Testimony to the US State Department from Bob in Minnesota

Editor: This is another copy of testimony submitted in response to my offer to post testimony that readers have sent, or are sending, to the US State Department before May 19th.  Your testimony can be long or short, more detailed or less so.  Just send something!  And, then be sure to copy it to your elected officials.

Downtown Willmar, MN They are changing small town America by changing the people.

From Bob:

I have researched this program extensively for two years, as it is the number one area of concern here in Willmar, MN. The program places a tremendous, unsustainable financial drain on our school system, health care resources, housing, and community standards. The federal government’s financial exposure to this quagmire is minor, compared to ours.

Unemployment hovers close to 40%, families are too large, wages are too low, so virtually all refugees are on some form of public assistance. This will not strengthen Midwestern prairie towns. It will transform them for sure, but in the end, they will become remote, poor, unassimilated ghettos.

Your agency clearly underestimates the damage it is wreaking on our way of life. We cannot be the world’s welfare office.

This is the third testimony in our series  leading up to the deadline for testimony on May 19th.  Go here for where they are archived. We are posting as many as we can because we know the US State Department has refused in the past to make them public (so much for Obama transparency!).

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    1. I was saw how many you got and thought, what if I post mine, myself and just copy it to Ann, thus saving her some work – is it hard to do? I clicked on the button they provide and got this message: WE’RE SORRY SOMETHING WENT WRONG

      We’ve encountered an error and we have been notified. Please try again later. I hope they, too are overwhelmed. BTW, I just asked 155 of my closest friends to do this –


      1. Good, keep trying. You have until the 19th. If you have a problem let Delicia Spruell (sp?) know by e-mail.


        1. It gave me the same error message this morning – is it just me, or do you think they want to cut down on messages from middle class people who have to work during the week and only have time for this kind of thing on weekends? Nah, of course not – they wouldn’t try to suppress dissent – not our government.


    2. No, You can be anonymous, maybe just say your state, however, they will see your e-mail address.


  1. When the right time comes, encourage congress to move on S.2230: Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act of 2015 and HB0461. This would have to be after our Muslim president leaves our great Capital.

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  2. This a horrific destruction of the United States, and only profits the organizations bringing the people in. Our cultures are so divergent from theirs, the United States is not the place for them! The American citizens are having their areas invaded because of our own government! Obama and his followers are not working in the interest of the United States, but in cultural change that adversely impacts everyone.

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