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Surge of Syrian refugees expected in Michigan

Posted by Ann Corcoran on May 15, 2016

marching-men 2For those of you who don’t see my other blog—American Resistance 2016!—be sure to see my take on the news at the Detroit Free Press.  If they surge more Muslim refugees to Michigan could it put the state in Donald Trump’s column in November?  I think it could.

See my post from this morning by clicking here.

2 Responses to “Surge of Syrian refugees expected in Michigan”

  1. How do we know, and why should we not doubt, that many of these “Syrian refugees” are actually Turks and other preferred Sharia types who use the Erdogan/Obama illicit relationship to game the system by training selected Islamists to perform Muslim Brotherhood duties designated by the resident White House advisory committee of Obama lapdogs.
    Or, who really is the lapdog?
    America is full of native born treachery, and foreign support is already in place here, (by the millions), and more just beyond our borders at the ready.
    With all the traitors who have led Sucker Nation astray, Obama and his caliphate cartel, I hold Speaker Boehner and Senate bastard McConnell most accountable, they were the cold-blooded, lying traitors who could have alerted the country, and stopped our downward spiral, but chose to stab us in the back.


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