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German PEGIDA leader to face trial for “hate speech” on Facebook

Posted by Ann Corcoran on April 19, 2016

Invasion of Europe news….

As we have previously reported Facebook boy wonder, Mark Zuckerberg joined forces with the German government a few weeks ago in an agreement to police Facebook more thoroughly for anyone disparaging the immigrant hordes arriving in Germany at Mama Merkel’s invitation.

Seems they caught a big fish in Lutz Bachmann the leader of PEGIDA.

Maybe it’s time to quit Facebook?

Before I get to the news, I want to say that I am thinking that all of you (me included) should begin weaning ourselves from Facebook where we are making boy wonder richer and ever more powerful.

Did you happen to catch the story at USA Today on April 13th?

It is entitled “Zuckerberg steps into political fray” and explains his stepped-up role in the US Presidential race.  Zuckerberg is a leader of the world-wide No Borders movement.  He is a globalist who believes in free trade and the free movement of (cheap) labor around the world, and he has his very own personal ten year plan for how the world should be run.

Here is the news on Mark-the-megalomaniac’s catch from Malta Today:

Lutz Bachmann is accused of inciting racial hatred after he made a series of Facebook posts where he called refugees “cattle” and “trash”.  [I wonder, if he had called his political and business leaders, who want cheap labor, swine or “trash,” would he suffer the same fate?—ed]

The 43-year-old’s trial in Dresden will be held amid tight security.

Pegida’s rallies have attracted thousands of supporters in Germany, with the movement even spreading to numerous countries since launching in 2014.

The group’s demonstrations were in the spotlight this January in Cologne after the Cologne Police Department received a barrage of reports of sexual assaults on New Year’s Eve.


The court says Mr Bachmann “disrupted public order” through his comments, which constituted an “attack on the dignity” of refugees.

If found guilty, he could face between three months and five years in prison.

Of course, Germany doesn’t have the same free speech protections that we have, but nevertheless, can’t someone figure out a site like Facebook where free speech can reign supreme.

For our complete ‘Invasion of Europe’ archive, click here.

11 Responses to “German PEGIDA leader to face trial for “hate speech” on Facebook”

  1. lehi48 said

    The sad part of the New World Order people Obama Gore EU Zuckerberg &Gates. They callus the Right WING Hate Fillled Crowd yet they are the Neo-fascists of this Era trying yo control not only Speech Attitude etc but how we use resources in our home how much and when.


  2. […] German PEGIDA leader to face trial for “hate speech” on Facebook […]


  3. stanely21 said

    Very disturbing to see national press using language like “hate” and “rightwing” as a means of demonizing these people. The REAL story here is why “hate-speech” laws are tolerated in Western countries where we KNOW better – and how these laws are being used by authoritarians to silence dissent and promote their destructive migration plan. It is the MOST “offensive” speech which requires the MOST protection by law. Europe is in grave danger.


  4. Yes it is time to leave facebook – 3 good reasons: the selling of your data (and not just what you do on facebook, but everything in your browser), the social manipulation (they been caught conducting mood experiments of sorts) and the lack of free speech – using the wrong words can now land you in jail, as has happened to several people. It is a vast social engineering experiment!


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  6. […] via German PEGIDA leader to face trial for “hate speech” on Facebook — Refugee Resettlement Watch […]


  7. lehi48 said

    Frau Merkel would probably be one of the first of Western Leaders to defend the right of Islamists to have a platform to spout their religious beliefs even if it means calling for the murder of the Kaffur and Supremacy of Islam with the Fatherland run by Sharia. Who knows what lurks in the mind of an alleged ex-Statsi Agent who wants to deny the people who put her into office the Freedom of Speech and Expression to discuss the most momentous change in German History since the Fall of the Third Reich. She wants to close her peoples mouths about the Islamist Despots of the World who have blood on their hands. Just what is she thinking? What type of Leader is she trying to mimic? I can think of one but I’ll leave that to everyone’s imagination since I don’t want to be snatched off the street never to be seen again. I don’t make light of this when a leader of what was a Free Country takes these self preservation steps and changes that Freedom. She is bringing in the right immigrants! They are not familiar with Freedom or Democracy so they will be very easy to control if the system of government is changed. Chancellor, is this your end-game?


  8. Yes…Zuckerburg the boy wonder who stole his college buddies idea known as Facebook

    And PS: I agree with weaning oneself off of Facebook…I am one of the very few who is not on Facebook and never have been and never will be


  9. Regina said

    Thank you for your reporting of the refugee invasion. There is an alternative to Facebook.

    Has a site called.

    Suppose to be free speech no censoring.

    Blessings in Yeshua for your safety and protection. On Apr 19, 2016 5:04 AM, “Refugee Resettlement Watch” wrote:

    > Ann Corcoran posted: “Invasion of Europe news…. As we have previously > reported Facebook boy wonder, Mark Zuckerberg joined forces with the German > government a few weeks ago in an agreement to police Facebook more > thoroughly for anyone disparaging the immigrant hordes arri” >

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  10. kerberos616 said

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