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Kansas refugee contractors: heck with the governor, we won’t stop bringing in refugees

Posted by Ann Corcoran on April 28, 2016

Yesterday we told you that Sam Brownback, the governor of Kansas, withdrew the state from the UN/US State Department Refugee Admissions Program making it effectively the 13th Wilson-Fish state***.


Bishop Dean Wolfe: no matter what the governor says we will continue to overload Wichita and other Kansas cities with refugees.

Wilson-Fish references an amendment to the original Refugee Act of 1980 where the federal government has taken it upon itself to write new regulations (with no statutory backing) that say if a state government opts-out of the program, the feds can assign a non-profit group to run the resettlement program in the state.  Think about that! In 12 states right now the feds and a private contractor are making decisions on how to spend state and local tax dollars!

We believe that such a provision is unconstitutional and so does the Thomas More Law Center which has a case ready to file if one brave governor (of a Wilson-Fish state) will step up and be the plaintiff. How about Gov. Brownback?

Or better still how about several brave governors joining forces!  And, if you aren’t in a Wilson Fish state (Texas! for example), you should be urging your ‘brave’ governor to opt-out and then file this lawsuit!

The Tennessee legislature has voted to sue the feds on these Tenth Amendment grounds, see here.

Here is the latest as the arrogant Kansas contractors tell the governor where to go! Maybe you should first read about how the Wichita school system is overloaded with refugees and broke.

“America First!” What about our American kids? No Christian charity for them?

From the Wichita Eagle:

The bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Kansas says his church will continue to help resettle refugees in Kansas despite Gov. Sam Brownback’s decision to withdraw the state from the federal resettlement program.

Brownback cited security concerns Tuesday when he announced he was ending the state’s participation in the program, which helps resettle refugees fleeing war-torn nations.

Episcopal Migration Ministries will continue its resettlement work in Wichita regardless of the state’s position, the Rev. Dean Wolfe said in a statement late Wednesday.

“In the Episcopal Diocese of Kansas we will continue to be an advocate for those who have no voice,” Wolfe said. “With the exception of indigenous peoples, we are all immigrants to this great land.”

The International Rescue Committee, the other refugee resettlement agency working in the Wichita area, has also promised to continue helping place refugees in Kansas.

Federal officials told Kansas officials earlier in the month that they would work directly with local agencies if Kansas chose to leave the program. [This is the unconstitutional Wilson-Fish model—ed]

Continue reading here.

If you live in Kansas, see this, and do it!

***Do you live in one of the 12 Wilson-Fish states where the program is run between the feds in Washington, DC and a non-profit federal contractor?

North Dakota
South Dakota

20 Responses to “Kansas refugee contractors: heck with the governor, we won’t stop bringing in refugees”

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  4. […] Kansas refugee contractors: heck with the governor, we won’t stop bringing in refugees April 28, 2016 […]


  5. I hope to shout it’s unconstitutional! It’s also just plain EVIL; this is the responsibility of each state to decide who they want in their state, when!

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  6. One of my pet peeves is when some idiot uses the “were all immigrants” argument. If you look in the dictionary, an immigrant means someone who has relocated to a country in which they were not born. It wouldn’t surprise me if this Episcopal idiot was one, but there are still quite a few of us who were born in this country, so we are not immigrants. And even if it were true, that is not justification for continuously adding to the population.

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  7. How’s that South Pacific song by Mary Martin go?
    I’m as Muslim as Kansas in August,
    I’m as normal as date and fig pie …


  8. eagle669 said

    Where are the good congressman and senators that will set in motion the repeal of the Refugee Act of 1980 before this country goes down? Congress seems to have more interest in fighting smaller issues. I must be drinking the cool-aid to believe we have good people in congress that can help the American people with this refugee problem? Shouldn’t the governor be able to close down what the Muslim president forces on the American people in his own state? Lately, it seems that it is the people against the government since the Muslim president took over.


    • Ann Corcoran said

      You must be a new reader. There are a few brave Congressmen (Babin from TX is one) and one Senator—Jeff Sessions—but the vast majority are too chicken to tackle this issue and many R’s support it for the labor it brings in for their donors and their friends in the Chamber of Commerce.

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  9. […] Source: Kansas refugee contractors: heck with the governor, we won’t stop bringing in refugees […]


  10. kerberos616 said

    Reblogged this on Kerberos616.


  11. I look at the smug face of this alleged “man of God” and am nauseated. He simply is bringing in more “customers” for his salvation-selling BUSINESS! Pity that the old House Un-American Activities Committee isn’t still in business. This fraud would be under indictment by now.


    • 7delta said

      He simply is bringing in more “customers” for his salvation-selling BUSINESS

      He should already know that the State Dept. prohibits proselytizing by the church affiliated volags. If he doesn’t, he’ll be sorely disappointed to find out and even more disappointed when he finds out that Islam does not allow unbelievers to proselytize Muslims nor does it allow apostasy. The penalty for apostasy is death. A pretty good motivator for Muslims to not leave Islam. Shariah punishes proselytizers too. Depends on the laws of the Islamic country, but prison, death (and loss of dhimmi status) are the usual punishments.

      Since proselytizing here isn’t illegal…yet…once the refugee is no longer officially a part of the RRP program, strict adherents to mainstream Shariah law are left only with the death option to fulfill their obligatory duty to punish the proselytizer. Fortunately, most have enough sense to not go there…yet. Unfortunately, a few kind souls have run into Shariah compliant newbies that didn’t have any sense.

      IMO, we need to inquire of the State Dept. and the volags what provisions are in place to provide protection, relocation and a new identity for any Muslim that may convert, since any Muslim the apostate knows…or doesn’t know…can deliver his punishment for leaving Islam, and to ask who will be responsible for incurred costs. We also need to know what provisions are in place to protect well-meaning proselytizers while in the act of “sharing the Gospel” and afterwards, should they also need to “disappear” for their own safety? We already know the answer, but we should still ask.

      Of course, it would be islamophobic to expect adherents of Shariah law to respect the infidel’s rights, so we will be (and increasingly are) required to observe Shariah laws to avoid upsetting them, since “we” don’t want to “force” them to have a violent temper tantrum. According to Mohammed and Allah, their followers are obligated to observe only limited, situational self control and are forbidden from even considering possessing the moral agency to discern that murder and other forms of jihad are evil. The advancement of Islam and the establishment of the worldwide caliphate justifies all means necessary to achieve these goals. Plus, it would certainly be a violation of Islam’s 1st Amendment protections to expect them to abide by our laws. Yep.

      Now, not all Muslims are this bereft of man’s higher principles and morals, but Islamic Doctrine doesn’t support these apostate views. I’m talking about Islam and the irony of its smug infidel enablers gleefully advancing their own demise. I’m not lumping all Muslims into this no more than I am all infidels.

      One last comment: The “his salvation-selling business” you mentioned above is also your business, since the rights of atheists and all other non-Islamic faiths are in the same boat he is. I wouldn’t be so quick to condemn “his business.” When his rights are stripped, so are yours. When you ridicule his rights, you ridicule your own.

      It’s just a matter of time and numbers.

      People, including atheists, used to understand the reciprocity of rights and protected religious liberty, even if they didn’t agree, but now, somehow, various activist groups and their dogmatic supporters (including some gov types) don’t seem to be able to connect the dots that their rights are dependent on the Natural Law concepts of religious freedom, free speech and equal justice or that this Christian-based concept is the source of their protections, including non-physically threatening criticisms of religion (and no, Islam, criticism, in and of itself, especially when truthful, is not threatening, discriminatory or an indication of a phobia) and yes, this protection even includes ridicule. Not that I saw your comment as threatening. Just questioning the wisdom of ridicule, considering the overall circumstances, but I absolutely stand by your right to speak your opinion, even if I don’t agree with it.

      As it happens, I agree with your sentiment that these religious volags and their misguided supporters are so dangerously ignorant and self-serving, they border on subversive. A few who do understand may even reach the threshold for the dreaded “T” word Art. 3, Sec. 3 of the Constitution describes. It’s not about the facade of increasing soul-saving customers. It’s about increasing the taxpayer money collected by them for having customers. The only actual “religious” component in all of this is Islamic and it only marginally qualifies because it calls its doctrine of totalitarian political conquest a religion.

      At any rate, the bottom line is that Islam doesn’t recognize such concepts, rights or protections and you need me, as much as I need you, to stand by and up for our natural and unalienable rights and together, to stop the whole scam as quickly as possible. Just ignore what the Bishops, ministers and volags say about their motivation being to save lost $oul$ or that they’re acting on any religious principle of compassion. If they think that, they’re just fooling themselves. Hang in there.


  12. Gadsden Gurl said

    Rand Paul filed the bills to stop refugees from being sent to sanctuary cities and to stop immigration from terrorist nations. But Cruz, Rubio and Trump all opposed him. Trump is a FRAUD.


  13. Ann, can a petition be started? The average citizen (me) is not sure how we can, together, stop the government and contractors from deciding how our tax dollars are spent. A law suit perhaps. I’m up for donating to the cause. Thank you. Mike.


    • Ann Corcoran said

      Hi Mike, Since you put your e-mail address in here, maybe others will have ideas for you. But, first, it depends where you live. And, it depends if you have patience to find your place in changing this situation, using your talents. There was a petition a few months ago, didn’t accomplish much. I don’t put a lot of stock in them. People sign them, think they have accomplished something and then move on. And, people are always looking for one big blow they can make against what is such a maddening and monstrous system. For example, they think if they elect just the right member of Congress or a Senator, he or she will take care of it for them (we know that isn’t going to happen!). Or, they think a lawsuit will save the day.

      As I see it, we are still in the making noise stage of this campaign to reform or abolish outright this program.

      So what do I suggest? find some small thing that you can do within the context of the rest of whatever else you do in your life (don’t shirk your job or family) and work at it a little every day. The best and easiest thing is to figure out how to reach more people—through social media, letters to the editor, even just talking to your neighbors.

      Maybe start by reading this:

      Then get everyone you know to send in testimony. It can be a paragraph! Just swamp them. You might not see the fruits of your labors, but know it will make an impact on them and it’s a good exercise to get people involved.

      If you want, you can respond to this and tell me where you live and I won’t post it, but maybe find others near you that you can work with. There is a network of people working in ‘pockets of resistance’ across the country.


      • Hi Ann,

        Thanks very much for the thoughtful reply. I had visited the PRM site yesterday. The reality of what taxpayers are forced to spend on these resettlements, is even worse than I thought.

        So I did email them, for what it’s worth.

        Per your suggestion, I will try to spread the word. Something I need to work on…how to provide the facts and hopefully others will decide what’s right or wrong, themselves.

        I’m in Northern NJ. If there are others who are concerned in this area which you may know, that would also be a great start.




  14. Reblogged this on Rifleman III Journal and commented:
    Well, if anyone was to burn his place down, then he too, would become a refugee.


  15. Dr. Rich Swier said

    Great. Posted:


    On Thu, Apr 28, 2016 at 7:16 AM, Refugee Resettlement Watch wrote:

    > Ann Corcoran posted: “Yesterday we told you that Sam Brownback, the > governor of Kansas, withdrew the state from the UN/US State Department > Refugee Admissions Program making it effectively the 13th Wilson-Fish > state***. Wilson-Fish references an amendment to the original” >


  16. […] Kansas refugee contractors: heck with the governor, we won’t stop bringing in refugees April 28, 2016 […]


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