Think about Utica, NY before you jump on the “welcoming refugees” bandwagon

Two years before I started writing RRW, Utica, NY was dubbed the ‘town that loves refugees’ by the United Nations.  They even had some propaganda show they took on the road to embarrass other cities into ‘welcoming’ refugees just as Utica had!

town that loves refugees
Read the 2005 UN propaganda report used to entice (embarrass) other cities into ‘welcoming’ refugees.

Now (11 years later) Utica has all sorts of problems.

Here in January 2015 we reported on the school system there suing the state of New York for more money. Why?  Refugee overload!

The school system can’t handle the numbers of refugees who speak over 40 languages in their schools.

From the Wall Street Journal:

Utica officials are grappling with high poverty rates, rising enrollment and big deficits.

Now, just a week or so ago, the school system lost a lawsuit filed by six refugee teenagers who claim they weren’t permitted to attend high school there.

Here is what the NY Times said about the case (by the way, typical of mainstream media reports on refugees, the NYT implies that the refugees simply made their way to Utica from the third world without explaining that the city was targeted as a resettlement site by the federal government and its contractors***!):

The Utica City School District settled a lawsuit on Thursday over its treatment of young refugees, who, the suit charged, were being excluded from the city’s lone high school because of their age and because they did not speak English.

The lawsuit, filed last year on behalf of six refugees by the New York Civil Liberties Union and Legal Services of Central New York, claimed that Utica shunted refugees who were older than 16 into lesser alternatives to high school, like a G.E.D. program only for English-language learners. New York law provides the right to a free public education until age 21.

Similar allegations, that refugee children are being excluded from public schools, have been leveled at districts elsewhere around the state and across the country.

Utica, in central New York, has become a magnet in recent years for those escaping persecution in their home countries. Today, nearly one out of six city residents is a refugee, according to the Civil Liberties Union.

Message to towns considering welcoming refugees—They do not bring economic boom times! Refugees bring poverty and social and cultural strife!

Utica mosque
Utica Methodist church becomes a mosque.

Special treatment for special people!

Further confirming that Utica has a problem with refugee overload, the White House has singled out Utica’s refugee teen population for $2 million worth of summer jobs! What about American kids who need summer jobs?


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Utica is among 11 communities nationwide that will share $21 million in grants for summer jobs programs aimed at helping disadvantaged youth, the White House and U.S. Department of Labor said Monday.

Utica will receive almost $2 million to help 400 students in the city’s refugee population receive summer work experience and part-time jobs the rest of the year, White House officials said.

Again, think about the BIG LIE that refugees will help your struggling city. They won’t! The only money they will bring in to your town is the money Washington throws the city through myriad welfare programs—food stamps, medicaid, section 8 housing, and now funding for summer jobs.  Washington doesn’t grow money on trees!  The taxpayers of America are propping up refugee saturated cities!

If you live in newly targeted refugee placement cities—Rutland, VT, Reno, NV, Missoula, MT and Ithaca, NY (and more!)—think long and hard if you want to be like Utica, NY some day!

Click here for our Utica archive.

*** The resettlement contractor in Utica is the Mohawk Valley Resource Center and that is a subcontractor of Baltimore-based Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (one of the US State Department’s top nine refugee contractors).

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  1. It’s time for the residents to move these refugees out of Utica , don’t forget this is your country and your city , you pay the taxes , salaries of politicians who are running Utica , you are also paying Federal Tax for all the Welfare and Social Programs given to these refugees. It’s the incompetent and Corrupt Obama Administration who is allowing these refugees in , without any vetting , any skills , anyway they are going to earn their way in this country . They need to learn the language , they need to respect our laws , not Sharia Law , if they refuse and don’t do these things they need to be sent back to where they came from in deportation , or we have plenty of islands in the Aleutians , where we can take them , thTs where they will remain for eternity. Once they are given these terms , it will motivate them to contribute to OUR SOCIETY not theirs , they have no voting rights and the Welfare Help we give to them initially should only be temporary , that includes food stamps, rental assistance etc. We are a nation that is 20 Trillion Dollars in Debt , we have Miltary Veterans who come before these refugees , we have our own people who are homeless who need help . Those people should come first . If these religious institutions like Catholic Charities who are given $3 Billion dollars to settle these Refugees DONOT cooperate with the local city governments , telling them where these people are being settled , than they need to be removed along with the refugees . When myself being Catholic ask my local priests in my Parish , why they don’t cooperate with telling local city governments where they are putting these refugees , because my local Priests have no answer for me . They mention we are supposed to clothe , spend our tax dollars on supporting these people , who have no desire to respect our religion , and try to push their values on us demanding rights about educating their children in their language , or if they don’t they will sue the local governments . I get so irate when I never get the correct answers , we need to help the poor , then I say the Lord says you need to help the poor , but they in turn need to help themselves. Give us the info on where these people are being put , if they don’t , they will keep losing Parishoners more than they are losing now . They had better understand once a New President is elected in November , all these deals that have been handed out to all these religious organizations will come to a complete halt. We only will be granting refugee status to people who are willing to help themselves , obey our laws , our culture, our religious beliefs not theirs and if they can’t comply with that , than we don’t allow them in period.


  2. CAIR and other islamic groups are generating thousands of frivolous lawsuits knowing that they can tie up our legal system. They also burden our social system by being here, which causes liberals to shower them with resources as a reward for taking up space, about the only contribution they seem capable of making. Why hand out booty to scamming foreigners who overpopulate and suck down scare resources when so many of our own homeless and unemployed could use these “summer jobs”, which we all know will be nothing more than an excuse to pay big money to some towel topped teenager to stand around holding a broom or shovel?

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  3. he Obama administration wants to make sure Utica, New York’s young refugees aren’t without a job, so he’s spending millions to make sure it doesn’t happen.

    “Access to a job in the summer and beyond can make all the difference to a young person – especially those who don’t have access to many resources and opportunities,” President Obama said of his new Summer Opportunity Project.

    The project spends a total of $21 million on a variety of programs in 11 communities nationwide with the focus of helping young people find summer work, and permanent part-time jobs, the White House and U.S. Department of Labor announced Monday.

    At least $2 million of the total will be set aside to help 400 refugee students in Utica, New York get to work through the New Americans Career Pathways Project, the Utica Observer-Dispatch reports.

    “The New Americans Career Pathways project will provide in-school youth with summer jobs and academic support for 400 students in the refugee populations of Utica, NY,” according to a White House Fact Sheet. “The students will receive summer job work experience and academic tutoring in English and Math, and support in finding part-time jobs.”

    The multi-million refugee employment program is, however, only one among many that will receive a helping hand from the government over the summer.

    “Since 2009, more than fifteen Federal agencies have launched dozens of initiatives and partnerships with over 1,800 rural, tribal and urban communities,” according to the White House statement Monday. “Building on that work, the White House and 16 federal agencies announce an effort today to provide tailored support from the federal government to 16 Summer Impact Hubs to upgrade and expand their summer jobs, learning, meals, and violence reduction programs for young people this summer and year-round.”

    Other projects include “employment-related services” for Native American youth in California, Illinois and Iowa; to “create summer employment and year-round work experiences for 1,000 disconnected youth and underserved populations, including Latino and Arab-American youth” in Detroit; and inner-city jobs programs in Indianapolis, Philadelphia and other places.

    According to, “President Barack Obama’s administration launched the effort after a study found that almost 46 percent of youth who applied for summer jobs last year were turned down.”

    The White House announcement pointed out that Obama’s push for a $5.5 billion budget proposal to “open doors to a first job” is also in the works and could bring another wave of federal cash to “at-risk young Americans.”

    According to the White House’s Monday Fact Sheet/ news release:

    The President’s FY 2017 Budget proposes new investments – nearly double last year’s request – to connect more than 1 million young people to first jobs over the summer and year-round. It would also create a new $2 billion competitive grant program designed to connect at-risk and disconnected youth to educational and workforce pathways. DOL will work with Treasury to ensure that young people participating in these programs have access to safe and appropriate financial products and accounts.

    Nearly everyone who discussed the Utica program in the comments was appalled that the president seems to be prioritizing illegal immigrants over U.S. citizens for summer jobs in their region.

    “Most divisive president ever adds to the legacy,” Dawn Of A New Day posted.

    “This is absurd!” greats wrote. “Yes people, vote for Hillary. She wants this too. To heck with American youth. Let’s employ refugees who can’t even speak English! Go Trump! Stand up for America!”

    “So legal Americans are not worthy of summer jobs?” RockwellSprings questioned. “Can’t wait for November.”

    “What about OUR kids?” bastracker wrote. “I am thoroughly disgusted.”


  4. Where do you thing these refugees will go? Bush and his neocons have leveled the Middle East with their false flag, wars of aggression. There is no place for these people to stay in their home country. Yes, invite them into your home America. You deserve it!


    1. This country has been forced to intervene in the Middle East because islamics won’t stop attacking the rest of us. And yes, the “refugees” do have places to go, that are much closer than Europe and the US. Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, and the UAE are all wealthy and stable. Plus, they are islamic, so they are culturally compatible with all of the invaders, and the women there wear the body bags, so they won’t be tempted to rape. Lastly, Americans didn’t attack these miserable countries, our government did. We cannot be held responsible for the actions of this government, especially since they are unresponsive to the people.


      1. No. We are intervening in the middle east because Israel’s long-term security is based on creating chaos in neighboring countries so that they are too distracted to bother Israel. And our government is under the thumb of the Israel lobby to use the US military for this purpose. And if you doubt this, ask yourself why are we NEGOTIATING with Israel over the size of our increased foreign aid package to Israel.


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