Copenhagen: Islamic gangs intimidate bar patrons, tell them no drinking in Sharia zones

Invasion of Europe news…..

I feel like a broken record, but as the Muslim immigrant population grows (as it is in Europe), Islamic supremacists (devout Muslims!) feel comfortable in beginning to put demands on the population they are conquering (yes! they believe they are conquering infidel lands) to be more sharia compliant.

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This is what they think about Denmark! Photo:

Here is the latest in Denmark from Russia Today (hat tip: Bob):

A group of bar owners from one of Copenhagen’s suburbs, who have been endlessly harassed by Muslim youth activists trying to impose a so-called “Shariah zone”, have taken their case to a government minister, urging her to protect their businesses and the locals.

Pub owners in the Nørrebro suburb of Copenhagen have for months tried to get the Copenhagen Police to take action against a group of youths from an immigrant background, who have been threatening, extorting, and vandalizing bars in broad daylight.

The concept of Sharia zones was introduced by a group called ‘Call to Islam’ some five years ago. Using volunteers, pockets of activists embark on daily patrols of the neighborhood and approach those who drink, gamble, or engage in other activities seen by the group as running contrary to Islamic beliefs.

“Recently some young men came into the bar and shouted that all guests should leave,” Heidi Dyrnesli from Cafe Heimdal told Radio24syv. “They shouted so that the site belongs to them and that Nørrebro is Sharia zone, so there is no drinking alcohol.

Go to the story and see what Denmark is doing about it—admonishment on facebook.  That should take care of it!

This makes me wonder if Americans will wake up when Islamists begin to (check one):

___Harass their dogs

___Pressure women to cover their heads

___Put pork producers out of business

___Demand they stop drinking beer

___Or, will it take all of the above before your family members get it (too late)?

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