carries the flour to prepare it,” explained Diaz, who moved from the Washington, D.C-Virginia area – the epicenter of the U.S. Central American population – to South Portland, Maine a year ago.

    More about the re-purposing the State of Idaho as a dumping ground for the 3rd World

    Aberdeen Possible Direct Refugee Resettlement Site (Have a listen!)

    [audio src="" /]


    • Skip Patel said

      From the Buffalo News report: “Buffalo’s Muslim immigrants wary of Trump, Cruz”

      (I guess we’ve been completely brainwashed to believe that our “immigrants” have instantaneous “Rights” to vote, along with Social Security, Welfare, Unemployment insurance etc. Otherwise, how would their presence make any difference in an election?)


  6. Is it just me or do we have a large number of Somali’s playing the race and victim card?

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Ironically the more we open US borders, the more ‘frightened’ and angry migrants become until the whole world is here.


  8. jdelaney3 said

    Good analysis, Ann.


  9. Reblogged this on Rifleman III Journal.


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