Reminder! Get your testimony in to the US State Department within the next ten days!

Editor: Below is a repost of a post from April 23rd.  A reader suggested I remind you that as of tomorrow you have ten days to get your testimony/comments to the US State Department.  You should take a few minutes and do this.  You don’t have to say much, but whatever you say, be polite! (and copy anything you say to your elected representatives at all levels of govt!).

Also, if yours is not a resettlement site yet, you need to be watching for any hints that they are working in secrecy to tag your town as a new site. They are running out of places and Obama plans to announce at least 100,000 for FY2017 (he has one more shot at this in September).  We recently reported on three new sites that we know of:  Missoula, MT, Ithaca, NY and Rutland, VT.

(Reposted from April 23)

This is the official launch of the preparations underway for the Obama Administration’s last Refugee Admissions plan to be sent to Congress in September of this year.  Obama has already signaled that he wants 100,000 refugees seeded into your towns in FY2017.

Each year at this time, the US State Department takes testimony from the public on how many refugees (and from where) that you, the taxpaying public, thinks we should admit.  From past experience, we know, of course, that your testimony goes down a black hole!

U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Population, Refugees, and Migration Affairs Anne Richard arrives for a press conference at a hotel in Putrajaya, Malaysia Monday, June 1, 2015. Richard said resettlement in a third country is not the answer to the swelling tide of boat people in Southeast Asia and called for Myanmar citizenship to be given to Rohingya Muslims fleeing persecution there. (AP Photo/Joshua Paul)
Address your testimony to: U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Population, Refugees, and Migration Anne C. Richard

For probably decades this testimony was taken in public and was dominated by federal contractors. However, we attended in three consecutive years, but starting last year, there was no longer an opportunity to go face-to-face to the State Department to tell them what we think.  Why is that? Because in that last year where a PUBLIC hearing was held, the opposition to the program dominated the pro-open borders resettlement contractors and they didn’t like it one bit!

If you would like to see what some of your fellow critics of the program said in the past, go here, here and here (when you click each of these, scroll down for all the posts in the category). These are our archives for any discussion of hearing years 2012 (for FY13), 2013 (for FY14), and 2014 (for FY15).  The only reason we obtained any of that testimony is that some of you sent it to us and we attended the hearings in person and were given the testimony.

That testimony is not made public because secrecy has always been the watchword of the program!

I doubt that any Member of Congress or Senator has ever attempted to make that testimony public and I’d bet a million bucks (if I had it!) that no Members/Senators have ever asked for that testimony! Shameful!


Here (and below) is the Federal Register Notice for FY2017.  You have until 5 p.m. on May 19th to submit written testimony!  

I’m asking all of you to prepare and send in testimony by the May 19th deadline. You don’t have to do some deep analysis of the program, just tell them what you think, and what is happening where you live. (Please be professional and polite!)

I know I said it goes into a black hole, but you can use your testimony in other ways. Use it to do press releases and letters to the editor.  Use it to ask your concerned local elected officials to send in testimony too.

Be sure to send your testimony to all of your elected officials at all levels of government (cc them on the testimony). When sending your testimony to your elected Washington representatives, ask them to do something in your cover letter so that they are at least put on notice that you want a response from them.

Federal Register Notice:

The United States actively supports efforts to provide protection, assistance, and durable solutions for refugees. The U.S. Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP) is a critical component of the United States’ overall refugee protection efforts around the globe. In Fiscal Year 2016, the President established the ceiling for refugee admissions into the United States at 85,000 refugees.

As we begin to prepare the FY 2017 U.S. Refugee Admission Program, we welcome the public’s input. Information about the Program can be found at Persons wishing to submit written comments on the appropriate size and scope of the FY 2016 U.S. Refugee Admissions Program should submit them by 5 p.m. on Thursday, May 19, 2015 via email to or fax (202) 453-9393.Show citation box

If you have questions about submitting written comments, please contact Delicia Spruell, PRM/Admissions Program Officer


Simon Henshaw,

Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration, Department of State.

[FR Doc. 2016-09267 Filed 4-20-16; 8:45 am]

22 thoughts on “Reminder! Get your testimony in to the US State Department within the next ten days!

  1. I think that we are getting too many people coming into the United States at one time. Some of them are happy to be here and some are unhappy with the our United States. I think they should be vetted. I think they should be told what they face here. Even though we are not in a war we are different from their home. Some will settle here okay. Some will not. I think that the ones who are not happy should not ask us to change our religion or laws to suit them. I think since they are coming into our states(country), they should respect us and follow our religions and laws. If they dont like what we do, then I think they need to go somewhere they can be happy with their religion and laws are. We have been the US for over 200 years and have lived under our laws and Our religion(which we choose). I don’t dislike them but I do think if they aren’t going to be happy here, they should not change everything about our lives and habits.


  2. Here’s what I sent
    War is not a condition for refugee status. Neither is that climate change nonsense. We all know about geoengineering. Nor is crime…if you want to make things better sanction the govts. that allow such crime.

    Muslims should go to other Muslim countries as their ability to assimilate to our constitution and culture is a big problem. The majority here now want sharia law. An Imam shoved an American woman here in San Antonio at a grocery store recently. He had to be restrained. Guests like that are not welcome.

    Our 19 trillion dollar debt should also prohibit any further immigration until America’s budget is balanced and Americans have jobs. The taxpayers have had enough. Charity is free will giving— and America is the most charitable nation on earth….but when it’s IMPOSED on taxpayers that is TYRANNY….taxation without representation.

    The U.N. leader Moon is not taking any of these refugees in China and neither is Russia….so how come we have to? Is it because our politicians want to change our culture….make us all poorer and therefore more complient to the whims of our elite?

    We all see what is happening to the E.U. countries who took them —so if you do that to us you will be held responsible.

    I also don’t like the fact that the govt. is using churches to implement this evil plan. What happened to the separation of church and state? Or do you only pull that out when there is an opportunity to persecute Christian? It looks that way to me.


  3. Ann, perhaps you can use these articles to show the absolute danger of allowing muzlims (sic – on purpose) into the United States.

    Islam: What Lies Ahead for the Next Thousand Years?
    May 7, 2016

    East is East & West is West
    07/18/2012 08:30
    by Major General Jerry Curry, USA, {Ret. Chaplain}
    Read more:

    Even if you can’t, you can see that it’s a real problem.


  4. In the German film I cited earlier, the director of the Central Council of Oriental Christians (Munich) is asked: “Are we too tolerant as a society?” His response: “We are not too tolerant. We are too naive. Tolerance ends when there is no tolerance shown to me.”


  5. Liberals here are deluding themselves that Muslim immigrants will assimilate. This chilling video (in Germany with English subtitles) interviews Muslim immigrants (some who have lived in Germany for 20 years) living in a parallel society. Their children (born in Germany) still think women should obey men and family supersedes the Germany constitution.


  6. You can also comment online at

    I have been on high alert regarding Evanston, IL, a liberal northern Chicago suburb. One church in the area, Northminster Presbyterian Church, is raising money to sponsor a refugee family this fall working with Refugee One
    I also noticed an ad for a Refugee and Immigrant Intern at CultureMesh (based in Evanston) to “help plan and conduct outreach to refugee and immigrant communities to promote CultureMesh — the world’s first network for the global movement of people” (not sure what this is exactly).
    First United Methodist Church in Evanston is also working with Refugee One to sponsor a family this winter.


    1. Are these going to be fully privately sponsored? Do you know? Or, is this just another “sponsorship” by the US/Illinois taxpayer? By the way, if you ever want to write a guest post, let me know. Just send as a comment and tell me it’s a guest post. I can do the hot links. You just send the link… if you need links.


      1. Not sure. Northminster Church states in their post that they are co-sponsors and raising $4,000 – $8,000 to help support a refugee family. First United Methodist Church is also a co-sponsor. I assume that means tax dollars are also involved.


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