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Poor Louisiana! They don’t get that many refugees, but they got 21 with TB between 2011 and 2015

Posted by Ann Corcoran on June 17, 2016

Michael Patrick Leahy at Breitbart has done it again—unearthed some information the refugee resettlement contractors would rather you didn’t know about: how many refugees enter the US with latent or active TB.  In this case 21 went to Louisiana and developed active Tuberculosis within a short time of arrival.

David Aguillard

Catholic Charities monopolizes the resettlement of refugees in Louisiana. This is David Aguillard Director of Catholic Charities in Baton Rouge.

If you are a new reader, just arriving here today, I bet you can’t believe that any immigrant with any type of TB is even permitted entry.

Isn’t it a good thing that we have Obamacare to pay for all of the care and the medicine?

21 cases of active TB in just four years in refugees resettled in Louisiana! Yikes! From Leahy at Breitbart:

Twenty-one of the 1,579 refugees sent by the federal government to Louisiana between 2011 and 2015 developed active tuberculosis (TB) within one year of their arrival, the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals tells Breitbart News.

Louisiana now has the dubious distinction as the state with the highest reported number of recently resettled refugees with active TB —at least among the five states that have confirmed to Breitbart that refugees resettled in their state have either arrived with active TB, or developed it within the first year of their arrival.

Go here for more.

Then visit our health issues category here with more shocking information like this.

If your town is considering ‘welcoming’ refugees you need to get all the facts.  Are you listening: Missoula, MT, Ithaca, NY, Rutland, VT, Reno, NV, Charleston, WV and Fayetteville, Arkansas?

One last thing…does anyone know if volunteers working with the newly arrived refugees get a briefing from the contractor, Catholic Charities in this case, about how to spot refugees who might have a communicable disease or be carrying parasites (a big concern with refugees coming from Africa)?

Update: I forgot to tell you which cities in Louisiana have resettlement offices: Alexandria, Baton Rouge, Lafayette and Metairie.

8 Responses to “Poor Louisiana! They don’t get that many refugees, but they got 21 with TB between 2011 and 2015”

  1. Obama and Ryan: a pox upon America.

    In any case, this certainly brings a new twist to the idea of ‘seeding American communities.’


  2. […] Poor Louisiana! They don’t get that many refugees, but they got 21 with TB between 2011 and 2015 […]

    Liked by 1 person

  3. seabrznsun said

    “…developed active tuberculosis (TB) within one year of their arrival…” That seems to be either very unusual or an error. My guess, they had it upon arrival and the tests were not done, improperly administered, or improperly read. My next guess, the “refugees” won’t take the necessary medications payed for by the American taxpayers and they won’t be able to be located to them to prevent further risk to unsuspecting Americans. What a colossal mess that shouldn’t have occurred in the first place.


    • Ann Corcoran said

      You are right….and they were probably walking around for weeks or months with the active TB until someone figured it out!

      Liked by 1 person

      • seabrznsun said

        Yes, and impossible to now track down as truth is not their strong suit. I wonder if other countries of importers of refugees even bother with testing for TB or other highly communicable diseases. Just looking at the numbers lets me know it’s not very likely and quite likely impossible. I sure hate to see diseases which have been virtually eliminated now reemerge. The virulence will also likely become immune to our current treatment options due to inability to follow up to ensure eradication.


        • Ann Corcoran said

          Not to diminish the Islamic terror threat, but I’ve thought all along that the health issues with refugees are a ticking time bomb. Americans, if they knew, would probably be more afraid their kids will get some communicable disease than they are worried about an Islamic terror attack.

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  4. idiots


  5. kerberos616 said

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