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Texas legislature holds refugee hearing: state taxpayers on the hook for millions

Posted by Ann Corcoran on April 22, 2016

As we have been reporting, all across America state legislative bodies are starting to ask questions about how the UN/US State Department Refugee Admissions Program works and who is paying for it all.

Over, and over again, in states like Wyoming (which does not have a program and never has had one), advocates for third world resettlement yammer about how this is all paid for by the feds (from the federal government’s money tree!) and it won’t cost the state or local taxpayer a dime.

You know from reading RRW that that is a bunch of bull, but here again we are given some facts about who is paying.

From the Austin American Statesman:

Citing fears that refugees, particularly those arriving from Syria, could pose a terrorist threat, several Republican state senators pressed Thursday for additional background checks and tighter oversight on agencies that resettle refugees in Texas.


See what refugee contractor, Aaron Rippenkroeger, had to say about “welcoming” Syrian and other Muslim refugees to Texas, here last fall:

“Right now, there’s a civil war in Syria, and there are terrorists in Syria, and there have actually been various serious attacks in Europe,” state Sen. Charles Schwertner, R-Georgetown, said during a Capitol hearing before the Committee on Health and Human Services.

Echoed by other Republicans, including Sen. Donna Campbell of New Braunfels, Schwertner said he wasn’t confident that the federal government is conducting complete background checks into potential refugees, and he suggested that state health agencies take more control over private resettlement organizations to ensure that new Texans are thoroughly investigated.

“We should have a refugee program, but my concern is for the safety of the citizens of Texas. That is my motivation,” said Schwertner, the committee chairman. “This population needs be thoroughly vetted.”


Aaron Rippenkroeger, chief executive of Refugee Services of Texas, told the committee that refugees receive thorough background checks before they’re resettled, adding that his organization has never had to report a security risk to the federal government. [Refugee Services of Texas is a subcontractor of three of nine federal contractors.—ed]


Texas health agencies received $66 million from the federal government in 2015 for refugee-related services, with the state spending an additional $56 million, mostly on Medicaid-paid services.


Local communities also bear some of the costs of settling refugees, including creating educational services for children and providing translation during 911 calls, Amarillo Mayor Paul Harpole said.

Read the whole article here.

Be sure to see our lengthy archive on Amarillo by clicking here.  Thanks to greedy meatpackers, the city’s school system is overloaded and the mayor has asked for the flow to be stopped for awhile (to no avail).

Last year I visited Dallas and in advance prepared a three-part series on the refugee program in the state.  Texas is still the #1 state in the nation for resettlement of refugees and you can draw a straight line right back to previous governors who never lifted a finger to question the efforts of the open-borders movement to turn Texas blue through mass migration of all kinds.

9 Responses to “Texas legislature holds refugee hearing: state taxpayers on the hook for millions”

  1. […] Texas legislature holds refugee hearing: state taxpayers on the hook for millions […]


  2. […] Texas legislature holds refugee hearing: state taxpayers on the hook for millions […]


  3. lehi48 said

    There is a speech by the Hungarian President calling out the the Leftist EU that none of this is an accident but is by design to transform Europe’s Culture, Religion, way of life and that there is an Army of Media that will accuse anyone who rejects this New World Order a Racist Islamophobe Fascist or Right Winger. (Personal note Ex Stasi Merkel started prosecuting Comics writers for what they’ve said about Erdogan of Turkey or the “Right Wing”Party about ‘Refugees’ and this on the heels of her agreement with Zuckerber/Facebook). So the Hungarian PM said Hungarians and Poles know how to look at danger in the Face with Courage and reject the EU dictates and no longer comply. Look it up on


  4. The WRONG approach to the problem…..make those contractors liable for damages if they fail to vet refugees properly. The Catholic Church is extremely wealthy…..use their money.

    STATE OF TEXAS ??? Who asked us?
    are all these refugees sick or disabled? Not likely. Are they all going to counseling? Why so much $$$?

    Taxpayers in the states shouldn’t have to pay a dime for any of this—I didn’t want to destabilize the middle east in the first place– which is exactly what caused this mess—REGIME CHANGE



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  6. Texas still #1 Muslim refugee resettlement state. So much for ‘Don’t mess with Texas!’

    Glad some of our politicians care somewhat about letting in Muslim terrorists, but apparently for many, if not for security concerns, it would be perfectly okay to erase the Historic American Nation and replace it with a teeming anthill of third world Muslim, Black and Hispanic poverty, corruption and conflict.


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