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Sesame Street partners with refugee contractor, International Rescue Committee

Posted by Ann Corcoran on June 21, 2016


Read the story here. The IRC is one of nine major federal resettlement contractors. No escaping the propaganda machine.

I wonder if they could bring Sesame Street to those young boys in Idaho?

Sesame street

6 Responses to “Sesame Street partners with refugee contractor, International Rescue Committee”

  1. 7delta said

    Gee whiz, can these people not take a break from social engineering for a second? Rhetorical question, of course. Engineering jihad-by-words to acclimate the dumb kufirs to slowly accept Shariah law…in violation of the U.S. Constitution, which is the Supreme Law of the Land, but who cares when you get to high-five your own tolerance.

    Yep, it’s gonna be a fun time when all those unalienable rights that dusty old document ensured are gone and that the left were sure they could take from everyone else, for everyone’s own good, of course, without any skin off their noses, are no longer available to them either. Even thinking about the old days of individual liberty will be a hate crime, you know, like the great time they always had protesting the outrage du jour, sometimes semi-nude with duct tape over their nipples, and the thrill of verbally and physically assaulting anyone who dared disagree with them. How they’ll mourn the glory days of Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals and when they were so utterly brilliant they never had to verify a single thing they believed to be true…then they’ll wonder what happened?

    It’s not that Muslim children shouldn’t appear on Sesame Street. I have no problem with that. It’s that we know this is a purposeful design, a tool, because that’s just how Islam rolls the lefties/multiiculturalists/globalists around like b-b’s on an eight-lane highway during rush hour.

    Muslims who aren’t interested in establishing Shariah law or a caliphate…the few and the terrified…aren’t demanding or supportive of social engineering for Allah, since they’re happy living their lives without either. They might just be happy with American stuff, because these apostates want to just be American, not a special interest group that will be expected to adhere to Shariah too. So we know who the consortium is behind “teaching” kids about how terrific Islam is and how magnanimously wonderful it is to subordinate their own rights and culture to the Grand Diversity Jihad…before the kids even know they have rights or a culture.

    And, Big Bird? Mr. Feather Brain might be surprised when he finds his new wardrobe is a black headband with Arabic squiggles across it and he’s required to be happy about it…five times a day…or the chicken gets his neck rung.

    The ignorance is strong with these little seed people, Padawan.

    Help us, Lord, for arrogance and stupidity is running amok and so is my sarcasm.

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  2. Our wonderful, peaceful islamics just beheaded a four year old girl, then forced her mother to wash her hands in her daughter’s blood. I wonder how Big Bird is going to explain that one to our precious little invader?


  3. Do not change anything with the sesame street characters. The Muslims want to do that to forward want they want. Reject them when they try to do that. Muslims used Disney like Characters to teach children that death giving was good. Don’t do that.


  4. Roy Hobs said

    Sesame Street Workshop is an interesting group of people.

    Vincent A. Mai — Some interesting connections — see “Immigrants Who Fulfilled ‘American Dream'”
    Diplomatic Pouch / July 13, 2009
    By Larry Luxner — Interesting bed fellows for sure. The likes of Barbara Lerner Spectre

    (((Joan Ganz Cooney )))

    LLoyd Morrisette — possible (((crypto)))

    Sort of odd article — “So Just How Jewish Is Sesame Street?” Emily Siegel


  5. bari1951 said

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