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US to deport illegal alien Somalis

Posted by Ann Corcoran on June 1, 2016

I don’t know how good this source is—Mogadishu Center for Research and Studies—but they are reporting this morning that our government is preparing to deport Somalis presently in US detention back to Somalia.

Here is what they are saying confirming something that we knew, but is rarely mentioned, and that is that hundreds of Somalis come across US borders every year.

Somali ambassador to US

The source for the story is Somalia’s ambassador to the US, Ahmed Isse Awad (right!). Photo:

Mogadishu (MCRS) 01 June 2016 – The United States government is planning to send back several Somali immigrants, who entered the country illegally, back to their home country, a Somali official said Monday.

The move is seen as an attempt to deter the influx of illegal immigrants arriving in the United States, which rarely expels illegal immigrants from war-torn countries back to their countries.

Ahmed Isse Awad, Somalia’s Ambassador to Washington told Media that the new deportation operation by the immigration enforcement agency would affect Somali immigrants, mostly young men in US jails:“I don’t know their official number, but I have asked the US government to give me the chance to meet them.”

The development comes amid concerns by European countries that are struggling to cope with immigrants fleeing conflict and poverty in Middle East and Africa.

EU countries have received the highest numbers of illegal migrants in recent years. According to immigration authorities, hundreds of illegal Somali immigrants are smuggled across the US-Mexico border every year, with many of them getting arrested at border checkpoints.

If I can read between the lines, it seems that the Somali government may not want them back.

By the way, if Somalis are re-building Somalia (heck they even have an ambassador in Washington) why are we still taking into the US 700-800 Somalis a month?  Maybe they should be helping to re-build Somalia!

And, by the way, since we have this huge legal pathway open for Somalis to come here anyway, you know that the ones sneaking across our border have got to be some bad apples….with a lot of money to hire smugglers!

6 Responses to “US to deport illegal alien Somalis”

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  2. The Somali’s should be forced to repatriate. Since when does refugee status mean that they get to stay forever? at the very least, they should be returned to their own country once it is reasonably safe. We shouldn’t have give them citizenship, since this just encourages refugee status to be used as a way to get around our already non-existent immigration laws.


    • Ann Corcoran said

      Everybody must remember that our refugee program is permanent. I think some people think that refugees come here for awhile and then go home enmasse when the trouble is over, they don’t! Refugees will become US citizens. Maddening isn’t it!


  3. nafbpo7 said

    According to this 2015 article Somalia held elections in 2012 and the U.S. Government officially recognized Somalia in 2013 (normalized relations). I can’t see any reason not to deport them if they entered illegally or violated their U.S. immigration status.


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