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Update on Twin Falls, Idaho sexual assault case, boys are refugees

Posted by Ann Corcoran on June 21, 2016

Update June 22: Families of boys in alleged attack evicted from apartment complex, here.  And, Breitbart has a story as well, here.

Latest Update thanks to reader Robin: Citizens gave the Twin Falls city council an earful last evening.  Read this! (click here).

We told you what we knew here yesterday.  The details of the assault are now beginning to come out even as the case has supposedly been sealed by a judge.  Clearly something happened and clearly the elected leaders and other officials in Twin Falls were trying to hide something!

Reporter Leo Hohmann of World Net Daily interviewed the woman who discovered the incident.  Hohmann’s (updated this morning) report begins with this:

A 5-year-old girl was sexually assaulted by two boys at an apartment complex in Twin Falls, Idaho, and some local residents are charging the police and city officials with covering up the fact that the boys are from Muslim immigrant families from Sudan and Iraq.

Although not yet confirmed, the alleged perpetrators, ages 14, 10 and 7, appear to be from refugee families.

In a new twist to the story, the Twin Falls City Council met Monday night and was given an earful by residents who warned last year that exactly this type of criminal behavior was being invited into their community through refugee resettlement.

“Islam has declared global jihad on us,” Vicky Davis of Twin Falls told the council. “And Obama, this administration, is bringing them in as fast as he possibly can.”

“They’re on your head, your head, your head, yours, yours,” she said as she pointed at each member of the council.

Twin Falls is one more than a dozen “pockets of resistance” across the U.S. where residents are protesting the arrival of refugees from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan and other Muslim nations.


For details on what the witness reported to police continue reading here at WND.

I’m mentioned in the story because I told Hohmann that if the US State Department and its contractors acted with transparency wherever they placed refugees in towns across the country, then maybe misunderstandings wouldn’t develop and maybe there might be some trust.  But, the whole refugee industry has operated in secrecy for over 35 years, so what do they expect when things like this incident happen.

Also, because the industry is so deeply invested in a phony narrative—that everything involving refugees is so good and wonderful— they find themselves boxed-in and have to be extra secretive when one of their ‘angels’ gets in trouble with the law.


Just as I was preparing to post this, I read the Idaho Statesman story and sure enough there is no doubt that the boys are from refugee families placed in Idaho.  And, there is no doubt that if local residents (criticized by their elected officials) hadn’t pushed this story out to the public (heck the attack happened nearly 3 week ago!), with a few small errors like the nationalities of the perps, the whole case would have been swept under the rug!

Here is what the Idaho Statesman reported late yesterday:

The criminal cases against those juveniles have been sealed, as is customary when children are charged. Although prosecutors and police are barred from discussing certain details in sealed juvenile cases, Loebs laid out the basics in an interview Monday with the Times-News. And Twin Falls Police Chief Craig Kingsbury briefed the public on the incident at a City Council meeting later in the evening, saying he wanted to clear up falsehoods circulating on social media.

According to those officials, three boys were involved, ages 7, 10 and 14, and the alleged victim was a 5-year-old girl. The boys are from Sudan and Iraq; none are Syrian. They are being held at a juvenile detention facility. Officials suspect the boys have been in the Unites States fewer than two years, but their refugee status wasn’t immediately clear to the police chief.

So, as Hohmann reported in his story a large number of the refugees placed in Twin Falls are from the Sudan and Iraq. Makes it clear to me!

Twin Falls has not received any Syrian refugees but it has received 308 refugees from mostly Muslim Iraq and another 161 mostly Muslim Sudanese refugees since 2009 [when Obama took office—ed], according to the U.S. State Department’s Refugee Processing Center.

Now it’s time for the US State Department, Jan Reeves, and the resettlement contractor in Twin Falls to fess-up and admit these are their refugees.

See our extensive Twin Falls archive here.

Photo provided by a local resident:  We have corrected our original photo caption. The photo was not taken at the apartment complex as we originally thought, but we learn from reporter Hohmann that it was here: This photo was taken outside the juvenile detention center in Idaho showing family of two of the Sudanese boys who allegedly stripped and sexually assaulted a 5-year-old girl while an older boy filmed them.

36 Responses to “Update on Twin Falls, Idaho sexual assault case, boys are refugees”

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  8. Send them all back….We don’t want or need them here.

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  9. Mark Samul said

    Why are they inserting refugees in cities and small towns in out of the way places that they probably would never move to on their own if they were traditional immigrants? Just want to spread the love I guess but more than likely they want to establish a Muslim presence in every nook and cranny to assure democratic voters for future elections. I wonder how many of the Americans that are so in love with forced diversity are willing to house refugees in their homes or neighborhoods.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Ann Corcoran said

      Mark, exactly right…this is about changing America by changing the demographic makeup of ‘out of the way places.’ Keep following RRW and you will see how right you are!

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  10. ELN said

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  11. Question? Has this never happened between American kids in the U.S.? Is this something that only happens with refugees? Take an incident and make it be about a group of people. When compared with rapes of little girls in this country by relatives or family friends this is just a dot in an ocean. I know it doesn’t matter to those who hate the idea of refugees moving to their area but it still needed to be said. I bet in your family tree someone was an immigrant or refugee. Unless you are a native American this is not your land.The United States was founded for those that were getting away from issues in their own country, religious issues, war, famine and persecution. It no longer means anything to you. You are the highest quality of person and any foreigner coming in is a threat to you. So be a good Christian and condemn the Nationality and not focus on all the children involved and the help they need. You are “right” and that’s all that matters to you.


    • Ann Corcoran said

      Betty, sure this happens to American kids and by Americans, but this is a blog about refugees. I encourage you to write a blog about bad things White European Americans do. I report what refugees do.

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    • 7delta said

      I’ll repeat a small section of my response to another comment below to you, with a few additional comments.

      We may not ever be able to prevent all bad things from happening, regardless of who does them, but we can stop what we can identify and predict, based on truth and clearly defined principles, and by refusing to allow ourselves to be deceived and manipulated. Literally, all of our lives and freedoms, across all demographics, depend on it. We cannot afford to allow our officials and media to decide for us what we should know or think.

      It’s important that we understand WHY these three boys in Idaho were Shariah compliant. We need more than a fake dialogue where name calling and accusations of ill intent shuts it down before it starts.

      It is all of our responsibility to know the truth about Islam, from Islam’s own written works. That knowledge will answer your question about why comparing refugees from Islamic countries with dirtbag criminals in this country is like saying one bad behavior is justified by another bad behavior, so we should accept that all things are relative and unpreventable. In truth, one of these bad behaviors is culturally and legally reprehensible to us as a people and to our beliefs, while the other is still reprehensible to us, it is perfectly acceptable to the other perpetrator’s belief system, culture and legal system and that belief system uses such bad behavior to advance its own cause of subversion and submission to its laws.

      Three little boys didn’t come up with this without having seen such behavior or without being taught their belief system’s rules of the road, even if their understanding is incomplete. Perhaps we could say the same about non-Muslims perps living in an abusive situation or small subculture in America, but they are an anomaly, not the rule of law, nor are they representative of our culture or beliefs.

      So, are these two examples of bad behavior relative? Completely unpreventable?

      It has nothing to do with “refugees” or “immigrants.” It doesn’t even have anything to do with “all” Muslims. It has everything to do with Islam and Shariah law.

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  12. The children are being held in juvenile detention and are being prosecuted. There will be justice for the little girl, and I heard it early on they were immigrants from the middle east, so I don’t understand what you think they trying to hide? The case is sealed like it would be when any minor kids commit crimes. Sounds like you are trying to incite mass hysteria.


    • I think all of you that are concerned about the refugee boys you need to know that this is marked in this little girls mind . she will have nightmares all her life and also maybe more psychological problems . so they put those boys in a detention center if that’s all their going to get that is not justice . i also think that these boys could turn on us in a later time.. no one wants to be on guard from these people and i was told about 3 Muslim woman in a grocery store spit on an American lady and said Allah is great. i find this atrocious. these people resent American people and you know they have no respect for any of us so its like being in a cage with a wild animal waiting to be attacked when your not prepared . This is a case of do we treat these people as people . that kind of behavior is unacceptable here in America. i don’t think that the president and the small amount of politicians in Washington have that kind of power under our law and the constitution to go against the majority of people citizens can be ignored . they act like Washington is now telling lies that Americans want these people here.

      This whole thing will back fire on this country and our forefathers would cringe to see what our dysfunctional leaders put money in their pockets for polluting our communities with people that hate us and have no respect for our own children.


    • 7delta said

      You’re correct that sealing juvenile cases is routine, but that isn’t the point. The point is that there is a pattern of obfuscation where certain protected classes are concerned and when information begins to surface publicly that should concern us all, no matter who committed the act, the common practice has become to turn certain events and the perpetrator’s potential motivation into a manufactured narrative that distorts the facts and shifts accountability to someone or something else, especially where the consistent and predictable behavior of certain ideological adherents is concerned. Unless forced into sunlight, facts are kept from the public, and when they do surface, they’re erroneously reinterpreted. This rape case has been handled no differently. It took weeks before officials and media even acknowledged it. We should all be dizzy from the spin and interested in why we are being treated to a non-stop ride on the narrative Tilt-o-Whirl.

      The lack of transparency by officials and the earned mistrust people have for them and the media, fuels mistakes and rumors. We don’t have to be told every detail that may compromise criminal cases, but we do have to be given truthful information and to be able to trust who is disseminating it. Sadly, that is demonstratively not the case. Open and honest discussions are routinely shut down by name calling and accusations of ill intent. It’s a pattern.

      This rape case, as with many other incidents involving Muslims, is about Islamic doctrine. It’s not about “all” Muslims or about a few. It’s about what Islam itself says it is, from its own shahih, “true and accurate”, sources. It’s about Shariah law. The only two consistently reliable sources are Mohammed and Allah. If what we’re told does not align with them, then it’s almost always a willful departure from the truth, not a variation in minor sect differences or a conspiracy theory by haters and xenophobes. People lie by commission and omission to cover up the truth.

      The truth is not hysterical. It just is, just like Islam is what it is. Average Americans are quite restrained, as a whole, and the repetitive narrative about Muslim persecution, islamophobia or whatever other diversions from the facts are trotted out, is false. Provably so, by our own government’s official records and by a close examination of Islamic doctrine from Islam’s point of view.

      If you don’t believe me, I’m perfectly okay with that. However, at this point, your response is serving Mohammed and Allah, but some time in the near future, you will acquire an education of the full spectrum of “truth” Islam manipulates and that our officials and media are compliant with it. Instead of conflating truth with hysteria, then blaming Ann for your lack of knowledge and understanding about why there may be deceit involved, I humbly, but strongly suggest you learn about Islam, from their own written works, not from the local imam or CAIR, or ISNA, from a local volag spokesperson, a politician or other government official. They may be right, but it is imperative that you verify what they say with Mohammed and Allah in the Qu’ran, Hadith (Sunna) and Sira. Stick with the two inventors of Islam until you’ve reached an decent understanding, then branch out to other sources when you’re able to discern who is telling the truth and who isn’t. Hadiths may be easier to understand in the beginning. Thomas Jefferson didn’t call the Qu’ran irrational, because he was an islamophobe, an xenophobe, or a hater. He dealt with the Barbary Pirates for over 20 years before he sent the Marines “to the shores of Tripoli.”

      You see, in Islam, you can be right and wrong, good and evil, strong and weak, truthful and deceitful, devout and secular, at peace and at war, all at the same time and be completely Shariah compliant. Neither your opinion or world view, nor mine, matters. What matters is Shariah law’s opinion, its definition of words and Islam’s worldview. It won’t take you long to grasp that, but it will take a little work and a willingness to learn the truth, even if it might shatter what you believe now.

      A lot of people’s worlds have been shattered by Islam, including a five-year old girl and her family’s, people in Orlando, San Bernardino and New York, as well as the many who came before or in between these events. We all have a responsibility to shatter our own preconceived notions with the truth, for its own sake, and in order to bring justice to all victims and to prevent more worlds from being destroyed by simply knowing and acting on the truth. It’s important to understand WHY these three boys in Idaho were Shariah compliant.

      We may not ever be able to prevent all bad things from happening, regardless of who does them, but we can stop what we can identify and predict, based on truth and clearly defined principles, and by refusing to allow ourselves to be deceived and manipulated. Literally, all of our lives and freedoms, across all demographics, depend on it. We cannot afford to allow our officials and media to decide for us what we should know or think.

      I wish you well and the light of holding truth in your own hand.

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  13. I read today that some Islamic was beaten up by a bunch of kids, and people online couldn’t understand why anyone would do such a thing. I wonder how many more five year olds will have to be gang raped by the government sponsored invaders before they will understand?


  14. Amazing! I have watched and read the story by local news and paper (Boise) and I find it very concerning that the news is reporting what the story isn’t instead of what the story is. Usually when someone does this it is because they are trying to hide facts.

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  20. 7delta said

    The boys are from Sudan and Iraq; none are Syrian.

    Okay, fine. None were Syrian, but that’s not the issue. Islamic doctrine is okay with sexual assault on kufirs, male and female. To mainstream Islam’s way of thinking, the victim is the perpetrator for not being Muslim and adhering to Shariah law.

    And the boys are 7, 10 and 14? Dear lord. Houston, we have a problem…and it’s not a little 5-year old girl or Americans who see through the feds’ and Islam’s ruse.

    I’m with the poster who said the little girl’s parents should sue the volag, the city and the boys’ parents. I would also sue the for every Constitutional violation, breach of trust and negligence of duty I could find…all the way to SCOTUS, if necessary. Heck, I’d roll out Art. 3, Sec. 3: aiding and giving comfort to the enemy and making war against the United States. If I couldn’t get it in lawsuit, I’d be ringing that bell on a tour across the country.

    I would be inconsolably angry, if I were this child’s parent. I’m close and have never set eyes on the child. Not violent, mind you, but I would not stop until I ripped every single one of the worms in DC supporting this immigration invasion from their seats. There is no excuse. Neither ignorance of Islamic doctrine nor “compassion” cuts it. It’s willful destruction and deceit.

    I need to go. I have to pray for this little girl, her family, America, all innocent victims…and about my anger. I don’t need to let it go. I just need to keep it cold, righteous, focused and productive. There are some mountains that need movin’.

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  24. Ovomit and Hitlery couldn’t care less about this 5 year old!!! Both will face judgement from God Almighty when their time comes.


  25. Patricia Spayd said

    Hello Ann. I admire your very hard work and thank you for educating us! I hope the parents of the girl sue each family of the boys, plus sue the idiots who sponsored these people. When we get into their pockets and demand big compensation payoffs for their riff raff refugees crimes against the American People then things will begin to change. I have hope Mr Trump will be elected by a landslide. Regards Pat Spayd

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