Chipotle Mexican Grill ‘partners’ with refugee contractor IRC

chipotleOne more reason to drive right by your local Chipotle restaurant.  They fund the Left!  The Wiser Shopper sent us this information.

Chipotle gave the International Rescue Committee (IRC) $500,000 in one recent year (see here). They also gave The Nature Conservancy (an organization I know an awful lot about and it isn’t good!), $100,000 in another year.

We have an extensive archive on the IRC, click here.   Especially don’t miss the latest news (not reported by the mainstream media) that the IRC has had federal funding suspended while being investigated for corruption in Turkey.

4 thoughts on “Chipotle Mexican Grill ‘partners’ with refugee contractor IRC

  1. Chipolte’s? Really? After the E. Coli and norovirus outbreaks, both of which are linked to “hygiene” issues that are also linked to certain demographics that have religious/cultural unsanitary elimination practices and are the major employee pool for meat processing and other food prep.

    The FDA said the “source” was not located. Hmmm. They tested the DNA of the bacteria and virus to find that the same genetic code existed across multiple locations, but couldn’t trace back the specific ingredient, though some people thought it might link to Australian beef. Was it shipped already processed or was it shipped in sides, then processed here? Lots of unanswered questions. Apparently, Chipolte’s doesn’t source all their beef from Australia anyway.

    Contaminated vegetables, fruits and other foods can be the carrier too. Simply handling food with unsanitary hands contaminates it. Entire boxes of gloves can become contaminated by hands carrying the bacteria or virus reaching into it to fish out new gloves. Other surfaces are also easily contaminated…doorknobs, countertops, utensils, etc.

    Do these companies not know there’s a high-risk employee issue at the food processing level or that they, themselves, within their own chain, may be introducing that risk? I’m going to take a wild guess and say, no, they do not, and this administration (FDA, CDC) isn’t going to tell them.

    Chipolte’s can teach proper hand washing within their own corporation, but they cannot control the entire chain. Neither can they control employees who, unbeknownst to them, see no reason to abide by such rules, since they’ve probably developed an immunity, but I would certainly investigate to see if there is a bacterial DNA signature in common between employee populations throughout the chain and the people infected. Boy, that would make some people mad. Who cares? Demand it, Chipolte and victims. Find out the truth.

    If I were Chipolte’s CEO, I’d want to know about employees and the health and safety procedures of each facility in my procurement chain, if I had to go each one myself. All I’d want is to ensure a significant problem is honestly dealt with, in order to be sure my customers, employees and restaurants are not compromised, down chain, by unsanitary practices or by the politically-correct goons who, despite their self-righteous indignation, are at risk too…if they eat.

    Supporting the IRC may be costing Chipolte’s far more than some big buck donations. The consequences of not dealing with this issue are huge in terms of harm to customers and the company’s ability to operate, which is necessary to be able to pay employees’ salaries. All of these people are important too.

    Hello, Chipolte’s! You, and the entire food industry, have a problem. And be careful about who and what you support. They just might not support you.


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