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Too funny! Mayor of Rutland, VT says we got our heroin epidemic under control, so now let’s take some Syrian refugees

Posted by Ann Corcoran on May 1, 2016

Update May 27th:  Be sure to see yesterday’s post about the heated public meetings in Rutland this past week, here.

Yippee! Vermont’s “first relocation community for Syrians!”

I wasn’t planning to write anything else today (although I know I have to do the April round-up), but this story from Vermont Public Radio made me laugh and I wanted to share it.


Rutland’s fifth term mayor Christopher Louras: Whoever he talked to at Homeland Security apparently forgot to tell him about FBI Director Comey’s testimony about not being able to vet Syrians.

Frankly this mayor sounds a bit naive (I was going to say goofy, but maybe that is too unkind).  I know, it is Vermont.

But, apparently even in Vermont there are some citizens with some sense who want to know how and why this invitation to 100 Syrian (Sunni Muslim) refugees wasn’t publicly discussed before the mayor offered up their town.

The mayor assures the critics that he has talked to two ‘high level’ Washington government people and they assured him there wouldn’t be any terrorists in the bunch and that it wouldn’t cost the city a dime because each refugee gets a whole $925 (from Washington’s money trees) and then they would be self-sufficient in 4-8 months. (Stop laughing all of you!—ed)

Vermont Public Radio (first sentence here needs a bit of work!):

Earlier this week that the city of Rutland will take in 100 Syrian refugees starting in October. Rutland Mayor Christopher Louras says he’s been working closely with state and federal refugee agencies to create Vermont’s first relocation community for Syrians.

Local people are always last to learn about their town being targeted because the only way to get this plan in place is to keep it secret from the general public.  And, by the way, once the flow starts it won’t be held to 100 refugees.

But local lawmakers and residents in Rutland are saying they didn’t even know about the plan before it was announced this week. [Surprise!—ed]


“Frankly it started with the conversation at the national level around the Syrian refugee resettlement. The fact that a number of governors said they weren’t going to open their doors , and Gov. Shumlin said he wanted to open our doors to Syrian refugees,” said Louras. “It got me thinking that the city of Rutland is right for refugee resettlement. Our population has been declining; we have a lot of capacity for jobs and housing, and this is an opportunity to grow our community culturally and provide a level of diversity in the community that we really, really need.”


I was fortunate enough to have a very long conference call with two individuals at the highest level department of state and department of homeland security to discuss the security measures that are in place,” explained Louras. “And then I followed up those conversations with individuals I know at high levels of law enforcement. I can assure the residents of Rutland that there is no [safety] risk from Syrian refugees.”


Some of the criticism the idea has received on social media centers around the idea that Rutland already has enough challenges it needs to focus on, including the heroin epidemic. Louras says the city has a handle on the crisis…


“There’s no cost at the local level, there’s not going to be any impact to our tax base,” said Louras. “When refugees initially come to any community, they are given $925 for each person in the household, and then there’s no further funds from the Department of State after that. So Vermont Resettlement Program does one thing very very well: they ensure that their clients become self-sufficient within four to eight months.”

Swallowed it hook, line and sinker!

99% of the Syrians coming to the US right now are Sunni Muslims.  I wonder how Rutland’s mosque supply looks, does anyone know?

We’ve written about Vermont before, click here, for more.

17 Responses to “Too funny! Mayor of Rutland, VT says we got our heroin epidemic under control, so now let’s take some Syrian refugees”

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  2. The heroin problem is under control !! ??? He lives in a Teflon tower doesn’t he !? Sorry for the refugees however ! If the Mayor knew/ know all the answers to the problems that this will create should he not have had a public forum in inform the Rutland residents ?!?


  3. The term some times used is “sleeper”, often a person who will be used in a raid or attack without their fore knowledge. These people are from enemy territory and still have connections to the folks back home. Some one (a terrorist) may come through Mexico in the future and need bed and board for a time, the sleeper is asked to put up a friend of a friend for a bit. The new agent now can operate completely out of sight, teaching bomb making, providing money and target selection for others to come without any green cards and also operate out of sight. The approved refugee just provides common friendly assistance a knowledge of suppliers, streets, food, phone and transportation through the local area. The terrorist comes and goes without leaving a ripple on the water. Maybe the Mayor will get a ribbon and a flower. Jihad is their word and they are committed to it as of this day.


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  5. […] our earlier post on Rutland, here.  There is also another story on the uproar, here, which I never got time to […]


  6. […] Too funny! Mayor of Rutland, VT says we got our heroin epidemic under control, so now let’s take s… […]


  7. […] Too funny! Mayor of Rutland, VT says we got our heroin epidemic under control, so now let’s take s… […]


  8. kerberos616 said

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  9. Rutland had best oust this mayor(?) immediately, if not sooner! Because as long as they read the Quran, and follow it, there are ZERO guarantees, beyond that they will never assimilate, or become”self sufficient”, since they believe you dhimmis owe thema comfortable living!

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  10. Trump for POTUS , then deport all the Mohammedans back to their homeland.

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  11. Artist said

    This is so very pathetic…otherwise I might laugh a little at the madness of this. As a resident of Bernie Land, further North than Rutland, but no matter..there is very little affordable housing so that 925.00 per person will not go far. There are some affordable housing programs but there are waitlists for these amongst the American citizens of Vermont already so adding Syrians ( refujihadists) to the mix will not improve the situation.
    With few jobs available, other than magical means, I have a hard time imagining how these “Syrians” will become self sufficient in 4-8 months.
    I assume they will also be gifted with Vermont EBT cards which I suppose are also harvested from the money trees.
    Finally do these “Syrians” speak English?
    Who will be teaching them English, and do they even want to learn?

    This is a big mistake.
    Unbeknownst to many people, Bernie Land is NOT a Socialist Paradise!!!

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    • Ann Corcoran said

      I sure hope you can get some of your friends in Bernie Land to speak up. BTW, they can place refugees within a 100 mile radius of the newly proposed Rutland office. Housing is often the limiting factor and they will surely be competing with Vermonters who are low income or disabled for the housing…


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  13. This exclusive interview with Canadian writer Tim Murray draws on rational thinking as to why Canada, America, Europe and Australia continue importing Muslims when they KNOW jihadists thrive among immigrant populations. It’s a guaranteed fact that America, Canada and Europe will see more terrorist events in the coming year. Special note: it’s a known fact that America features 22 known Muslim training camps from New York to Michigan to Oregon, all protected on private property. (Source:


  14. Senatssekretär Freistaat Danzig said

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  15. Numb3rTech said

    Why don’t these “naive” individuals request Christian refugees if their community needs more population?

    Have these “naive” individuals made sure that veterans and citizens have been taken care of first???


  16. futuret said



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