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Lutheran pastor calls for boycott of Lutheran Social Services over preference for Muslim refugees

Posted by Ann Corcoran on May 3, 2016

We are beginning to see some people of the Lutheran faith who don’t like what is going on in their name!

Jodi Harpstead

Doing well by doing good? Jodi Harpstead is making over $300,000 a year seeding St. Cloud and other Minnesota towns with Somali Muslims.

From Christian News Wire:

DODGE CITY, Kan., May 2, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ — Lutheran Pastor Rev. CJ Conner of Dodge City, Kansas, calls on Christians of good conscience to boycott Lutheran Social Services (LSS).

Lutheran Social Services has resettled at least 1000 Muslims in the state of Minnesota alone and recently released a booklet titled, “My Neighbor is Muslim, Exploring the Muslim Faith.”

Once an essential Lutheran Institution in American Christianity, Rev. Conner believes that LSS is unapologetically obsessed with resettling Muslim refugees to the exclusion of persecuted Christians. Their refugee programs are directed by Yusuf Abdi in Minnesota.

Rev. Conner says, “Jodi Harpstead, Executive Director of LSS Minnesota, lauds the booklet, ‘My Neighbor is a Muslim.’ She partnered with Hassan Ali Mohamud– the founder, Imam, and director of the Minnesota Da’wah Institute. All we hear about is their work with Muslims.”


“We need a national boycott of Lutheran Social Services. We need to stop giving money to Christian organizations who don’t care about Christians being murdered by Muslims for their faith”

More here.

By the way, we are starting to see some of the state and local Lutheran federal refugee contractors drop the ‘Lutheran’ from their names (click here).  Gee, I wonder why?

18 Responses to “Lutheran pastor calls for boycott of Lutheran Social Services over preference for Muslim refugees”

  1. […] pastor calls for boycott of Lutheran Social Services over preference for Muslim refugees via Refugee Resettlement Watch – From Christian News Wire: DODGE CITY, Kan., May 2, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ — […]


  2. Those Lutherans/Christians that have money or products in Thrivent…look at your June copy of Thrivent Magazine…the Southeast Regional Board just named the lier in Chief Linda Hartke (CEO LIRS) to the SE Regional Board! I called the Home office to complain about how could a company that was named one of the most Ethical Companies’, appoint a lier (November 17 press conference that say no Muslims had committed any terroirism!). The home office told me to write a letter…I called my agent and told him my money would be gone as soon as I found another suitable place to put my money! CALL your agent if you have money or product with Thrivent for Lutherans!

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  3. […] via Refugee Resettlement Watch […]

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  4. […]… […]


  5. […] Lutheran pastor calls for boycott of Lutheran Social Services over preference for Muslim refugees […]


  6. domstudent11 said

    I tried to post a comment on Linda Hartke’s LIRS blog suggesting that LIRS should drop “Lutheran” from its name as well, since according to the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, “LIRS is not a Synod organization, not a
    Recognized Service Organization and is not officially tied to any church body.” I say “tried” because they did NOT post my comment, and it disappeared. I guess LIRS doesn’t want that information to get out.

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    • Ann Corcoran said

      That’s a good idea. Maybe others will try it! You have obviously become a well-known critic to them!

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    • Lutheran’s not in name…they have never posted my posts to the palace in Baltimore…tell your Lutheran Church Councils to not send any money to the Social Services in their States that are connected with this system of paying their admins $200,000 salary’s, not attempting to bring in Christians, clearly bringing in those that don’t want to be here, don’t want to work…etc. etc. I am getting worked up!


  7. This is yet another sad example of how Washington politicians have learned to manipulate our communities (ie our churches and private businesses and local police) against us…. USING OUR OWN MONEY (ie tax dollars).


  8. I quit giving to the USCCB and other official Catholic organizations, primarily because they receive tax money from the US government. I do recommend Rescue Christians and Aid to the Church in Need, both organizations help in resettling Christians not in the US, but in other communities where there are larger Christian populations.


  9. It’s about time. Christians are literally being beheaded in muslim countries while we sit over here and tell ourselves its only a few of them, as muslims come flooding in. I hope that Christian congregations will also remember to pressure Obozo to show the same level of concern and generosity with our public resources towards Christian refugees, the only ones who really deserve help, in my opinion.


  10. […] Lutheran pastor calls for boycott of Lutheran Social Services over preference for Muslim refugees […]


  11. lehi48 said

    The remarks that Pastor Conner makes mirrors sentiments that I feel towards HIAS. Though I haven’t done thorough home as the Pastor has toiled over, money, of course is one center piece of this equation. This is the same HIAS that has taken small contributions from the Community even into my generation, pennies, to resettle in my day former DPs or Stateless Jews still living in Tent Cities on Cyprus or Greece. My Great-Grandfather, and Gr-Gr-Grandmother born 1840 were helped by them when they came here in 1903. The Organization we are discussing today is not the same Organization with the same HEART. I don’t know when this changed or how it changed but I know it is different because they are not insisting upon rescue of the most vulnerable and resettling them first. HIAS for the record there are still Jews in Syria and Iraq. In fact one businessman hired some Men who went and rescued some living in one Town. So, don’t claim the Mission is over.
    Another very scary anomaly I’ve noticed with many institutions, key ones, that Muslims are strategically placed in them. This has been one stealth goal of the Muslim Brotherhood with whom the President has been consorting in secret. I can’t say if there is anything to it just be cognizant of the possibility when you are looking at the players, their advisors, Members of the Board and Major Donors.

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  12. mikekiljom said

    GREAT! Now how do we start getting the catholics to see past the money and help stop their organizations?


  13. Jenn H said

    That explains a lot about Columbus Ohio too


  14. America and European countries New Zealand should permit Muslims only if they forsake Islam. But that is not such easy especially in a religion like Islam as if ever their fellow religionists come to know about their intention they would slaughter them. But this dilemma can be overcome by adapting the Sanatana way of life as by doing so they need not change their name, diet, customs or undergo purification ceremonies; or say prayer in an alien language or visit places of worship; all these which attract the attention of their neighbours. More than anything Sanatana Dharma contains spiritual values which are universal in outlook and easy to practice. See


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