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Testimony to US State Department from Elena in Montana

Posted by Ann Corcoran on May 18, 2016

Editor: This is another copy of testimony submitted in response to my offer to post testimony that readers have sent, or are sending, to the US State Department before May 19th.  Your testimony can be long or short, more detailed or less so.  Just send something!  And, then be sure to copy it to your elected officials.

Less than 24 hours left to get something in to the US State Department!

From Elena:

To Whom It May Concern:

I am opposed to any expansion of the refugee population in this country. I reside in Missoula Montana where a new International Rescue Committee Office is scheduled to open. To my knowledge there has been no formal refugee integration plan. I asked one of the Missoula County Commissioners, who signed a letter welcoming the refugees, when would the Reception and Placement (R & P) Abstract be available to the public? She had no clue as to what I was talking about.

montana big sky

According to a recent local paper article, what was initially promised has already changed.

Here is what the Missoula Independent was now reporting:

“When the IRC’s request was approved, the prospect that refugees placed in Missoula would actually originate from Middle Eastern countries such as Syria seemed slim, as Syrians make up a small portion of those currently entering the United States.

However, IRC officials now say resettlement of Syrians appears more likely. Most refugees who relocate to the U.S. are placed with relatives, but Missoula’s fledgling program will likely draw from the roughly 30 percent of all arriving refugees who don’t have U.S. family ties.”

We have seen nothing in writing that provides any of the following information:

A list of the countries from which the refugees will come:

Health Care Access and Refugees with Special Needs:

Public Outreach:

Employment Services:


Educational Services (language):

Also unknown are details regarding how long they would remain on Federal subsidies and what happens when those subsidies end?

There’s a major difference between “immigrants” and “refugees”. Both don’t even come near to being similar to those coming to America in the 19th and 20th centuries. Back then their first stop was Ellis Island and they had to have a sponsor. Today they seem to be colonizing rather than integrating and accepting our culture and government.

Lastly, if the refugee resettlement in Europe and Australia is any indication of what we in America can expect, then we better take a long and hard look at ANY resettlement program and plans.

This is the ninth testimony in our series leading up to the deadline for testimony at 5 p.m. on May 19th. Go here for where they are archived. We are posting as many as we can because we know the US State Department has refused in the past to make them public (so much for Obama transparency!).

Because I have so many of your testimonies, I promise to continue to post them even after the deadline has passed.

11 Responses to “Testimony to US State Department from Elena in Montana”

  1. kerberos616 said

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  3. teresa lopez said

    ToWhom it may concern:

    Ms.Corcoran, thank you for your dedication to provide us with information necessaryto improve our civic knowledge.

    Ibelieve that the refugee resettlement is out of control at the presenttime.  The elected officials are notbeing loyal to the voters.  We need localand national elected officials who will do their job to protect the UnitedStates citizens first.  It seems that theUnited States elected officials are giving priorities to global citizensinstead.

    WhenI immigrate to this wonderful country in 1969, my poor sister had to work hardto collect the money necessary requested by the United State Government to makesure I would not be a burden to the tax payers of the this great country theUnited States.  In those days one had togo back to the country of origin and wait for the green card. 

    Since1969, I have been paying taxes.  I havegone through good times and bad times, when I had requested financial aid fromthe US Government I have been told that they are not able to help me, because Iam over the poverty level, which is $15,000, who can afford to live a decentlife with this kind of money.  I thank myLord Jesus Christ for taking care of my provisions.

    WhenI see all the provisions that these refugees receive I am overwhelmed.  To believe that all the taxes we contributedare not to help the poor and disfranchise within the United States but is usedto accommodate people in our neighborhoods, who we do not where they came from.

    TheUnited States tax payers have to cover the burden to provide for these refugeeswhile the Middle Eastern, African, and Central Americas countries kings, whoare oppressing and murdering their own people are happy that the United Statestax payers will take the burden for their own people.  I have been told that in some of thesecountries they have seminars where the people are taught how to play theAmerican system.  Our elected officialsdo not understand that they are being played by the oppressor’s kings, wherethese refugees come from.

    Weshould not take the United Nations recommendations but this kind of issueshould be voted by the United States citizens, who are being taxed to supportnot only the refugees but the large United States government as well asdishonest Non-Profits organizations that know how to play the American system.  We need transparency from our electedofficials and hold them accountable as well as these Non-Profits organizationsboards of directors who are paying themselves large salaries at the expenses ofhard working tax payer Americans.

    Andit is sad that Non-Profits organizations are happy bleeding the tax payers, andour elected officials volunteer to take the responsibility away from theoppressors and dump it on the good will of American tax payers. 

    One thing I know for sure that the United Statestax payers are one of the most compassionate and given citizens when a disasterhappen around the world.  But please letus mandate transparency and accountability from our elected officials as wellas Non-Profit organization.

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  4. bari1951 said

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  5. paleodrone said

    Thank you for all of your work.


  6. Andrew Schultz said

    How do we copy you with our comments to the State department?

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  7. I do not support refugee resettlements. We have seniors living below the poverty level, forced to choose between medicine and food. We have inner cities that are deteriorating, crumbling housing, roads, schools, and the people themselves who would benefit greatly from putting that money to work in their community. Our treatment of the veterans that answered the call, and supported whatever the campaign was at that time.These fine people, their needs have been put on the back burner, all the while illegals receive housing, food, and medical subsidies. I can’t see one good reason to further add negatives to the roster of our already over burdened and improperly run economic social system The buck started here, lets put our money back in the hands of the people. It’s time for some #Nationalism, and putting USAfirst


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  9. Andrew said

    You impelled me to write to the State Dept.

    Here is the message I sent. Do whatever you want with it:

    Dear U.S. State Department,

    I am a former teacher and social worker in Connecticut.
    I want to let you know, as a tax-paying constituent, that I am alarmed by current US immigration policy. Why are you bringing in unvetted Islamic immigrants, among whom, doubtless, there are trained agents of violent Jihad sworn to the destruction of our society in the name of their false god. Even if only one out of every 300 refugees proves to be a jihadist, that is still one too many.
    Why on earth bring in more refugees when we already have a serious problem with welfare-dependent parasites who refuse to assimilate to our culture ?

    I ask you to pause and consider the opinions of those who make possible your privileged political career, along with their (and your own) families.


  10. futuret said



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