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Georgia: Don’t miss African woman in burqa attacks Mom with Mom’s American flag

Posted by Ann Corcoran on June 3, 2016

Georgia flag attack


As I wrote that headline I thought for a moment I was writing at the National Enquirer! But, hey, this is a good story for them!

No time to give you the details, so go see World Net Daily for more.

Reporter Leo Hohmann might have an update on who this immigrant African stranger is and how she came to be living (or wandering) in this Georgia suburban neighborhood.

Teenage son with gun helped save Mom.

P.S. If the excuse is that she is mentally impaired then the next questions are, who let her in to the US and aren’t we screening out mentally ill immigrants/refugees?

9 Responses to “Georgia: Don’t miss African woman in burqa attacks Mom with Mom’s American flag”

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  2. sodiumpen said

    More than 1/3 of “refugees” sent to Vermont have tested positive for TB:

    “Since 2013, about 900 refugees admitted to the Green Mountain State have been tested for tuberculosis, a potentially fatal infectious disease affecting the lungs. Of that number, 318 refugees, or 35.4 percent, tested positive.”


    • Ann Corcoran said

      Sorry never did get to post this before I left for a couple of days. But, I did see the news made Drudge!


  3. […]… […]


  4. sodiumpen said

    Oops! Here is the direct link to the Zika baby article:


  5. sodiumpen said

    Seems the “mentally impaired” excuse is frequently used for violent Muslims in the USA and in Europe.

    More on the NJ ‘Zika baby’ – now estimated to cost Americans $1 million. Mother admits she intentionally flew to USA, to have hr baby, for the financial benefits/treatment. Outrageous!

    Honduran mother who gave birth to Zika baby in New Jersey says she flew to America to seek treatment after doctors at home ‘underestimated’ her symptoms – now her U.S. citizen baby will cost AT LEAST $1million to treat

    Liked by 1 person

    • sidefxny said

      I was just looking to post this article and saw that you beat me to the punch. This needs to get the maximum exposure throughout the USA- on every blog, Twitter, Facebook and social media site. I live in NY just outside of a sanctuary city where the Federal Govt. just donated over $10 million dollars to refurbish a Medicaid Mill, oops, I meant a “health center” that provides free care to all the illegals like this woman who are only here to get all their goodies from the American gringo tax slaves. Meanwhile, hard to believe that in such an affluent suburb like Westchester, the stupid liberals are welcoming the barbarian invaders with open arms.

      All the laws, building codes, rules and regs are out the window when it comes to the scum that is trashing our once nice neighborhoods and turning them into third world versions of what used to be small town America. The cops turn a blind eye to all the storefronts that are now “mini markets” that send all the cash back to Ecuador, Guatemala and Mexico; not to mention the former bakery that was turned into an after hours house of prostitution and drug dealing, oops! sorry, I meant to say a “mingling club” as they are now known.

      God bless Ann for all the work that she is doing. I can only pray that it’s not too late and that Trump can overcome all the election fraud and get elected. I truly believe he is the only candidate who gives us even a tiny chance at dealing with these illegals who are destroying our country and our way of life.


  6. mikekiljom said

    shared to my public FB page with my added comment:

    WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!!!!! COMING TO YOUR TOWN SOON! This crazy muslim, as typical, was like a rabbid dog and would not stop beating them! Even with a gun pointed at her! Took a bunch of neighbors to drag the animal off these Georgians!!!!!!!!!
    This bitch needs to be deported IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!!!!


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