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Is yours about to be a refugee ‘welcoming’ community? Call the mayor of Amarillo, TX first!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on April 26, 2016

You know that overused definition of ‘insanity’ which says that when one does something over and over again and expects a different outcome, that is insane.  Well, that applies to the resettlement of refugees.

Please pay attention to the cities that have been overloaded with refugees for years—even decades—and they can’t get the flow slowed.  This will happen to your town!


Amarillo Mayor Paul Harpole should get an award for heroism!

If you open your town or city to the arrival of a resettlement contractor (Missoula pay attention!), you will not be choosing who comes and how many.  Local taxpayers will bear the greatest burden especially in the school system. You will never be able to get the contractor to slow the flow of relatives they bring next.  And, if you complain, you will be vilified!

We have dozens and dozens of posts about cities where mayors have begged for a slowdown or better still a moratorium on the resettlement of refugees because they can no longer cope—usually it is the school system that begins to crash first—and get no significant relief from the US State Department and its money-hungry resettlement contractors.

Search RRW for Manchester, NH, Lynn and Springfield, Mass, or Amarillo, TX to see what I mean.

Here is the latest from Amarillo (a ‘pocket of resistance!’) where the mayor is taking his battle to a new level.  From Amarillo Globe-News:

Amarillo Mayor Paul Harpole took his decades-long knowledge about the city’s refugees ­— their progress and challenges — to state lawmakers last week and he plans to continue the discussion locally today.

Harpole testified last Thursday in Austin at a hearing on refugee resettlement programs before the State Senate Committee on Health and Human Services to address resettlement rates, language barriers in schools and an alleged lack of foresight from Washington.

He addressed what he called disparities between the resettlement rate in Amarillo and the rates of cities in Texas and elsewhere. He also repeated a claim he’s made several times.

“The City of Amarillo gets more refugees per 100,000 population than any city in the world,” Harpole testified before the committee.

Lack of required ‘consultations’ just more proof that this program has been operating in SECRECY for years.  

And, since Congress has never policed the program, administrations (both Democrat and Republican) have gotten away with operating in secrecy for 35 plus years!

Another complaint Harpole took to Austin was Washington’s alleged lack of foresight on a national level.

“What the Senators are talking about is why the federal government gives the state no control over this and no insight,” Harpole said. “And now the [US] State Department says we should have been having community consultation meetings and coordinating meetings every three months, and it’s been in place for years.”

Continue reading here. There is a lot of good information about how refugees will wreck your school system.

Go here for our complete Amarillo archive.

And, be sure to check out a post I wrote a year ago:  Ten Things Your Town Needs to Know ….

19 Responses to “Is yours about to be a refugee ‘welcoming’ community? Call the mayor of Amarillo, TX first!”

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  4. usnveteran said

    April 26, 2016
    Former UK Official Who Invented Term ‘Islamophobia’: “I Got Everything Wrong”:
    {Now trying to make amends …}

    April 10, 2016
    UK Equalities Chief Who Popularized The Term ‘Islamophobia’ Admits: “I Thought Muslims Would Blend Into Britain … I Should Have Known Better …”:


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  7. jdelaney3 said

    I urge folks to deluge local resettlement agency offices with phone calls to determine what refugees and in what numbers they plan to accept for resettlement during the remainder of the year. Put them on notice that you and many others will be watching. If any of those refugees the agency is planning to resettle are, from all reports, improperly vetted, urge them NOT to “assure” (accept) them. I would also contact City Hall and the County Executive to intercede as well in this regard. Keep your eye on these volags/ngos/gov’t contractors and call with regularity for updated information as to what refugees have arrived and what refugees are expected to arrive. Also, reach out to community organizations, many of which should welcome the opportunity to keep tabs on the refugee influx as well. If the agency is a Catholic-supervised operation, e.g. Migration & Refugee Services–USCCB, also touch base with the Diocese as often as appropriate. Let them all know they’re being monitored. It’s all about pressure and oversight which these refugee resettlement operations are terrified of. Finally, if you know folks who have firsthand familiarity with the local resettlement office staff and operation, ask them to keep you posted. Not all who work for or volunteer for these agencies are lackeys. Get organized.


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  9. Janet Jones said

    Of course. The global caliphate. DUH.

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  10. 180daysofkindergarten said

    I work at a local charity and about a month ago, a group of Syrian refugee women came in to get food. Our community is fairly small and I have seen an increasing number of Muslim women out and about. This was the first I’ve seen Syrian ID’s. I’m in Oregon. Our town can not handle the people in need that we have. I read your blog often and know that the group that came in is probably just the first of many. I am assuming that this is how a community gets overwhelmed. The only reason I know that this resettlement is here is due to the charity work. I should specify that the charity is not part of any larger organization.


    • This is exactly how a community gets overwhelmed. Years ago, in my area, people down on their luck could get enough groceries to survive until they got on their feet again from the pantries. Then the “latinos” started flooding in, and cleaned them out. Now, people don’t want to contribute anymore since the illegals get it all. It really hurts the people who deserve it, but who wants to feed the leeches?


  11. kerberos616 said

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  12. TwoLaine said

    It is Sickening and Maddening!

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  13. Robert Van Meter said

    Trump needs to send these people home. Get them out! We don’t know who they are!

    Bob ✈️ and Connie 🐶 > > >

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    • sturandot13 said

      And we DON’T want muzlims (sic – on purpose) here. I definitely oppose the hijra (immigration jihad) to the U.S.!!!


      • We will have to be responsible for our own defense. The government has completely sold us out, and is acting against us, instead of for us, as guaranteed by the Constitution.


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