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Speaker Ryan lied to Bill O’Reilly, will O’Reilly call him out on it?

Posted by Ann Corcoran on June 17, 2016

This is a test for the ‘no spin zone!’  

Will Bill have the guts to smack down (uh, get clarification from) the Speaker?

Here is another piece of great investigating and writing by Julia Hahn at Breitbart.  I happened to catch the interview (although I don’t often watch O’Reilly) and thought to myself that Ryan doesn’t even know what he is talking about, or did he intentionally mislead O’Reilly?.


O'Reilly and Ryan



In a Wednesday interview with Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly, House Speaker Paul Ryan made a demonstrably false declaration about his efforts to pause the Somali refugee program.

During the interview, O’Reilly criticized Ryan for failing to message on immigration controls and asked Ryan specifically about the Somali refugee crisis in Minnesota.

O’Reilly: “We have a Somali problem up in Minneapolis-St. Paul. [We] have a problem there and those are refugees from Somalia. And if, God forbid, some refugee comes in and blows people up, it’s going to be grisly.”

Ryan replied by explaining that he passed a bill to pause the refugee program. Ryan said: “Right. Right. That’s why– just so you know that’s why we passed a bill pausing this refugee program, because we don’t think the refugee program works. That’s why we don’t want it to continue right now.”

Rosemary Jenks

Rosemary Jenks, Numbers USA

However, Ryan did no such thing. The bill Ryan championed did not in any way pause the Somali refugee program– it applied solely to refugees from Syria and Iraq.

The House bill would “not have affected the Somali refugee program at all,” said NumbersUSA Director of Government Relations Rosemary Jenks.

Jenks further noted that, “The bill the House passed would in no way pause the refugee program. They had the option of taking up the Babin bill, which would have paused the refugee program, but they refused to do that… All [the House bill] required was that the government sign off that individuals had been vetted. It didn’t even change the fact that we don’t have any information by which to vet them.”

This is great! Continue reading here.  Watch the O’Reilly interview, here.  Start at about minute 1:50 or a little earlier.

And, be sure to see the numbers we reported in our previous post for this fiscal year.  Somalis, at this time, actually surpass Syrian numbers and we all know there is no way to know who they all are any more than we can know who the Syrians are—no data bases in their failed or failing countries!

Ryan has to go! See how you can help by clicking here.

6 Responses to “Speaker Ryan lied to Bill O’Reilly, will O’Reilly call him out on it?”

  1. bari1951 said

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  2. kerberos616 said

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  3. Missed opportunities & let’s play SOFTBALL with Ryan…..but inquiring minds want to know

    The narrative of these so called conservative pundits is as obtuse as the democrats refusal to call a spade a spade regarding our Muslim jihad problem.

    When I watch FOX I’m struck by all the OBVIOUS questions that aren’t asked…..but plenty of FAKE OUTRAGE on the mundane & inconsequential.

    THE DISCONNECT: I’d have asked him why the INDEFINITE DETENTION clause they just passed in the NDAA …AGAIN…wasn’t used on our homegrown terrorists —the bar for that is set pretty LOW since it doesn’t allow for due process. Is FBI director Comey sleepwalking? Congress is. I think that would DEFINITELY qualify under National Defense.

    BIG RED FLAGS: Watching Awlaki videos and traveling to the middle east might be red flags to trigger action….also praising terrorists groups & jihad…..DUH???— how many times must we endure this idiocy?
    and one more thing…

    Bill didn’t even have the balls to ask Ryan why no refugees in his hometown of Janesville WI…..not even one refugee. They sure are loading up Rand Paul’s town. It’s good to be the king. I’ll bet D.C. is missing out on that “multicultural benefit” too.

    Cheap labor for meat packing plants takes precedence over safety of American citizens in plenty of other cities

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  4. mikekiljom said

    SHARED TO my public fb with my added comment:



  5. TwoLaine said

    No, Bill did not and will not correct him, because he’s a gutless globalist. Write him and see. It will fall on deaf ears, guaranteed.

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  6. […] Speaker Ryan lied to Bill O’Reilly, will O’Reilly call him out on it? […]

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