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Last week’s Islamic terror bust in Germany did involve refugees

Posted by Ann Corcoran on June 7, 2016

How many times in recent months have you heard defenders of the refugee migration to Europe say that surely ISIS militants wouldn’t bother with the arduous trek from Syria through Turkey, then to Greece and northward to Germany to get its men into position for an Islamic terror attack?  Well, that is exactly what the Düsseldorf plotters did!

From Deutsche Welle:

A clearer picture began to emerge Thursday of the investigation leading to the arrest of three Syrian men who were allegedly planning to carry out a terrorist attack in the western German city of Düsseldorf.

The terror plot was uncovered because a fourth Syrian man, identified as Saleh A., voluntarily turned himself into authorities in Paris on February 1 and admitted to the plot, officials said.

No kidding!

The arrests are likely to spread concerns that Germany has become a likely target for Islamic militants in Europe, especially as the nation continues to grapple with a massive influx of refugees.


According to prosecutors Salah A., 25, and one of the three men arrested in Germany, 27-year-old Hamza C., joined IS in Syria in the spring of 2014 and received orders to carry out an attack in Düsseldorf.

The two men traveled to Turkey in May 2014, before continuing separately through Greece to Germany in March and July of last year.

Continue reading here.

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