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Lutheran refugee contractor in Lehigh Valley area of PA to close, running out of money

Posted by Ann Corcoran on May 21, 2016

Watch for it!  The contractors will all now be begging Congress for more of your money because frankly they can’t privately raise the millions upon millions of dollars resettling tens of thousands of refugees each year costs America.  As highly touted “public-private” partnerships the PUBLIC funds are now far outweighing the supposed Lutheran Christian charity.

miji bell

LIRS communications director, Miji Bell, says they plan to get approval from Washington for another agency to take over so the flow of Syrians to Allentown will not be slowed.

Readers may recognize this agency going under as the one we discussed a few times back in October.  It is really worth your while to read that post before this latest news.

So, hummm!, Lutheran Liberty is tired of losing money! (Just like the taxpayers!).  I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that there is more to this story—did regular church-going Lutherans get fed up with bringing in the Syrian Muslims (99% of those entering right now are Muslims***).

From The Morning Call (hat tip: Joanne):

ALLENTOWN — The state’s largest refugee resettlement program is slated to shut down next month, forcing federal officials to approve a replacement before services in the Lehigh Valley and across Pennsylvania are interrupted.

Lutheran Children and Family Services, which has headquarters in Philadelphia and helps settle about 100 refugees a year in the Lehigh Valley, cited accumulating debt as a reason for ending most of its social services by June 30.

Officials said the nonprofit was not receiving enough money to cover immigrant and child welfare programs and has had to borrow $4.5 million from its parent company, Liberty Lutheran, to stay afloat.

If you are considering “welcoming” refugees to your town, read this next line carefully. This will cost your state and local taxpayers no matter how much the contractors say the feds pay for it all.  The “reimbursement” mentioned is the payments the federal taxpayer shell out to the contractor.

“Unpredictable state and local funding, coupled with reimbursement that didn’t cover the true cost of service contributed to mounting deficit, leaving Liberty to resource millions of dollars to cover the shortfalls. The generosity of donors has not met the shortfall,” says a statement on the LCFS home page.

Don’t get too excited, they plan to be back with a new subcontractor:

Efforts are underway to find an agency to take over the refugee program. The LCFS Refugee Resettlement Program is a local affiliate of the National Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, which is hoping to partner with Baltimore-based Bethany Christian Services to continue administering refugee relocation services in Pennsylvania.

There is more, continue reading here.

The article goes on to say that there are many Syrians already in this part of PA, BUT there is no mention that they are mostly Christians who are not too excited by the large number of Muslim Syrians being admitted.

By the way, Pennsylvania is important to them.  This is a state teetering on the line between red state and blue state. These resettlement contractors and the open borders agitators are working to turn it reliably blue.

***Just checking “government figures” as of May 10th.  We admitted 1,943 Syrian refugees (of the 10,000 Obama wants) and 1,922 were some flavor of Muslim. That keeps the percentage at 99% Muslim for the Syrians resettled in your states so far this fiscal year.


7 Responses to “Lutheran refugee contractor in Lehigh Valley area of PA to close, running out of money”

  1. LIRS is looking to subcontract to Bethany Christian Services, a deal that would have to be approved by the State Dept. The Lehigh Valley Tea Party explained to Lutheran Family & Children services that we would conduct silent protests outside of Sunday church services, alerting parishioners to the fact that their donations may help fund a local jihadist. We plan to make the same promise to Bethany, should the deal be approved.

    Some have accused us of taking it out on a church that “has nothing to do” with resettlement. To me, that is like saying that one arm of an octopus is innocent if another arm drowns my child.


    • Ann Corcoran said

      A couple of Lutheran resettlement contractors have already changed their names in some other parts of the country to non-church connected names. I have a feeling it has to do with the fact that real Lutherans have had it with these govt. contractors trading on the good name of their faith. Will Catholic Charities soon do the same? Sheesh, maybe they have already. This morning I wrote about Catholic Charities in Arkansas opening a resettlement agency and calling it Canopy NWA.


  2. […] Lutheran refugee contractor in Lehigh Valley area of PA to close, running out of money […]


  3. […] Lutheran refugee contractor in Lehigh Valley area of PA to close, running out of money […]


  4. The same happened in Greensboro, NC…they were also caught putting “immigrants” into substandard housing, neglect…not good then…and then they were on the govco tab too!

    Tell your Lutheran Churches, bring in Christians or nothing…no money!

    We just received a State Department inspection report from April 2007 which shows that Lutheran Family Services in the Carolinas (LFSC) in Greensboro was already neglecting their refugee clients a year-and-a-half before they got caught by the local media (here). Previous coverage is here, here and here.

    As usual the State Department’s Office of Admissions enacted no penalties whatsoever. They advised the resettlement agency’s national partners (Church World Service, and Lutheran Immigration & Refugee Service) to do their own monitoring instead. This wolf-guarding-the-chicken-coop “self-monitoring”, which has proved so disastrous in the financial and oil industries as well, then led to the situation we had at the end of 2009 and early 2010 with refugees in Greensboro still being placed in dilapidated apartments, scrounging dumpsters for furniture, and wearing shorts and flip-flops in December, three months after they arrived.

    According to the report LFSC Greensboro was in “partial compliance” with their State Department refugee contract documents (yes, they are federal contractors, not non-contractor “partners”). Refugees were found in poor quality housing, lacked necessary furnishings, had incomplete resettlement orientation, and there was poor case file documentation. Three of four refugee families visited were found in poor quality housing and lacked furnishings (that’s 75% of the sample). All four families did not seem to have undergone a complete orientation (100%), and three of the four could not name their case worker (75%).

    A Burundian refugee man had furniture in his apartment that was in such extremely poor condition that State Department inspectors had to ask him about it. He indicated most of it came from dumpsters. He said he asked LFSC for a mattress several times, but they ignored his request, and after two weeks he found himself a mattress in the trash and brought it home (think bed-bugs). His window was cracked, he had no idea who his LFSC case worker was, and had not received any immigration information (the requirement to tell the Department of Homeland Security when he got a new address, how to get a green card, etc.). He said he wanted to go to Georgia because LFSC wasn’t helping him (this is what is known as “secondary-migration” and resettlement agencies and stated refugee coordinators are quick to complain to the federal government that they need more money to deal with it, but look at this case for why it so often occurs).

    A Liberian refugee and his son also did not know who their case worker was, and did not receive any information on immigration issues.

    A Montagnard (Degar – indiginous Vietnamese) minor female refugee who arrived to join her parents was found in a poor condition two-bedroom apartment (occupied by the family prior to the minor’s arrival) which was crowded with seven family. She had to sleep on a mattress on the floor in the living-room with her parents.

    Another Montagnard refugee woman with four children who arrived to join her husband did not have any heat because of dismantled baseboard heating units which emitted a bad smell (gas leak?). The family did not have adequate clothing storage and had only three chairs for six people. She also had not received any orientation from LFSC.

    Is it really a surprise that this agency then continued on in its ways for another year-and-a-half before things got so out of hand that community members started complaining, and a newspaper started covering what was happening? They got caught neglecting refugees in April 2007 but there were no significant consequences. The agency would not have shut down if it had not been caught, and would probably still be abusing refugees. Suzanne Gibson-Wise, the negligent CEO of LFSC, probably just went on about her arrogant ways — buying blackberries, getting wireless internet installed at her home, sitting on her personal commode. Where are the teeth in the State Department’s inspection process? No serious consequences means nobody cares. Isn’t that obvious?

    The problem is that nobody learns from these incidents. The system trashes refugees’ new lives in America, the volags continue on in their negligent ways, all the while doing little other than advocating for more public money with inadequate accountability requirements, and the government agencies continue to keep up secrecy so the American public won’t understand what the problems are.


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