Ten things your town needs to know as it is targeted for refugee resettlement

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Since the Obama Administration is in crunch time to get as many refugees (especially the Syrians) seeded into your towns as they can, I thought this post from March 2015 would be useful.

Ten things your town needs to know:

As we have been writing ad nauseam lately, the Obama Administration is now out of the shadows with its plan to “seed” towns and cities across America with diversity.

President Barack Obama, flanked by Cecilia Muñoz, director of the White House Domestic Policy Council, left, and senior White House adviser Valerie Jarrett, speaks in the Roosevelt Room of the White House in Washington, Monday, June 24, 2013, during a meeting with CEOs, business owners and entrepreneurs to discuss immigration reform. Obama hosted the meeting to discuss the importance of commonsense immigration reform including the Congressional Budget Office analysis that concludes immigration reform would promote economic growth and reduce the deficit. Sitiing next to Obama are . (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)
Changing America by changing the people. President Barack Obama, flanked by Cecilia Muñoz, director of the White House Domestic Policy Council, left, and senior White House adviser Valerie Jarrett are changing the people by ‘planting’ immigrant “seedlings” in towns across America!

‘Seed’ is their word!  Your community is the soil into which the migrants of all sorts (legal and illegal) are being planted according to Obama’s Task Force on New Americans.   It begs the questions:  Are we being colonized?  Do they plan to replace us some day?  Sound far-fetched?  Knowing Obama, are you willing to gamble on that?

We have long maintained a ‘fact sheet’ about how the UN/US State Department’s Refugee Admissions and Resettlement Program works, click here to learn more.

But, I realized yesterday, while thinking about the newest proposed seed community*** in Rep. Trey Gowdy’s backyard in Spartanburg, SC, that we needed a quick primer on what elected officials and citizens should know if they are being pressured to ‘welcome the stranger‘ (this guilt-tripping language is one way they pressure your town!). Update: Gowdy lost, assuming he ever tried, and Spartanburg is now an established resettlement site.

So here are my Ten Things you need to know!

1)  In most cases, the United Nations is choosing our refugees.  Topping the list right now are Iraqis, Burmese, Congolese, Somalis and Bhutanese.  The UN is pressuring the US to take a large number, 10,000 or so, Syrians.  We are bringing in refugees from countries which hate us.  Your town does not get to choose who you get!  You will receive racially, culturally and religiously diverse people, usually very different from your local population and very different from each other.  That old ‘melting pot’ concept is dead because the numbers are too high.

2)  Often the US State Department’s chosen resettlement contractor for your town, sounds like a church group, or other benign-sounding non-profit.  They may have a religious-sounding name, but know that they are being paid by the head from the federal treasury to bring refugees to your town.  It is not the case that they are passing a plate on Sunday morning to pay for this very expensive program. Here are the nine major contractors which have 350 subcontractors working for them (headquartered in over 180 cities so far).

3)  The contractor’s job is to get the refugee family their “services.”  That means they hold the refugees’ hands until they are settled usually in tax-payer subsidized housing, get them signed up for most forms of welfare including food stamps and other cash assistance, sign them up for health care and enroll the kids in school. This special class of legal immigrant is entitled to welfare!  The contractor is also paid with your tax dollars to give refugees job counseling and training.  The contractor may also be working closely with some big business (and the Chamber of Commerce) nearby which is looking for cheap labor.

4)  The contractor’s job ends in 3-6 months at which point they move on to bringing in the next fresh group of “clients,” often the relatives of the first group.  Earlier, and still struggling, refugees are left in the care of your social services department. At this point the contractors are entrenched in your town and will call you racists, rednecks and xenophobes if your citizens want to slow the flow.

5)  Your town will never get out of the program once the contractor has an office set up and staff to pay.  Many cities are trying to get out now and can’t:  Manchester, NH, Springfield and Lynn, Mass, Amarillo, TX come to mind. Because there have developed “pockets of resistance” (their words), the State Department is desperately out scouting for fresh territory.

6)  The greatest impact on your local social and economic welfare will be felt first in the school system, followed usually by the shortage of government subsidized housing.  Your school system may end up with 50 or more languages represented in the student population.  The number-one language of refugees entering the US right now is Arabic, Somali is number four. (Update: Somali has moved to number 3, here.)

7)  Refugees are permitted entry into the US with HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis among other medical problems.  Physical and mental health challenges will most likely overburden your local health department.

8)  Your local government is responsible (Clinton-era Executive Order) for providing costly interpreters for the myriad languages being spoken in the school system, the health system and the criminal justice system should problems arise.

9)  Refugees who do find work, work at entry level jobs and minimum wage so they will still be able to benefit from many welfare programs open to low-income Americans.  Elder refugees are eligible for SSI.   The refugees are Legal Permanent Residents and can begin the citizenship process quickly.

10)  If they say they are coming to your town with the first group of refugees, there is only one thing you can do!  ASK QUESTIONS IN PUBLIC.  Demand that your elected officials get involved. Demand that a community meeting be held, for the US State Department, the Office of Refugee Resettlement (in HHS), your state refugee office (if there is one) and their contractors, to answer questions from the citizens of the town or city. Get your Member of Congress and US Senators involved too!  Don’t forget your state legislators!   The State Department and its contractors HATE to answer questions!  Tell your local elected officials you want a public hearing!  Tell your elected officials that you want the federal government and its contractors to provide a plan!

You want them to answer questions such as these below. 

Remember you have every right to know what is being planned for your town.  They will bully you, call you names and say you can’t stop them anyway, but refuse to be bullied!

Demand answers (in public)!

Who is coming?  From where and how many?

Will they stop the resettlement if the town is becoming economically or socially stressed?

What security and health screening have the refugees undergone?

How many will come each year?

Who is paying for their health care?

Who is paying to educate the children who don’t speak English and may never have attended school?

Does your town have an adequate supply of government-supported housing?  Will demands for housing crowd out American elderly, poor or disabled citizens?

Where will they work?  Do we have high unemployment already?

I’m sure you can think of others.  After getting answers (good luck!) and having a vigorous public discussion, then your town can decide based on all the facts whether you will eagerly “welcome” New Americans to your community, or not.

Endnote:  There are other refugee experts in the country, so let me know if I’m missing anything here and I’ll add it!

Update!!!  Call this #11: an experienced researcher just reminded me that concerned citizens must form a citizens’ group to research the structure of the program in your state to obtain the FISCAL and legal facts about the program as the structure can vary from state to state.

*** This post (on Spartanburg) brought in the highest number of readers we have ever had for one post over a brief two days!  

An afterthought:  If you should get a public meeting/hearing be sure to educate yourselves on the Delphi Technique, a strategy often used by government agencies wishing to control the outcome of a meeting.  Go here to see what Judy said about it in advance of the public meeting held in Hagerstown, MD in September 2007.

The US State Department has said they won’t go where they are not wanted, but they are desperate now (too many refugees coming in and too few ‘welcoming’ towns) and are shoving refugees down the throats of reluctant communities, but you still mustn’t roll over and give up! You do have a right to determine the character of your community and how your tax dollars are spent, so continue to speak up.  Thank God, we aren’t Europe yet! 

As the November elections approach make this issue a top priority whenever you have an opportunity to meet candidates at all levels of government.  You can be sure if Hillary Clinton is elected President this program will never be reformed, but will be put on steroids.

26 thoughts on “Ten things your town needs to know as it is targeted for refugee resettlement

  1. Would you know if the state department is providing any type of security for the contractors? Nothing has been noticed during id sweeps, but the gov. can be sneaky.


    1. Do you mean security as it relates to Islamic extremism in the refugee population where local refugee workers/volunteers interface with them?


    2. Jim, I don’t know what is up with wordpress, but I see this was sent to me yesterday afternoon, but only appeared here this morning for me to moderate comments. Sorry to you and others if your comments are slow in posting. I do moderate them and sometimes I’m away from the computer but sometimes, they don’t appear here for hours.


  2. In case you haven’t already been notified, a person associated with Citizens for a Better Helena in Montana presented a FOIA request for the R&P Abstract to the MT governor, Helena Mayor etc. You can find that info on their FB page, Citizens for a better Helena

    Besides perhaps adding it to your Montana info file, I think you’ll find this interesting. When doing a Google search for Citizens for a Better Helena in Montana, this was the 4th and 5th entry. You Ann and Refugee Resettlement Watch were listed on this Wiki. This is the BS we’re up against.

    Citizens for a Better Helena – RationalWiki


    1. Thanks, I hadn’t seen the wiki page, but not surprising. The word must have gone out to their minions to use this kind of attack on those with whom they disagree. It is all they have. It won’t work anymore because each of the groups/websites they have labeled are growing by leaps and bounds and are not frightened off by their hate mongering. And, now that the media is beginning to dig into the facts about the refugee program they won’t be able to control the snowball effect….


  3. Congress needs to wake up and stop this ruination of towns. There is really no federal dollars as we are bankrupt. This needs to be highlighted as the towns will raise taxes on legal Americans already in debt.


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    Ideological Subversion
    “Psychological Warfare” It’s a great brainwashing process which goes very slow, and is divided into four basic stages.
    1 – Demoralization
    2 – Destabilization
    3 – Crisis
    4 – Normalization
    What it basically means is to change the perception of reality of every American to such an extent that despite the abundance of information, no one is able to come to sensible conclusions in the interests of defending themselves, their families, their community and their country.


  5. One more thing RE diseases: whooping cough has circulated throughout a local elementary school in Evanston…twice…and the school has NOT reported it to the other parents. This is a school district that saw a sudden influx of refugees this past year. Whooping cough is contagious even to people who have been vaccinated, although it is in a milder form. Considering that many parents today are choosing not to vaccinate their kids, this is potentially very dangerous.


  6. Here’s another suggestion: if you see a local church posting that they are bringing in a refugee family, contact them. Let them know that this will be an ongoing responsibility for THEM and it won’t be easy. These naive church people have no idea what they are getting into. For example, in Evanston IL (where I have a family member), a local church sponsored a refugee family that now lives in the building and they have created all kids of problems. My family member has called the church several times to report issues with the refugees — the latest being that the refugees were buying food with their LINK card and bartering it for cash. I also (at Ann’s suggestion) contacted Barbara Day at DayBJ@state.gov, and they did send someone out to interview the other building residents. I noticed another church in the area announcing their intent to bring in a refugee family and I emailed them, warning them that they will be responsible for anything going wrong and then described a few of the problems my family member has had. If we can enlighten our naive church people, maybe they won’t be so starry-eyed and eager to take on the huge responsibility that a refugee family imposes.


    1. Thanks for that good advice! And, I am amazed that the State Dept. acted on your complaint! Maybe everyone should write to Barbara Day. However, don’t abuse this. Send only serious complaints and be polite!!!


      1. This actually was a serious complaint. One of the things the refugee family was doing was leaving the hot water running all day long, draining the tanks and leaving the other residents without hot water for days. The building manager was concerned that he would be in violation of city ordinances for not providing hot water, so he was involved as well.


        1. Don’t misunderstand. I know yours was a serious complaint. I just hope everyone doesn’t contact Barbara Day just to yell at her. If you are reading this and have a complaint about refugee or especially contractor misbehavior, by all means contact her.


          1. Yes, I totally agree. I was extremely polite and cordial in my request to Ms. Day. I basically said that I was concerned that no one was supervising the refugees and teaching them basics about living in the United States and that it wasn’t the fault of the refugee family. I just asked a question about who was responsible for teaching refugees how to do simple things like use laundry facilities and be sensitive to the other building residents in terms of water usage, noise, etc. not putting any blame on the family. In this way I was trying to direct the responsibility on the settlement contractor or find out who was supposed to be helping them adjust to the U.S. and that is what she responded to.


          2. Thanks for taking the time to do this. The fault does lie with the contractor who resettled this family to make sure they understand how to survive (and not be a nuisance) in a modern building. The greatest limiting factor the contractors have is (increasingly) landlords willing to rent to refugees.


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