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North Dakota: Somali sexual assault case delayed, waiting for mental health report

Posted by Ann Corcoran on April 25, 2016

Readers, I apologize, I am so behind. I especially apologize to all who are sending me great story ideas.  There are dozens and dozens of them that I could post, but not enough hours in the day.  This morning I spent way too much time telling the story of my attendance at a Trump rally, here, so am going to try really hard now to post a lot of my refugee backlog quickly (Ha! famous last words).

ND rapist

Abdulrahman Ibrahim Ali

Since we have been mentioning the Dakotas recently (South Dakota, here) this story about a possibly mentally impaired Somali caught my attention.

We hear about thorough screening all the time, are they screening out the mentally ‘challenged?’  Apparently not!

From news:

FARGO – A Fargo man charged late last year with sexually assaulting a Mapleton store clerk appeared Wednesday, April 13, in Cass County District Court, but his case appears to be stalled for now as attorneys wait for a mental health exam.

Abdulrahman Ibrahim Ali, 36, faces charges of gross sexual imposition, kidnapping, aggravated assault, and terrorizing stemming from an incident in December at Gordy’s Travel Plaza in Mapleton. The most serious charge, Class AA felony gross sexual imposition, could carry a lifetime prison term if Ali were convicted.

According to this report, he told the victim as he assaulted her that she was his “wife.”  Was he nuts or behaving in a manner consistent with Islamic teaching by proclaiming that she was his wife and therefore he could do this to her—allegedly beat her and sexually assault her.

Brandborg (Ali’s attorney) did not specify what he was waiting for, but Judge Tom Olson in January ordered a mental health evaluation for Ali, who communicated in court Wednesday through an interpreter.

At one point Wednesday, Ali said he was having problems at the Cass County Jail and that he was taking medication but was not sleeping. [Note to local and state taxpayers—you are footing the bill for refugee criminals, not the US State Department or the contractors that send them to your towns.—ed]

Mental evaluations are used in criminal cases to assess whether a defendant is unable to assist in his own defense or was mentally ill or deficient at the time of the alleged crime. Either situation can prevent a defendant from standing trial.

Ali’s family has said he suffers from biploar disorder and that minor criminal charges against him in Ohio and Minnesota were dismissed on mental illness grounds.

Continue reading here.  And, click here, for our North Dakota archive where Lutheran contractors are in charge of bringing diversity to the state.

9 Responses to “North Dakota: Somali sexual assault case delayed, waiting for mental health report”

  1. This is perfectly acceptable in Islam. No need for a mental health report.


  2. […] North Dakota: Somali sexual assault case delayed, waiting for mental health report […]


  3. nctruth said

    Reblogged this on NC Refugee Watch and commented:
    Not surprised. We are probably paying for his lawyer.


  4. Dave Gorak said

    This country has cut its own throat and the future is not very bright for our descendants.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. TwoLaine said

    “Ali, who communicated in court Wednesday through an interpreter”

    Another racket they can sock it to us on. I can only imagine the bills for the interpreters for all these furiners.

    We know there is a tremendous cost for translating govt docs/info online, and elsewhere for them.

    I’m ready for TRUMP to re-institute English only language sensibility back into society.

    I say if they want to come over, legally, they must bring their own translators too.


  6. TwoLaine said

    They learn fast, and well, what works to get them off. Then they share that knowledge. We’ve seen this train wreck before.


  7. kerberos616 said

    Reblogged this on Kerberos616.


  8. sturandot13 said

    From the article: “According to the documents, Ali dragged the clerk into the women’s bathroom where he hit, kicked and sexually assaulted her while he told her she was his wife. … Ali’s family has said he suffers from bi-ploar disorder and that minor criminal charges against him in Ohio and Minnesota were dismissed on mental illness grounds.

    [So sorry, but I had to edit out your suggestion because I’ve got a rule about suggestions like that (as much as I might agree with your proposal of what to do with him)]… it is apparent this scum had already committed other offenses in both Ohio and Minnesota, and has now “graduated” to THIS form of attack. Unacceptable. And the Usurper-in-Chief and his lapdogs at the various “resettlement agencies” are responsible.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Reblogged this on Rifleman III Journal.


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