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Major US refugee contractor, International Rescue Committee, embroiled in corruption probe

Posted by Ann Corcoran on May 12, 2016

Update May 13th: Leo Hohmann at World Net Daily has much more on this probe.

Gee, I wonder if this is why its CEO David Miliband (a Brit!) has his toe back in UK political waters (here two days ago!). Is he about to jump ship and go home?

Miliband and Hillary 'vibrant'

Miliband says he loves her smile!

I haven’t seen this story yet in the American press, seems we always have to depend on the British press to inform us of unsavory news involving refugees and the contractors the federal government hires to take care of them.

Thanks to reader Ann for sending this story from The Telegraph (emphasis is mine):

The United States is investigating an international aid group headed by David Miliband over allegations of corruption in projects intended to help Syrian civilians and refugees.

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) is one of three international groups to have had millions of pounds in funding withdrawn over alleged bid-rigging and bribery.

Mr Miliband, a former foreign secretary, was appointed president and chief executive of the organisation in 2013, following his exit from Westminster politics.

David Miliband and Soros

Miliband/IRC awards George Soros for his work!

USAID’s Office of the Inspector General confirmed on Friday that 14 entities and individuals had been suspended as part of a “complex investigation into cross-border aid programs”.

This includes International Medical Corps, one of the largest providers of medical aid to Syrians, and GOAL, an Irish NGO.

Allegations relate to the organisations systematically overpaying for goods in Turkey. A senior USAID official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said private Turkish companies had sold cut-rate blankets and other basic materials at vastly inflated prices and pocketed the difference.


“What became clear in the course of this investigation was this was a pretty sophisticated operation,” the USAID official said.


The IRC, which has an annual budget of £350 million,*** relies heavily on government funding from Britain and the United States.

An IRC spokesman told The Times: “We are fully engaged and working with USAID on this issue.”

miliband and Obama

Miliband and Obama are on the same page—bring in the Muslim refugees! Except Obama isn’t going fast enough for Miliband.

Two IRC staff members were dismissed in January after it was found that they had accepted money from suppliers in return for awarding them contracts.

Continue reading where we learn that the Irish aid agency gets US dollars too!

Just a reminder that David Miliband was one of the first contractor CEOs to call for Obama to admit 65,000 Syrians by the end of his term.  Miliband later upped that number to 100,000.  See our huge archive on Miliband by clicking here.

And, if these contractor names have you confused, it is the IRC that is opening an office to bring Syrians to Missoula, MT (among other places).

***Let’s talk about their money for a minute!

Go to the most recent Form 990 for the IRC by clicking here.

Scroll down to page 9 where we learn that the IRC had a revenue stream that year of over a half a billion dollars ($562,021,607) and $378,337,440 came from “government grants.”  That is you—the US taxpayer!

Doing well by doing good…..

And, if you want to really get your blood boiling scroll through a few more pages until you reach the staff salaries where no less than 11 staff people make over $200,000 a year.  Perhaps the most necessary staffer they have right now—-their General Counsel—makes a bit less at $195,427.

Then look at the line for Miliband—-over $300,000 in cash, but it says “annual compensation $600,000.”  What is up with that?  Are they paying his NYC housing on the side somehow?

And, to wrap up with adding more insult to injury—their former CEO George Rupp is still pulling in annual compensation of $338,855 in this Form 990 that ended September 30, 2014.

I wonder what the underlings toiling away in resettlement offices across the US are making? What is Miss Mary going to make in Missoula?

Go here to see where the IRC is placing refugees in the US.  Besides Missoula, MT they have four new offices.

19 Responses to “Major US refugee contractor, International Rescue Committee, embroiled in corruption probe”

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  4. sidefxny said

    Thanks again Ann for your vigilance and reporting skills. It has gotten to the point that I can barely stand to open your emails anymore. As soon as I read the subject, my head starts to feel like it’s gonna explode! Every single day I see evidence of government corruption on every level, from the Village, to the town, to the county and right on up. Why is it that 99.9% of the people who work for any branch of government, who are getting a paycheck from the tax-slaves, is either incompetent, a liar, a thief or all three? How did we ever go to the point where there is no reward for success nor penalty for failure when it comes to those elites who work in city hall or the schools?

    I do a lot of taxpayer advocacy in my own backyard and can tell you that people are finally getting fed up. We see how our school taxes are being used (and here in NY we have the highest property taxes in the USA)- not for our own children and grandchildren, but for the illegals who refuse to speak English even though it costs over $5000 a year to try and teach them. You cannot imagine my anger and rage when I go into the local supermarket in the sanctuary city and hear not a word of English spoken. You see the parents talking to their kids in Spanish or some other language despite all the expensive efforts to teach them OUR language.

    Of course they don’t care- they get free “education” free or low cost housing, free medicaid, medicare, free food PLUS they don’t pay taxes on all the money they send back to Ecuador, Guatelmala, Peru, or wherever. By the way, the Sanctuary City of Peekskill, NY allows the illegal storefronts that these “immigrants” patronize, to operate in violation of many zoning laws and building codes. Please keep in mind that this is in Westchester County, an affluent NY City suburb that is home to some of the wealthiest people in the world. If nothing else, the illegals picked a good place to land.


  5. M Starry said

    Reblogged this on Minnesotans For Freedom and commented:
    Surprised? Didn’t think so.


  6. […] Major US refugee contractor, International Rescue Committee, embroiled in corruption probe May 12, 2016 […]


  7. With Jews you lose. Didn’t you know that?

    Feel free to censor my comment but its the truth. Miliband and his jew people are the enemies of the West and they are helping the government along with Catholic charities to flood our lands with muslims.

    Its quite simple, no conspiracies. Empty out the MIddle East so that Israel is safe.

    Lets ignore the wall that Israel has built and the genetic tests for anyone trying to immigrate there.

    Another thing, there are ZERO illegals and ZERO non-Jew immigrants in Israel.


    • Ann Corcoran said

      You are wrong about Israel having zero illegals and zero non-Jewish immigrants. We have many many posts here in our category Israel and Refugees ( ) I urge all readers to scroll through over 150 posts to understand better that Israel has the same issues effecting it that the US or Europe has with illegal migration. They are being blasted by the political Left for now trying to protect their borders. Believe it or not, everything in the world does not relate to Israel! (or Jews!).


  8. sodiumpen said

    I wonder how Paul Ryan, and the many others who are opposed to Trump’s proposed temporary ban on Muslim refugees/immigrants “until we can figure things out” and insure proper vetting –will respond to this? These are just the ones the authorities found – you can be sure there are many more.

    “According to German federal crime office, a number of Islamic terrorists have entered Germany by hiding amongst recent flows of migrants from the Middle East, and since last year 369 people with suspected ties to the Islamic State have come into the country in this way.”


  9. Ann: I found this article that you might be interested in, as it relates to several of your posts:


    • Ann Corcoran said

      Thanks, will check it out. Have been away from the computer and am now waaaay behind.

      Liked by 1 person

    • domstudent11 said

      One reason to stop buying chicken produced by Tyson or Perdue and choose organic eggs and chicken raised on free-range farms which are more expensive. Eat Wild has a map that will direct you to locations in your state (retail stores, farms and farmers markets) where you can buy organic/grass fed/ free range chicken, eggs and beef.

      Liked by 2 people

      • I worked in a slaughterhouse for one year, long ago, and back in the 1970s, there were a few issues with “disease farm” animals brought for slaughter. The FDA inspectors only showed twice. The company took matters into their own hands and rejected the shipment of animals as they feared a health outbreak and subsequent legal actions. Today, maybe a foreman speaks English and has some idea of what is happening, but probably would not want to risk their job. The meat I make from hunting and harvesting animals, has much better quality and flavor. Almost daily, I tend to inspect what my wife purchases in the supermarkets. One of my late brothers was a farmer. Locally, he would go to farms he would deal with, and the eggs, poultry, and other products, were actually sweet.


  10. Abraham Miller said

    On Thu, May 12, 2016 at 4:04 AM, Refugee Resettlement Watch wrote:

    > Ann Corcoran posted: “Gee, I wonder if this is why its CEO David Miliband > (a Brit!) has his toe back in UK political waters (here two days ago!). Is > he about to jump ship and go home? I haven’t seen this story yet in the > American press, seems we always have to depend on” >


  11. I wonder how long the British press will be able to report the news/happenings about the Muslim take over of Europe & soon to be America unless we can put a halt to the out of control refugee/immigrant influx in mostly unsuspecting towns/cities here. The reason for the concerns begin with the recent election of a Muslim mayor in London which is just the beginning of a take over, as all the Muslim children grow up and have 2/4 times the number of children a Brit family has.
    The birth rate will ultimately mean the total take over of British seats of power which will lead to the elimination of all voices of decent or questioning.

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    Very surprised that the New York City Department of Investigation, has not looked into this matter, as City housing, is involved.


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