Syrian ‘refugees’ going home, thought they were going to be cared for in Europe

But, the problem now is how to make the reverse trek back to Turkey and ultimately home to Syria.

Invasion of Europe news…

El Dorado
They did not find El Dorado and now want to go home to Syria!

When I saw this story I was reminded of a story we reported in August of 2015 where a Syrian born woman said that Syrians are not “refugees” but opportunists.  You might want to read it (here), before this latest news.

This is what she said:

They left homes and cars and possessions here in order to take up the offer of FREE money and housing in Europe. They had been sure that once in Europe they will be given free medical, education, housing, food and provided for in every way forever. They think of Europe as “El Dorado”. There is also a large dose of jealousy involved, as they saw their neighbors going and they didn’t want to be left behind. Syrian hate to see someone else get a good deal, and not get a piece of the pie themselves.

Now here is the news from AP at One News Now:

…dozens of Syrian refugees are risking their lives again but in the opposite direction — paying smugglers to take them back to Turkey, and heading home.

Rather than brave the often treacherous waves of the Aegean again, they face the dangerous currents of the Evros River, which runs along the Greek-Turkish border.

Each night, groups of migrants and refugees huddle at the railway station of the small border town of Didimoticho, about 3 kilometers from the frontier, setting up small tents and waiting for their chance to cross.

Stuck in Greece…..

Al Jassem and his family stayed for months in Idomeni, a sprawling impromptu refugee camp that sprang up on the Greek-Macedonian border.

Authorities evacuated the camp last month, and the family were moved to an official camp with thousands of others.
But months of living rough had sapped their morale and their resolve.

They gave up the dream of a life in Germany.

“We did not expect we were going to be treated as such in Europe,” said Al Jassem.

“We thought they will be humane, looking after us and after our children, protect our children. We though we will be helped, but we found the opposite. Europe has no feeling for us at all.”

Continue reading here.

We also told you earlier this month about Syrians who made it to Germany and now want out!

It is really quite shameful that the UN and the IOM can’t figure out how to safely return these people to their homeland and are thus leaving them in the hands of smugglers.

Our complete archive on the ‘Invasion of Europe’ is here.

How many Syrians forced to work in American meatpacking plants or in hotels cleaning bathrooms are going to want to go home too a year from now? 

Set up that repatriation fund, it will be cheaper than keeping them on welfare!

UN wants 170,000 refugees permanently resettled next year

For new readers, this once again confirms that the United Nations is determining who comes to America!

They want 170,000 permanently resettled, and they will be picking the deserving ‘refugees.’

Obama UN
Important election year opportunity coming up in September when Obama will surely follow UN instructions and vastly increase our refugee numbers for FY2017. Make this a critical issue for all candidates and ask them where they stand!

Obama has already said he will be setting the level for FY2017 in September at 100,000.

So the rest of the world would be responsible for 70,000 divided among many many countries.  As always the US is expected to take in the lion’s share of the world’s refugees.

Here is the UN today in Geneva:

Geneva: The United Nations said Monday it will try to resettle a record 170,000 refugees urgently in need of a new home next year as it grapples with an unprecedented displacement crisis.

The projected resettlement figure from the UN refugee agency represents an increase of nearly 30,000 people compared with this year.

Most of the millions of refugees being created in the world today are a result of Islamic destabilization of Africa and the Middle East.

Make this an important issue in the fall election as Obama will be making his ‘determination’ in September.  Pin Hillary down, as well as other candidates at all levels of government, when Obama announces his numbers for 2017.

And, besides the annual determination, which always comes due in September, remember Obama is leading a special pow-wow on refugees that month at the UN.  He will be looking to get kudos for America’s generosity and “welcome.”

If you aren’t an Islamophobe today you are very naive

The word Islamophobe was of course coined by the Islamists and their friends on the political left as a way to mock and silence anyone who fears Islam.  But, there is much to fear as we saw in Orlando yesterday.

Just a few minutes ago I turned on CNN and watched news commentators twist themselves into pretzels trying to decide if the Orlando slaughter of 50 members of the gay community by an avowed ISIS supporter was a hate crime or an act of Islamic terror. It is both of course because Islam hates homosexuals.

Muslim killings
This was making its way around twitter yesterday. It is outdated and doesn’t include San Bernardino, Paris or Belgium. Now the greatest mass murder in American history needs to be added as well.

Not too long ago I wrote a post at my other blog about how each of you must educate yourselves about Islam and make sure those around you are educated. Please take time to do that if you haven’t already.

If you have read even the bare minimum about the ‘faith’ you would see why this killer of Afghan heritage picked a gay club to unleash his Islamic-inspired hatred.

So, how did this particular family of Islamic supremacists come to live in America?  I don’t think we know yet (maybe we do, but I haven’t read anything yet this morning).

The killer himself was born here and we do know he was given all the opportunities America offers (the family probably initially got gobs of government welfare as well), which once again highlights the fact that we can screen new Muslim immigrants until the cows come home, but we aren’t able to keep the next generation from becoming radicalized (Boston bombers, Memphis killer, Somalis from Minneapolis).

We do know that the Dad is a Taliban supporter and perhaps unhinged as we saw yesterday in a video reported by the Washington Post and that the killer himself is a registered Democrat who killed large numbers of blacks and Hispanics (no right wingers anywhere in this whole sad story).  (The WaPo has modified its story since yesterday and now leads with some mushy stuff from the Dad before you get to the Dad-is-a-nut portion of the article.)

And, hint to Obama, Orlando has nothing to do with poverty and lack of opportunity. Face it! There is only one common thread—Islam!

By the way, one of the best articles I saw yesterday on the killer and his family is this one by Julia Hahn at Breitbart.

Send me links if you see definitive stories on how this family got in here.  There is no ‘line’ to get in from Afghanistan.  Most Afghans are here as refugees, successful asylum seekers, special immigrant visa holders, diversity visa lottery winners or illegal aliens.

Oh, and one more thing! Did you see CAIR run to the microphone to say this has nothing to do with Islam.  They must be peeing in their pants because CAIR’s plan is to take over America by increasing the Muslim population (the hijra) and using our political process to do it. Every time there is an Islamic terror attack more Islamophobes are born!