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Kansas governor’s withdrawal decision has the refugee contractors defiant; NJ withdraws too!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on April 30, 2016

Sheesh, where have I been.  I apologize if some of you notified me that Chris Christie withdrew New Jersey from the program earlier this month too (So sorry! I can’t read everything coming in to me!).

NJ withdraws too!  Check it out here at NJ 101.5!

chris christie

Gov. Chris Christie made the first move, does he understand the opportunity that gives him for the next move—suing the federal government in a Tenth Amendment case?

Now here is the lengthy and informative article from Miss Elise at the Huffington Post (we have reported on her pro-open borders writing previously) about Governor Sam Brownback’s (former great enthusiast for the refugee program) change of heart.

See our previous two posts on Kansas here and here.  And, come on Texas, join the crowd!!!

Emphasis below is mine:

Fifteen years ago, then-Sen. Sam Brownback (R-Kan.) gave an impassioned speech in support of refugee resettlement. He called helping and taking in refugees “some of the most noble and ennobling things we can do,” and said the United States should admit “substantially” more than 80,000 people, the ceiling at the time.

“I want to ensure that any refugee dealing with our system sees the best of who we are and what we represent,” he said at an event ahead of World Refugee Day in 2001. “We are a better nation because of the refugees and asylees amongst us.”

If refugees currently dealing with the system are going to see the best of America, though, it will be in spite of Brownback. Now governor of Kansas, he announced Tuesday that his state would no longer work with the federal government to resettle refugees, the final step in a months-long effort to keep out Syrians that now is directed toward refugees in general.


His decision won’t have a major impact on refugee resettlement to Kansas — although the governor has implied that he’s effectively banning the program in the state, all his withdrawal means is that another agency will have to coordinate the services for it to function in Kansas.  [Remember “services”=your financial support of refugees.—ed]


But Brownback’s shift was troubling for refugee resettlement groups.

Here we learn something we didn’t know about those regulations that the Office of Refugee Resettlement crafted from thin air (with no legislative authority!).

If a state does not participate, it must give the government 120 days notice and another agency will be tasked with coordinating assistance. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie withdrew his state from the program this month as well, citing concerns about Syrian refugees, and other states have elected in the past to participate only partially or not at all.

Christie gave the 120 day notice and presumably by August another agency (A NON-PROFIT GROUP) will be assigned the duty. We assume Governor Brownback also gave the official notice and thus both governors could sue the feds as per the Thomas More Law Center states’ rights case, and the State of Tennessee’s planned legal challenge.

Can the federal government and non-profit groups expend state and local tax dollars without any state or local say so, we think not!  Also, experts tell us there is no authority in the so-called Wilson-Fish amendment to the Refugee Act of 1980 to turn the program over to unelected private organizations.

Nevertheless, defiant advocates for more refugees for your towns and cities say that refugees will continue to get their services (code for welfare) and you will continue to pay!

That [resettlement] will continue, and they will continue to get services from the state. The four staffers in the Kansas Department for Children and Families currently working on refugee resettlement will be reassigned to other roles, but the overall work of the agency won’t change, department spokeswoman Theresa Freed said.

Lots more at the HuffPo here.  The media will try to make it sound like you think you can bar anyone from moving to a state.  This is America, you can’t bar the movement of people legally present.  This is about whether state and local taxpayers have any right to determine what they pay for and whether unelected private groups can carry out government functions of this nature.

Come to think of it, Governor Christie and Maryland Gov Larry Hogan are pals—maybe he can be persuaded to pull Maryland out as well!

A cautionary note:  We would all love to find a silver bullet to get this program either stopped completely or reformed, but it won’t be that simple. The 35-year-old refugee industry involves billions of dollars and entrenched non-profit groups, many with political agendas involving open borders and changing the demographic make-up of the country.  Therefore, do not hang your hat on lawsuits (as important as this one could be) and whether some Congressional white knight will come to the rescue, continue all you are doing at the grassroots level to bring attention to the program through whatever means possible (within the law of course!).

Go here and don’t forget to send in your testimony!  Tell your governors and other elected officials to go on the record too!

23 Responses to “Kansas governor’s withdrawal decision has the refugee contractors defiant; NJ withdraws too!”

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  8. […] Kansas governor’s withdrawal decision has the refugee contractors defiant; NJ withdraws too! […]


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  10. […] Kansas governor’s withdrawal decision has the refugee contractors defiant; NJ withdraws too! […]


  11. conprof said

    Here’s my question: Since the Wilson-Fish case is going forth anyway, would a state be better off staying in the program until the W-F program is declared unconstitutional? Does a state have some clout if it is part of the program? For example, in return for signing off on a state plan presented to her by a Volag, can our governor bargain with them? Can she say “don’t send refugees to this or that place?”


    • Ann Corcoran said

      The case going forward is not a done-deal yet. Tennessee is close, but I haven’t heard it has actually been filed. And, because I really don’t know the answer to your question (can’t guess what the outcome could be), I’ll deflect by asking this: Isn’t it moot anyway because I expect Nikki Haley won’t lift a finger to make any waves?


    • Ann Corcoran said

      One more thing. It would be to every state’s advantage to withdraw from the program now in protest. All such moves would continue to throw the whole resettlement scheme into turmoil (creating more publicity) and hopefully eventually cause Congress to seriously look at reforming it.


  12. Reblogged this on dkobaso.


  13. People need to withdraw from the present government regarding Muslim refugees. Those refugees thinking Jesus is a man will have destruction as their main goal. The sad thing about it is this. Obama knows it. There is no effort to change the mentality of the Muslims either. Muslims with that mentality thinking Thomas lied need to stay out.


  14. Maryland recently passed a law making sanctuary cities illegal there.


    • Ann Corcoran said

      Just a reminder to all that refugees are legal immigrants and are able to live wherever they wish. The sanctuary city designation usually entails protecting (coddling) illegal immigrants.


  15. Lady_Lbrty said

    I am liking Chris Christie for Trumps VP. Of course there’s a few I like, I am excited to see who he taps!


    • Ann Corcoran said

      I was thinking Christie might head up the Justice Dept as Attorney General. Don’t they usually pick someone from a different geographic region to try to balance things out in the VEEP slot. My favorite for VP would be Jeff Sessions of Alabama.


      • Lady_Lbrty said

        That sounds wonderful too! I’m getting really excited! Cautious, but exited! I am just very concerned about the amount of money involved. I pray that Trump keeps his wits about him. I know he’s a very smart man, but I don’t think he’s used to working with people who will absolutely murder you for messing with their extravagant existence!


  16. TwoLaine said

    Gov. Christie knows all the Govs well, at least the Repubs. He was or is head of the Republican Governors Assn (?), and has stumped for most of them. With TRUMP at his back and on a mission to kill all this b.s. illegal alien/refugee/asylum crap going on, and with Sen. Sessions and Stephen Miller on the team, we need to get this into their hands for further action. TRUMP loves to sue, so this would be right up his alley to recommend to these State Governors as a way of stalemating the system until he gets into office.

    The Governors should know that the writing is on the wall and he will have their backs. Now is the time to throw everything at The Oh? that you can. It is time for a last stand!

    Ann, is there anyone from this law firm that could go on the airwaves, TV & radio, digital media online, and get this suit info out there so constituents know about it and can start calling their governors and applying pressure? Put together a quick explanatory video and get it out on social media for others to distribute?


    • Ann Corcoran said

      All excellent ideas, maybe someone with the where with all will see this and get to work. I’ll see if I can get some interest going on the youtube idea…


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