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Obama adding “bandwidth” to refugee admissions program (or big embarrassment at UN in September!)

Posted by Ann Corcoran on June 3, 2016

What the heck does bandwidth mean?

The only thing I can assume is just what we have been saying, the refugee resettlement industry is working overtime to find new unsuspecting towns in which to place the mostly Muslim Syrians that Obama has promised to seed throughout America by September 30th (the last day of the fiscal year).  (Rutland, VT, Reno, NV, Missoula, MT, Fayetteville, AR and Ithaca, NY among others.)

Apparently the word “bandwith” came up in a discussion with reporters on Air Force One.

Obama at UN

Obama: Mr. Moon sir, we are trying our darnedest to get those Syrians distributed around the US by September, but that bad ol’ Trump keeps getting in the way and the FBI is making things difficult too!

From World Bulletin:

The U.S. is trying to “add bandwidth” to its efforts to resettle Syrian refugees, the White House said Wednesday.

President Barack Obama has said the ramped-up effort need to be done “without taking any shortcuts on security,” his spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters aboard Air Force One.

Obama pledged last year to resettle 10,000 Syrian refugees by the end of September, but so far only about 2,500 have been admitted. That has cast doubts on Washington’s ability to meet the relatively modest goal.

Obama has spoken passionately about the need to take in those fleeing violence and persecution abroad amidst a continued refugee crisis, fueled largely by Syria’s ongoing conflict.

But his efforts have been bogged down by bureaucratic security checks that are carried out across several U.S. agencies.

Then there is a jab at Donald Trump’s rhetoric and how it is partially to blame, which makes me laugh.  If Trump-talk now is slowing the colonization of America with Muslim ‘refugees’ just imagine what he could do if he gets to the White House.

Now here comes the juiciest bit of news in this story:

If Obama is unable to meet the goal, it could set the stage for a potentially embarrassing scenario when he hosts a summit on refugees on the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly meeting in September.

Love it!

We told you about the fact that Obama won’t look good at the UN in September, see here last month, if he doesn’t deliver the 10,000 Syrians to  your towns.

12 Responses to “Obama adding “bandwidth” to refugee admissions program (or big embarrassment at UN in September!)”

  1. […] The boys (Trudeau and Obama) will hold a little pre-summit at the United Nations in September on refugees. Will Trudeau, with his big Syrian resettlement numbers, put Obama to shame? You can bet this is being timed in hopes of whacking Donald Trump. Watch for it! Hillary will be a featured speaker!… […]


  2. […] what about that big Obama show in September at the UN, won’t he be […]


  3. […] besides the annual determination, which always comes due in September, remember Obama is leading a special pow-wow on refugees that month at the UN.  He will be looking to get kudos for America’s generosity […]


  4. […] Obama adding “bandwidth” to refugee admissions program (or big embarrassment at UN in September… […]


  5. 7delta said

    If Obama is unable to meet the goal, it could set the stage for a potentially embarrassing scenario when he hosts a summit on refugees on the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly meeting in September.

    Yeah, because my greatest fear in life is that Obama will be embarrassed. Too late! Anyone leaning right of the Great Wall of China that has even a modest, but accurate education and a shred of common sense, already knows he’s an embarrassment and…more. Most people to the left of the Great Wall also know. They don’t care, as long as he and Valdemort Jarrett keep pushing the agenda.

    I don’t know exactly what these left-of-the-wall people think “the agenda” will do for them, but history tells us…repeatedly…what it will do to them. Successful implementation of “the agenda”, for the vast majority of the willing true-believer foot soldiers, always results in lethal lead poisoning by projectile or one-cot accommodations, where room service delivers through a slot in a metal striped door. Unfortunately, most contract lead poisoning.

    I guess that’s why it’s so important to “revise” history. There are only so many ways to skin a cat and the agenda drivers don’t want to let the cat out of the bag too soon.

    Seriously, I don’t get it. These people, including the volags, know, to one degree or another, the narratives are lies. They know secrets and silencing real discussion is essential. They have to ignore or explain away what they can see with their own eyes. They know they have to manipulate information and people’s emotions. They know they’re doing something wrong, morally and legally, or they wouldn’t misrepresent or lie about issues. No, secrecy and deceit isn’t necessary, because of all those horrible racists, haters and phobes running around. That narrative is, ya know, a lie to justify the necessary secrecy and deceit, to silence opposition and to distract the general public from finding out or from believing what is being concealed. There’s a reason people lie.

    Profit is a poor excuse, especially when the people behind paying you will eventually eliminate you…and your profit, as if that will matter when there is no antidote to projectile lead poisoning or due process needed to obtain a room without a view. Too bad bank accounts and “good intentions” aren’t made of Kevlar.

    What makes these true believers, including the volags, think that if they’re being given false narratives to repeat like Polly, the parrot, that the very same people they’re getting the narratives from aren’t lying to them?

    They should all be embarrassed. Maybe even slightly terrified.


  6. […]… […]


  7. of course soetoro will make the deadline for 10K scumbags, jeh johnson just said 8K ready and thousands more checked. They will all be new voters by Nov 1. Also, what is ryanbag ryan gonna do with the Oct1 budget, just another continuing resolution that pays fore thousands more thry 2017?


  8. You go girl! Keep up this good work!


  9. bari1951 said

    Reblogged this on Kattukse Vrienden voor Israël.


  10. This is one case where I’m perfectly happy with dialup–or even loosing my connection altoghether


  11. As for ‘Bandwidth’ I do believe that something was lost in translation. I can only find this story with your World Bulletin link above, Anadolu Agency, and Yeni Safak; all three of which are state run news agencies in Turkey.
    No doubt, Obama is cranking up his efforts which should not be overly difficult to find, but not with ‘bandwidth’ in the search pattern.


  12. Reblogged this on Rifleman III Journal and commented:
    Bandwith in this situation, is to employ sufficient manpower and aggressiveness to achieve His, Imperial, goal, of destroying America to appease the dictators at the United Nations, or they will not allow Him, to bow, deeply, before them.
    In simple terms: BHO is going into what the NFL calls, a “Hurry Up Formation”, as the clock is running down on the fool.


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