United Nations unhappy with slow movement of Syrians to permanent resettlement

Not much new from the New York Times as they point out that Obama could be embarrassed at the fall session of the UN because the flow of Syrian Muslims to your towns is going too slowly for Ban Ki-moon.

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UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon wants Obama to step up the Syrian Muslim resettlement to the US. Obama will be on the hot seat at fall meeting of UN if he doesn’t deliver! Trump should use that September meeting to highlight his views on relinquishing our sovereignty to the UN.

There are two bits of information in here that were somewhat informative and that is why I am posting it.

Here is how the NY Times story begins:

UNITED NATIONS — The Obama administration’s effort to step up asylum for Syrian refugees is going so slowly, it may not meet the president’s deadline for accepting at least 10,000 by the end of the fiscal year.

More than seven months since the president pledged to resettle the most vulnerable Syrians, the United States has let in less than a fifth of that number — 1,736 through the end of April, according to government figures.***

That slow pace could undermine the administration’s diplomatic push to advance the cause of refugees at a time when other countries are putting up taller barriers to their entry. President Obama and the United Nations secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, have said they will raise the issue of refugee resettlement at this year’s General Assembly session, and Mr. Ban issued a report on Monday calling on world leaders to rally around a new “compact on responsibility-sharing for refugees.”

This is the first bit of information you should know.  I’ve been telling you about how the NO-borders agitators are attempting to broaden the definition of what is a refugee.  Watch for a push for us to take in “climate refugees.”

The report that Mr. Ban issued this week also pressed countries to start negotiating a deal to embrace migrants who are crossing borders for reasons other than war, including “hazards related to climate change.” Those discussions, which he said he hoped would start this year, are likely to be even thornier.

And, this is why Russia could continue to gain dominance in the world—-they aren’t taking in the mostly Muslim Syrian refugees! Putin isn’t marching to Ban’s orders!  Of course, China doesn’t take refugees either.  Their thinking surely goes along these lines—why burden our economies, bring in cultural upheaval and possible Islamic agitators.

Russia, a major supporter of the government of President Bashar al-Assad of Syria, has not resettled a single Syrian refugee, according to the United Nations.

More here.

*** Just checking “government figures” as of May 10th.  We admitted 1,943 Syrian refugees (of the 10,000 Obama wants) and 1,922 were some flavor of Muslim. That keeps the percentage at 99% Muslim for the Syrians resettled in your states so far this fiscal year.

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  1. Maybe the UN should ship these Muslims somewhere else instead of the United States. Obama has failed the UN. Too bad. We should also get out of the UN. Put Obama in the same boat with his refugees.

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  2. I scribed this little ditty after the Paris attacks but your Moon post impels my inner songbird to chirp once more☺:

    “Humankind: be kind – be One!
    I am appalled at what’s been done.
    Benign intentions must restrain us.
    Hate should never entertain us.”

    The toad comedian Ban Ki-Moon
    croaked a pitiful One-World tune
    while gunmen paused, reloaded, armed
    checked that they had no comrades harmed –
    and then prepared for further battle
    against the clueless kuffar cattle.

    Ban stood upright to intervene;
    surveyed the terrorific scene…
    muezzins chanted, mullahs chuckled
    swords were sharpened, bomb-vests buckled.
    Dhimmi dim-wits went on shopping.
    (Are heads in sand less prone to chopping ?)
    read the whole thing if you want:


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