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Rutland, VT expert on mixed drinks weighs in on RRW and opposition to Syrian refugee resettlement

Posted by Ann Corcoran on June 6, 2016

I had a good laugh last night when I spotted this piece on Rutland that is your classic Leftwing tactic to smear the critics (with the racist, Islamophobic label) and divide the local critics of the UN/US State Department Refugee Admissions Program from the national movement (pockets of resistance***) by smearing yours truly and Jim Simpson at the Center for Security Policy.

Jim Sabataso

Rutland writer, guitarist, mixed-drink expert, Jim Sabataso says his “soul hurts” when he reads about criticism of the refugee admissions program of the UN/US State Department.

First here (at the Times Argus) is what the poor baby who felt he had to take a shower (after reading their facebook pages) says of the local groups in opposition to Syrian resettlement for Rutland:

This week, against my better judgment, I decided to wade into the muck to explore what those opposed to Syrian refugee resettlement in Rutland are saying on social media. I say muck, because, holy hell, my curious clicking took me to a dark, dark corner of the local Facebook community.

Opponents to resettlement have expressed consternation about being painted as uneducated bigots. While I understand the frustration of those who feel that they are being unfairly characterized as intolerant for their dissent — indeed, some folks have managed to express their opposition intelligently and eloquently — it’s hard not to draw that conclusion based on the rhetoric coming out of that camp.

Hosting extremist speakers such as James Simpson to discuss, as the Rutland Herald put it, “the coming plague of sex crimes, diseases such as latent tuberculosis and mosques led by radical imams preaching jihad,” makes it difficult not to paint the opposition as paranoid and dangerously misinformed. When the individual spearheading the effort to put the refugee issue to a city-wide vote suggests that Muslim lives are not as valuable as those of Christians, it’s hard not to dismiss the whole group as narrow-minded, Islamophobic bigots.

Besides Simpson, who the mayor calls the leader of a hate group and champion of “pockets of resistance” herelocal musician, writer and self-proclaimed mixed drink (alcoholic beverage) expert Jim Sabataso weighs in on Refugee Resettlement Watch as a hate group leader having an unduly large influence on the local people suggesting that they don’t have intelligence of their own to sort through the facts and make judgments about what is good for their own community.

Refugee Resettlement Watch: Founded by Ann Corcoran, a major voice in the anti-refugee, anti-Muslim community. The blog is also monitored by the SPLC for its extremist content.

I love it actually!  For eight or so, of the nearly 9 years, I’ve been writing about this issue, I was looking forward to the day I would be “monitored” by the SPLC because if they were truly monitoring my work they might learn something. They might learn that refugees are exploited for cheap labor and that Chambers of Commerce want refugees to buy used cars and rent Section 8 housing.

Clearly young Jim Sabataso hasn’t read many of the 7,623 posts we have written or he wouldn’t be telling local concerned citizens to stay away from RRW.

All of the issues he mentions below have been reported at RRW for nearly 9 years.  These are the primary issues we report here every day!

So there you have it. Absent from these two groups is any substantial or grounded discussion of issues of government transparency, employment, housing, education, economic impacts or support for veterans and homeless Vermonters — issues, which those in opposition have said are at the root of their dissent. “We need to look out for our own first” has been a common rallying cry, but that talking point was nowhere to be found in my search. If those opposed to refugee resettlement in Rutland want to be taken seriously and not dismissed as ignorant bigots, they best reconsider the company they keep.

Here is what young Jim, writer/bartender/cocktail explorer (he plays guitar for money!), newly-minted expert on refugee resettlement, said on twitter a few days ago:

I just spent the last three hours reading through Rutland’s anti-refugee Facebook groups. I need a shower. Also, my soul hurts.

Continue reading here about what the sensitive soul, Jim, has to say about us.  Having read some of his other work, he does have a fear of “dark” places.  And, by the way, I probably have now read more of Jim’s work than he has of mine (yet he describes RRW as a hate group).

A couple of related nuggets:

Be sure to read the supposed news article from the Rutland Herald last week that reads like an op-ed and also mentions the haters and extremists at RRW and the Center for Security Policy.

The article scoffs at the notion that tuberculosis could come in with the refugees, but guess what?  It is already in Vermont as we learned here this morning from the media expert (Michael Patrick Leahy) on TB in refugee populations in the US.  

Go here for our ‘Health issues’ category (300 posts) for all of the recent shocking news about ACTIVE TB in US refugees.

*** The ‘pockets of resistance’ label was originally used by the federal government to help create a propaganda campaign (the ORR actually hired a contractor to create the campaign) against any community that might question the placement of large numbers of refugees secretly in to their towns and cities. We first heard about it from federal officials in PA in 2013.  The three ‘pockets’ the feds named at that time were in New Hampshire, Tennessee and Georgia. Some of us liked the label and now there are dozens and dozens of ‘pockets of resistance’ that have grown up spontaneously throughout the US.  Welcome Rutland, VT!

7 Responses to “Rutland, VT expert on mixed drinks weighs in on RRW and opposition to Syrian refugee resettlement”

  1. Young Jimmy Sabataso blocks people from his Twitter when facts contradict his opinion.

    I politely tweeted him three examples. One out of France (750 official no-go zones), another from Sweden (some 100 no-go zones as per police) and Britain (100 Sharia courts), and another re Mid-East as birthplace of Christianity, only 3% Christians left.
    All three tweets ended with ‘What happened?’

    I am now blocked from his Tweet and this includes even viewing his tweets. The poor guy seems like an individual who needs safe spaces to survive.


    • Ann Corcoran said

      Thanks for sharing this information with us! So typical!


    • 7delta said

      Well, darn. I guess that means he doesn’t want to have a discussion with me either.

      I’m a calm and rational person. Pretty nice, even. Mostly. I just don’t get why none of the people I invite to have a “dialogue” about issues disappear faster than a ghost at midnight. The left keeps telling us we need to dialogue. Well, here we are. All ready to discuss and no one from their side will show up.

      They never accept Ann’s invitation to write a guest post either. Ann’s a nice person too. Why don’t they jump at the chance to make their case? If they feel so strongly about the issue that they state their opinions publicly, surely they must want to share their thoughts to a wider audience. Can’t they defend their position? /sarc


      • They only want to “share” their opinions with those that agree with them (because, well, you know… well, we are all haters (“liberal” speak) because we can debate and they don’t have a leg to stand on so they have no choice but to call us names and run to their “safe spaces” and the shower.)

        Liked by 1 person

        • 7delta said

          Exactly, Arthur. If you take away name calling and (im)moral outrage, they have no argument that can withstand scrutiny. Of course, they have no idea that they know absolutely nothing about the outrage du jour or that the instant they resort to name calling, it’s an admission of complete and utter defeat.

          Sadly, neither do most of them realize the only things they’ve loudly and publicly accomplished is displaying that they’ve allowed themselves to “be had.” They cannot conceive of a possibility that they’re not a special kind of superior and that their ignorant blathering is helping creating unsafe spaces that will swallow them up too.

          It’s so much easier to just repeat narratives they’ve “heard”, than it is to actually dig for the truth. Add lazy to their list of “accomplishments.” If they weren’t so annoying and potentially dangerous to themselves and the rest of us, I’d feel sorry for them.


  2. kerberos616 said

    Reblogged this on Kerberos616.


  3. 7delta said

    makes it difficult not to paint the opposition as paranoid and dangerously misinformed.

    Oh, I do so hope Jim will come by to enlighten us with his superior knowledge and humanitarianism. We can compare documentation, ya know, the original kind, straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. I’m sure he has gathered scads of federal and State statistics, quotes from the Qu’ran and as a bonus, all the documentation we need to know about government transparency, employment, housing and homeless vets.

    Seriously, I actually LOL. I absolutely love these “sensitive souls” who are so incredibly ignorant, they’re extraordinarily proud of it…publicly. I’d almost be embarrassed for him, but it’s a bit of a challenge when someone acts with such arrogant ignorance, they don’t know any better than to think they’re sufficiently armed with nothing more than trite invectives and worn-out narratives (and a shower) as they attempt to lecture people who have studied the issues for years, if not decades, from primary sources.

    Oh lord, bless his heart.

    To Jim Sabataso:

    In all seriousness, Jim, I have sons and a soft spot for young fellows with the exuberance of early adulthood. I would be happy to have a polite discussion with you about “facts.” If you truly believe you have them, I’d be very interested in your sources. I’m neither an ignorant bigot nor an islamophobe, but I am a truth seeker. I’m always willing to learn from any legitimate resources you may provide or to explain to you why I find other sources more reliable.

    One last thing, Jim. Name calling is childish and destroys your message. It’s intellectually lazy and quite frankly, it no longer works as a strategy to silence opposition. I did state that you’re behaving in a manner consistent with being naive and ill informed and I poked a little fun at you, but I didn’t call you names. I pointed out how your behavior appears to people who are well informed. I encourage you to not make the mistake of thinking opposition is merely a tiny number of redneck bigots with only two tobacco-stained teeth and sign their name with an “X.” That would indeed be an error in judgment.

    At any rate, I’m sure you don’t wish to be perceived wrongly either, so I sincerely invite you to explain what sources you used to inform you, and from which you based your conclusion that opposing the RRP can only be rooted in ignorance, bigotry and islamophobia.


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