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Comments worth noting: Listen-up Catholic readers

Posted by Ann Corcoran on April 19, 2016

Editor: As long-time readers know we have a category of posts here at RRW entitled ‘Comments worth noting/guest posts’ and today we bring you this comment from reader ‘hogswithdogs’ to our post ‘So much for the Pope’s power of persuasion’ here.

From our reader:


The USCCB (US Conference of Catholic Bishops) has launched a National Catholic-Muslim dialogue. Partners include ISNA and the Islamic Circle of North America. Inter-faith dialogue is not new as CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) is active in the churches trying to seek ‘common ground’ and ‘building bridges’. Per Stephen Coughlin, they view the bridge as one way – us travelling to their side as they have no interest in Christianity.

My assumption is that you will hear more about this in your churches and the priests will be encouraged by their bishops to seek this ‘understanding’. How does this relate to this article? “Good question.”

Is the pope setting the tone for this dialogue? Is the pope setting an example that he wants us to follow? Will we see a push in the parishes to “adopt” Syrians sent to the United States by the UN?

What about the persecuted Christians? Our government is ignoring their plight. CHRISTIANS ARE PERSECUTED BY THE ‘REFUGEES’ THAT THE ADMINISTRATION WANTS TO RESETTLE IN THE UNITED STATES!

Talk to your priests and fellow parishioners. Pray for persecuted Christians and let them know that the persecution is at the hands of Islam by the people that the UN will be sending to the United States!

‘Hogswithdogs’ then directs us to the USCCB website here from February of this year where we learn of the church snuggling up to the Muslim Brotherhood in America:

The current regional Catholic-Muslim dialogues are the Mid-Atlantic (partnering with the Islamic Circle of North America), Midwest (partnering with the Islamic Society of North America) and West Coast (partnering with the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California and the Islamic Educational Center of Orange County). Each is co-chaired by a bishop and a Muslim leader from the corresponding regional organization. These dialogues will continue to meet and will work collaboratively with the members of the new national dialogue.

It is no wonder so many are drifting away from the Catholic church and that we have beautiful churches, like the one in Syracuse, becoming mosques.


13 Responses to “Comments worth noting: Listen-up Catholic readers”

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  2. This should come as no surprise to anyone. The Roman Catholic hierarchy is a clear and present lethal threat to all. Roman Catholicism is a corrupt hierarchy that for centuries has lied and deceived their own congregant as well as the rest of the world.

    Yasser Arafat made at least 3 visits to the Vatican where Karol Wojtyla not only kissed and blessed a blood soaked terrorist leader and devoutly committed to the destruction of Israel, he also blessed and kissed the Qur’an. Ratzinger did the same with the Qur’an. He kissed and blessed it.

    Islam and the Roman ‘church’ are both geo political systems that have common binding energies (rites, rituals, symbols, etc.) as both function in the veneer of their respective ‘religions’, Neither are Christian. Both are pagan. The organizational structure of both have roots in Babylon which accounts for their institutional pagan existence.

    While their is much more, suffice to know that Islam and Roman Catholicism have perverted doctrines as they relate to God, His Son, Mary, Saints, and so on. Of many examples, the essential case in point is that Jesus, the Christ is denied and/or replaced with theological deceit.

    The Arabic inscription on the Dome of the Rock states, “God has no son.” The Qur’an is clear that, “God has no son.” There is much more in the Hadith and Muslim’s “trusted sources.”

    The Roman Catholic hierarchy has institutionalized the “Eucharist.” This blasphemous ritual ‘sacrifices’ over and over with no end in sight even though Jesus, the Christ clearly states “It is finished.” If that weren’t enough, imagine what kind of ego that feigns humility would even allow himself to be “in place of Christ” until Christ returns. All of it denies Jesus, the Christ in the most subtle of contrivances.

    What we are witnessing in our lifetimes is the emerging false church spoken of in Scripture. Islam and Roman Catholicism are absolutely fundamentally essential in fabricating this venture from the bowels of hell

    As the false church emerges, the common binding energy for Christians will always be Jesus, the Christ. The emerging leadership and their doctrines will call for everyone to come together on things we can agree on. That necessarily means Jesus, the Christ is nowhere to be spoken of and if you do, you will be killed for it. The Scriptures refer to it as a “false peace.”



    • jdelaney3 said

      You’re being a…tad…over the top in your scurrilous description of the Catholic Church. We needn’t go over the deep end proving how reckless these and self-serving these federal contractors (volags) are. Let’s stick to the problem at hand: “religiously” linked, financially motivated federal contractors ignoring the security issues attending their self-enriching push for more refugees, irrespective of how poorly vetted many of those refugees may be. Having worked in such an operation, trust me: there are precious few “religious” on the staff. For 99.9% of them, it’s a job, an income, and very little else.


      • J,

        It is your lack of knowledge of the relationship between Islam and Roman Catholicism that seems to be your problem. What you perceive as “over the top” may well be nothing more than “over your head.” There is no intent to cast dispersions, simply fill in what you have not. I get more in depth in my seminars than I could possibly post on a forum like this.

        The USCCB doesn’t take a stand that is not sanctioned by the Roman hierarchy. Interesting that that is one position that BOTH Islam and the Roman hierarchy agree on. There are actually many more.

        You may not know that the Roman hierarchy has schools in the Middle East that teach Islam, its doctrines, its pagan god, its messenger, and so on. Working through governments, both are major driving forces behind this invasion of the West. Both are working diligently to blend their interests.

        The dogma of the ecumenical movement (coming together on issues that can be agreed upon) is the justification for this unholy alliance and is in large part essential to the establishment of the false church, something else that seems to escape you.

        The upshot of all that they do is what Satan wills: To eliminate Jesus, the Christ and the message of salvation as voiced by Him, and replace that message into something else entirely that is agreed upon. The true church is not influenced by any of this.

        You may have to read it many times, but John 17 is quite clear on precisely who makes up the true church.

        One last point: The Bible is not an ecumenical book. God is not an ecumenical being, not His Son, and certainly not those who “keep” Him.

        Like Martin Luther, all anyone can do is take a stand. They can do no other.



    • Excuse me. Correction: “While THERE is much more…not THEIR.” PI


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  5. How can there possibly be any ‘dialogue’ at all between Catholics and Muslims? Their scripture, values, and culture are at total odds w/ Christians. This Pope is a dangerous man. His Catholic leadership is setting us all on a dangerous, ‘moral equivalency’ path instead of pointing out the dangers to his followers of this sort of moral confusion..


  6. jdelaney3 said

    The insidious need of the Christian community to seek “common ground” with Islamic fascists is breathtakingly myopic and suicidal–even psychotic! There is no reasonable “common ground” with fascists except the West’s surrender and submission. The profound ignorance of Catholic and other religious and political leaders who seek accommodation with Islamism is nothing more than a spectacularly self-destructive exercise in appeasement. There is something extraordinarily wrong with the state of our mental health and our grasp on reality when we so blithely ignore that which is a clear and present danger to civilization itself–especially when leaders of that “clear and present danger” clearly enunciate their sinister and single-minded intention to destroy us. This appeasement is symptomatic of a loss of faith in ourselves and in our institutions. If I hear my pastor encourage accommodation with Islamists, he will definitely hear from me and others in my parish as well. We and our culture, our values, our beliefs are constantly assaulted from all sides by our leaders. Time we pushed back with one voice.

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    With a pope like this one, who needs enemies?

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