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Tiny Nebraska town says no to chicken plant (migrant labor one important objection)

Posted by Ann Corcoran on May 2, 2016

As reader Bob said in his subject line when he sent me this news a few minutes ago: “Great story!”


Downtown Nickerson, Nebraska! I’m adding this town to my summer fact-finding tour for sure!


We have been reporting for years about how small towns throughout America’s heartland are being changed forever when meatpacking plants bring in transient migrant labor (and large numbers of refugees!) to work the low-skilled, low-paying jobs these meat giants pay. (I’m told that meatpacking once paid well before they discovered, first illegal immigrant labor, and now refugee labor.)

Three cheers for the citizens of Nickerson, Nebraska who sent the chicken processing plant and its plans packing!

From the Associated Press:

NICKERSON, Neb. (AP) — Half-ton pickup trucks crowd the curb outside the One Horse Saloon, a neon Coors Light sign in the window and rib-eye steaks on the menu, but otherwise Nickerson, Nebraska, is nearly silent on a spring evening, with only rumbling freight trains interrupting bird songs.

Regional economic development officials thought it was the perfect spot for a chicken processing plant that would liven up the 400-person town with 1,100 jobs, more than it had ever seen. When plans leaked out, though, there was no celebration, only furious opposition that culminated in residents packing the fire hall to complain the roads couldn’t handle the truck traffic, the stench from the plant would be unbearable and immigrants and out-of-towners would flood the area, overwhelming schools and changing the town’s character.

Nickerson Neb. map

Nickerson is close to the border of Iowa.

“Everyone was against it,” said Jackie Ladd, who has lived there for more than 30 years. “How many jobs would it mean for people here? Not many.”

The village board unanimously voted against the proposed $300 million plant, and two weeks later, the company said they’d take their plant — and money — elsewhere.


Nickerson fought against Georgia-based Lincoln Premium Poultry***, which wanted to process 1.6 million chickens a week for warehouse chain Costco. It was a similar story in Turlock, California, which turned down a hog-processing plant last fall, and Port Arthur, Texas, where residents last week stopped a meat processing plant. There also were complaints this month about a huge hog processing plant planned in Mason City, Iowa, but the project has moved ahead.


The question of who would work the tough jobs was at the forefront of the debate, though many were adamant they aren’t anti-immigrant. Opposition leader Randy Ruppert even announced: “This is not about race. This is not about religion.”

But both were raised at the raucous April 4 meeting where the local board rejected the plant. One speaker said he’d toured a chicken processing plant elsewhere and felt nervous because most of the workers were minorities.

No to Somalis!

More overtly, John Wiegert, from nearby Fremont where two meat processors employ many immigrants, questioned whether Nickerson’s plant would attract legal immigrants from Somalia — more than 1,000 of whom have moved to other Nebraska cities for similar jobs, along with people from Mexico, Central America and Southeast Asia.

More here at AP.

The story reminds me to ask the BIG MEAT headhunters at the US State Department this:

You are admitting over 700 Somalis a month to the US right now and then we have news from places like Minnesota (which you have overloaded with Somalis) where Somalis working in manufacturing are demanding sharia-compliance in the workplace.  Why would anyone in their right mind continue to hire Somalis and risk a lawsuit? And, why would any little town where citizens obviously are reading alternative media (like RRW!), want that for their town? And, so why do you let the UN continue sending them to America?

*** No time to research more now, but this company is part of Crider Foods with a history of using illegal immigrant labor. I’ll bet a buck that the owners are big donors to certain elected officials (a project for another day!).

9 Responses to “Tiny Nebraska town says no to chicken plant (migrant labor one important objection)”

  1. Did a quick research pass on Crider Foods. The lobbying money mostly small amounts, usually $2k-$5k usually to congressmen. So not “big” money, but it’s out there.


  2. domstudent11 said

    Do family farms producing grass-fed beef and free-range chicken use refugee workers? We recently stopped buying beef from major meat producers like Tyson, Cargill and Perdue. We buy Laura’s Lean Beef and Wild Harvest chicken, as well as eggs from free-range chickens. We’re also going to check out All Grass Farms (in Barrington, IL) that sells “in bulk.”


  3. Good for Nickerson. It looks like a nice little town, and the last thing you want to do is destroy it with diversity. Perhaps someday someone will post a list of all Crider Foods products so we can boycott them, and remind ourselves to refrain from accidentally dropping or otherwise damaging one of their products each and every time we go shopping.


  4. said

    Here is a small Texas town outside Lubbock, not far from Amarillo, that has something going on that might bring in outsiders to take those jobs.

    I stopped at a McDonald’s for some coffee recently in this town, and the WiFi access, and there I talked with some ladies, senior ladies, one born and raised there, who had just come from a city council meeting.

    They were talking about the plant in town being updated and the jobs it would thus create when finished, therefore I spoke with them briefly and informed them to make sure they begin asking the right questions, like who will really be getting the jobs?

    They seemed a bit surprised, so I gave them your web address, so with hope they are now in the process of finding out what is going on in their small town.

    Not sure if there is anything to it, but in today’s times, more than likely foreign workers will be brought in to do the work, and of course probably Muslims as well.

    The senior ladies did not seem to thrilled to know that a possible infusion of Muslims into their small town could be on the way, and that soon after a mosque would thus need to be provided.

    Thanks for the hard work you put in keeping Americans informed.




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