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Story about Somali woman who attacked Georgia Mom is surreal

Posted by Ann Corcoran on June 15, 2016

Update June 22: FBI: no hate crime just a mentally ill Muslim, see here. Gee, we heard that somewhere before, where?

Remember the story we told you about earlier this month.

Well, Leo Hohmann at World Net Daily has an update that will blow you away!

Why is this not on the national news?

I’m only going to give you the opening paragraphs because I want you to read it yourself.  You can’t make this up!  Imagine this happening in your suburban yard!

Here is Hohmann:

It’s been two weeks since an Atlanta-area mother and her daughter were attacked at their home by a burqa-clad Muslim woman who stole the American flag from their front yard and charged at them, swinging the flagpole at the mother’s head.


The Lawrenceville family whose lives have been turned upside down pose with their flag.

The family says their lives have been turned upside down by the attack, and they don’t go anywhere now unless armed. Two weeks later, they say they’re still waiting for answers from their local police chief and the FBI.

Who attacked them and why?

Dami Arno and her husband, Jimmy of Lawrenceville, Georgia, told WND they are now wondering whether justice will ever be served.

And they want to know why Dami’s attacker – a woman believed to be an immigrant from Somalia – is not being charged with a hate crime. They also want to know why their attacker’s immigration status is being guarded like a state secret while they, the victims, are being ignored by authorities.

Dami and Jimmy Arno said the Lawrenceville police officer who responded to the May 31 incident told them he could not remove the assailant’s burqa “because that would violate her civil rights.”

This is a scary story and one sure to really tick you off—in the wake of Orlando, for the authorities to be so protective of this immigrant’s rights is simply mind blowing!

Continue here and think if this were an episode on a TV show how outraged the political establishment and the Left would be—they would be screaming racism! They would say it was fabricated to scare Americans and make Africans look bad.

By the way, in case you are wondering if some strange Somali woman just wandered over from Atlanta, Hohmann in an early report on the case tells us this:

The U.S. State Department, working with the United Nations, has sent 4,054 Somali refugees to the state of Georgia since 2002, according to the State Department’s online refugee database. Lawrenceville has received 21 Somalis during that time, but nearby Atlanta has received 1,203 and neighboring Clarkston has received 437, Decatur 1,039 and Stone Mountain 1,096.

See my earlier report this afternoon about what Donald Trump said in Georgia today about refugees.

13 Responses to “Story about Somali woman who attacked Georgia Mom is surreal”

  1. Tom Steele said

    The mom needs a root touch-up.


    • Ann Corcoran said

      I noticed the same thing with Hillary the other day. I wondered if its the fashion these days.


  2. I just saw this story and googled it to see what news reports it was on. The MSM is employing millions of crickets in an attempt to create a white-noise silence.


  3. […] This is an update at World Net Daily on the story about the wild Somali woman who entered a suburban yard and attacked the home owner with the home owner’s flagpole.  See our previous story. […]


  4. Tom Steele said

    Hmmm …. There is something familiar about people being covered-up to the point of being unrecognizable and attacking other people in Georgia. Well, at least we can be relieved that is was only one Somali woman in a burka and that Mrs. Dami was not lynched.


    • Ann Corcoran said

      She might have been beaten to death with a pole had her family and neighbors not intervened. Interesting isn’t it, a black woman hiding under a robe tries to kill a defenseless white woman. Hmmmm! I hadn’t thought of it that way. Thanks Tom.


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  6. […]… […]


  7. kerberos616 said

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  9. The rights of Muslim immigrants are protected to the point of being ridiculous. Our rights…Well you can tell your grandchildren that we once had rights too.

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  10. […] Story about Somali woman who attacked Georgia Mom is surreal […]


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