Is Tuberculosis a ticking time bomb in refugee/migrant flow to America?

While we fixate on a terrorism threat coming from not thoroughly vetted refugees, could there be a more likely security and safety risk with the myriad diseases permitted entry into the US in the refugee population (and in the stream of Unaccompanied Alien Children)?

In fact, when I first began writing RRW, it was a shock to learn that the Allen County (Indiana) health department was being overwhelmed by the number of TB cases among the newly resettled Burmese refugees.  Treating them was breaking the health department’s budget.

New “welcoming” communities (Reno***, Rutland, Missoula, Ithaca?) have you considered the cost and the health risks to your citizens?

Part of a PR campaign in Africa to try to educate people about TB. Your tax dollars go to programs like this in foreign countries. But, how about America?

Be sure to see the Minneapolis Star Tribune of only a week ago where we learn that after 20 years of decline, the US TB rate is moving upward. Reporters begin their story with a Spanish teacher in Vermont who learns she has TB! 

So, what has changed in 20 years?  Could it be the massive flow of migrants from TB hotspots around the world into America?

Reporter Michael Patrick Leahy has been reporting at Breitbart about Tuberculosis over the last week.  Here is his story from yesterday.  And, don’t miss the earlier one about the high levels of latent TB in the Somali population in Minnesota, here.

Leahy yesterday:

Dr. Jane Orient, executive director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, is criticizing the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for allowing refugees to enter the United States without screening and treatment for latent tuberculosis.

Seven of the agency’s own public health experts said such screening and treatment “would potentially save millions of dollars and contribute to United States TB elimination goals” in a research article published in December.

“Admitting people who might cause an epidemic makes no sense whatsoever from a public health standpoint,” Orient tells Breitbart News.

“It suggests that those who favor it do not care about the cost in suffering, death, and expense to Americans,” Orient says, adding she agrees with the public health experts currently or formerly employed at the CDC who concluded that screening of refugees for latent tuberculosis and successful treatment of those who test positive for the disease prior to their entry into the country is the proper public health policy for the United States.

But the political leadership at CDC does not appear to be following the screening and treatment recommendations of the study done by its own experts, and has not yet responded to inquiries from Breitbart News whether it plans to change course.

“If for humanitarian reasons we wish to help people fleeing persecution, there is still no need to release them into the general population of susceptible individuals. Officials who place politics above the health of Americans need to be held accountable and removed from positions of authority,” Orient says.

Be sure to watch the video linked in this next paragraph and consider the FACT that you, the US taxpayers, are paying for this expensive treatment for Drug Resistant TB, so that these people can move to your towns!

Even those refugees treated for active Multi Drug Resistant (MDR) tuberculosis, as shown in this video of Burmese refugees who have the disease being treated in a refugee camp in Thailand, are allowed to enter the United States despite recent studies that indicate that between 4 percent and 5 percent of those deemed successfully treated experience a recurrence of tuberculosis within 2 years.

There is much more, continue reading here.

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*** In that Abstract we discussed a week ago for the new resettlement site in Reno, the Abstract indicates that the wait time for health screening of refugees arriving there will be 15-30 days.  I doubt that refugees are quarantined during the wait time!

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  1. Great. Posted:


    On Sat, May 21, 2016 at 7:21 AM, Refugee Resettlement Watch wrote:

    > Ann Corcoran posted: “While we fixate on a terrorism threat coming from > not thoroughly vetted refugees, could there be a more likely security and > safety risk with the myriad diseases permitted entry into the US in the > refugee population (and in the stream of Unaccompanied Alie” >


  2. In the past, Ellis Island was used as a screening post for immigrants to ensure health status was acceptable. I’m sure it would be considered politically incorrect to imply these people need health screening. Of course, that would come after a very thorough vetting before they even got so far as health screening. Ideally, we wouldn’t get any Muslims, considering their political ideology of Islam.

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    1. Exactly, TwoLaine. TB isn’t the only cause for concern. There are some hygiene issues that an intrepid reporter or researcher might find interesting, if they’re willing to dig into the correlation between a certain demographic of employees’…uh…bathroom practices…and the rise of e.coli and other food borne illnesses.

      In the not-so-distant past, contaminated food was nearly unheard of. Most of our food was produced locally or regionally, then came the big brands. Local farmers and ranchers lived in the community or nearby and didn’t want to be put out of business, so they weren’t sloppy. Most of them have been pushed out by big industrial farming and food production, plus the expensive and excessive regulations and taxation the small producers couldn’t pay and make a profit….but the big guys could. Then there’s the bad trade deals too. If something goes wrong, it’s no longer confined to a small area, but goes nationwide.

      I really wish someone…maybe an agricultural department at a university…would do this study. Of course, no one would publish it and most schools probably wouldn’t allow it, since it would be considered phobic or hateful or discriminatory or something else utterly absurd.

      I try to buy local, as often as I can, and always find out the source of meat, then do a little research. I always check too, to see if it’s halal. I buy nothing that is. The labels should say, but asking works too. Also gives you an opportunity to explain to the department or store manager what halal means, the brutality and purposefully extended torture of the animal, hormones released, etc., and why you will not buy it.

      Oh, and there’s a website that tells you, by state and city, what restaurants use halal meats and which grocery stores sell it. I don’t have it bookmarked, but I’m sure a search for it would work.

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      1. I contracted Hepatitus A in the late 1980s, and almost died because it was originally misdiagnosed as a sinus infection. I was walking dead when I finally got in to see my doctor. It put me out for about 6 weeks all total. I was lucky to have recovered at all.

        Food borne illness is not fun, and it is scary as h311 to me that we have all these “refugees” and “aliens” handling our foods.

        I used to manage the retirement plans for an extremely large co-op based out of Iowa, and know exactly what these folks have been through. Co-ops were the only way they could survive.

        There is a really good movie about the plight of an Iowa farming family, the Jordans, called “Troublesome Creek”, if anyone is interested. It is even used in schools.

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        1. Holy cow, TwoLaine. I’m sorry to hear about your experience, but yes, you’re qualified to speak on the subject. I just hate the way you got your qualification.

          I also hate what’s been done to our agricultural community. The Midwest was the Bread Basket of the World and agricultural science was pursued diligently here as we learned to protect the soil and the grasslands…before the EPA even existed. Agriculture, as it once was, has been destroyed by government tinkering, then a full-on war for political profit.

          It’s just plain wrong. Our elected orcs in Mordor on the Potomac are, and have been, despicable for a long time. They should be ashamed, but obviously, since they continue to throw America away, they’re too busy counting their campaign contributions and enjoying their perks. That gravy train will eventually come to an end and they won’t even know what happened, they’re so lost in their own little imaginary worlds.

          Thanks for the link. I’ll watch it later this evening.

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  3. I understand we have the same TB problem in Australia due to unvetted migrants bringing their diseases into the country.


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