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Small town Montana newspaper editor walks into buzz saw on Syrian refugee issue

Posted by Ann Corcoran on April 23, 2016

I have a million more things to write about (and am waaayyy behind), but when this popped up in my alerts just now, I thought it was something you all needed to know—Montanans are trying to save themselves from becoming the newest destination for Syrian and other Middle Eastern and African refugees*** and they are being vilified by Leftists now in charge of small newspapers attempting to control the narrative.

Trip Burns

Editor Burns at LinkedIn. An ‘edgy’ photo is worth a thousand words!

Truthfully, I am not wading into all of the he said/they said.  You can read it all yourself. But, it seems a new newspaper editor penned a piece last week entitled ‘Syrian refugees are not welcome in Sanders County‘ that has angered the rural Montana community and they are letting him know.

First read what editor/reporter Trip Burns said, here.

Then see his response to the criticism, here, including this from a reader, Les Wood of Plains:

I know that you are a new guy in town, but you better know that we watch over and protect our own. We are not so quick to accept a new guy who thinks that he has all of the liberal answers for the world and that we are a bunch of old retired hicks who don’t know which way is up.

Continue reading here.  (I guess we should give him credit for posting all of the criticism!)

You don’t need these small town rags!

I feel like I am beating a dead horse when I say this, but please, all of you in ‘pockets of resistance’ must develop your own alternative media to bypass the Leftwing-controlled corporate media industry. This paper (Clark Fork Valley Press) has a circulation of a whopping 1,466 and is owned by some big corporation called Hagadone Corp. (whoever the heck they are!), see here.

Use your free speech! Get your own facts out on what is happening to Montana by writing blogs, websites, and through other forms of social media!  Go door to door with flyers if you must!

***See our extensive archive on the battle for Montana.

7 Responses to “Small town Montana newspaper editor walks into buzz saw on Syrian refugee issue”

  1. It is scary thought that so many “independent” small town newspapers are actually owned by the globalists. I have to smile when I think about them sidestepping critical points in the story, and avoiding reporting anything that would make mass immigration look like a bad idea. For example, if the screening process is so though, how much are we paying to process each individual? the amount must be staggering if employees from “several different agencies” have to spend days, perhaps even weeks, investigating this person we don’t even need here.

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  2. mikethehun said

    The Hagadone Corp owns the Coeur D’Alene resort


  3. As always, Ann has it exactly right. Most newspapers of mostly conservative small town America are owned by globalist corporations. To fill gaps in their column inches, they use national wire services that might as well be published on the moon, that is if the moon were owned by liberal Hollywood. On top of that, most local papers report very little of what actually goes on behind the scenes in local politics, since they are cozy with the local movers and shakers of the establishment.

    Even the legitimately locally owned small town newspapers are often called ‘alternative newspapers’ that tend to be cookie-cutter duplicates of other alternative newspapers across the nation. These are often founded by McGovern liberals who have learned absolutely nothing about the world and the humans that inhabit it since their heady days of the 1970s.

    Protected in their safe orderly leafy White neighborhood terrariums, pious fashionable short-term ‘compassion’ and intolerant ‘tolerance’ is the unquestioned order of the day. As with the corporate newspaper chains, to hell with our quality of life, the environment, our hard-earned First World standard of living, our European-based Western culture and, below all, smirkingly tossing into the dumpster of history, the future of everyone’s great-grandkids.

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