Vermont: Rutland citizens say, let’s take care of our own first!

Update May 16th: For those concerned citizens of Vermont, please go to this post today about Reno.  The same federal contractor is involved in both cities. There will be a document just like the one I have posted on Reno for your city too! Ask your mayor if he has seen it!

That is the common refrain I hear from just about everywhere in America where refugees are being seeded into unsuspecting communities.  What about our own people, our own poor and disabled, they ask.

Vermont refugee office
The Vermont refugee program is run by the federal government through its contractor the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants. As a Wilson-Fish state, elected state officials have no say over the program. USCRI and the feds call all the shots. USCRI is headed by Lavinia Limon who was Bill Clinton’s director of the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement. To learn more about Limon, go here:

For new readers we have been reporting on the controversy on-going in Rutland ever since the mayor told a surprised public that he had agreed that Rutland could take 100 Syrian (mostly Muslim) refugees.  See here and here.

Here, at, we learned that a group of citizens protested the mayor last night.

My suggestion to those of you with concerns in Rutland is to contact the mayor of Manchester, NH, Ted Gatsos, and ask that he come and speak to your group or maybe send a delegation to New Hampshire and ask him how it’s going there.  I am sure the Manchester mayor would advise Rutland to not open Pandora’s box because once the refugees begin coming there will be NO END TO IT.  There will be many more than 100 in the end!

Thursday night, the Rutland community got the opportunity to learn more behind the plan to bring 100 Syrian refugees to the city this fall.

It’s a meeting Mayor Chris Louras held amidst controversy for not initially including the public in the decision.

“We do not have a TD Garden anywhere in the County of Rutland, and if I were to engage in a public and answer dialogue and a broad forum with everyone in the county invited, I would have to plan for a 65,000 capacity.” Louras said.

Before the meeting, about 20 people gathered outside Rutland Free Library with signs, showing their concern for a plan they say was a surprise. Matt Howland and David O’Brien expressed their opinions.

“The city is not just gonna roll over and take this without asking the hard questions, without holding people accountable and making them put forth the answers and making a plan and let the community know what’s going on,” Howland said.

Be sure to visit the site to watch the video!

By the way, the Boston Globe tells us there are no mosques in Rutland (yet!).

14 thoughts on “Vermont: Rutland citizens say, let’s take care of our own first!

  1. I found your website from Bill Still’s latest video. I suppose you will find more new visitors today as well.
    I see this Amnesty and the Rape Refugees and Black Lives Matter agitation as one united effort financed by George Soros. I look for a reason why other than the desire to destroy white people in Europe and America.
    I think Wall Street Bankers want a Race War to make it impossible for us to arrest the Bankers when the Dollar Dies and the voters are angry enough to lynch the bad guys. Catherine Austin Fitts the former Managing Partner at Dillon Read said they stole $40 trillion and will steal tens of trillions more. We can no longer afford that much corruption.
    I might point out that 3 million Americans starved to death in the Great Depression. I do not think America would survive if ten million Americans starved to death during the next Depression.
    I therefore conclude Wall Street does want a Race War. There is an economic solution to a Depression that is painless and quick. It was invented by the kings of ancient Sumer and Babylon. The Bible Writers called it the jubilee.
    You can read about how it would work today here:
    Thanks and bye for now,


  2. When the right time comes, encourage congress to move on S.2230: Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act of 2015 and HB0461. This would have to be after our Muslim president leaves our great Capital.


  3. What amazes me is that one of the candidates for the Democratic President is none other than Socialist Bernie Sanders.we would think that if he was listening to the residents of his home state he would be speaking out about this injustice instead of running around the country promising free goodies that are unrealistic and financially not possible. Liberalism at its best and damn the American people.


    1. What is so amazing to me is that there are people in Vermont with such a fighting spirit! Who knew!


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