Is the subject of ‘refugees’ reaching critical mass?

Not yet, but it is getting there!  I just returned from the dentist and am blown away by the media discussion of refugees in the few hours I was away (and it sure isn’t warm and fuzzy World Refugee Day news either).

Frankly, I never thought I would see the day when the ‘R’ word would be so often repeated throughout the media.

critical mass

I once heard someone say that in social science there is a proper term for the phenomenon when a level of consciousness is reached across a wide swath of the American political landscape. I don’t remember what that term was….

So the closest I can come is to say that we are reaching critical mass (a term from physics that is now used for just about anything!).

First, as I walked into my home and flipped the radio dial to Rush Limbaugh (at the same time inspecting the choices in the frig) I heard Rush talking about Michael Patrick Leahy’s story from Monday about the six diseases now making a comeback thanks to the immigrant/refugee flood into America. Wow!

And, then that disgusting issue that officials in Twin Falls, Idaho were trying to keep under wraps is all over the media both last night and today.  Even Fox News reported it, here.

RRW’s facebook page, here, was through the roof with people sharing the story.

There is more….

Here is Trump in his speech today saying we could rebuild America’s inner cities with the money Hillary want to spend on refugees.

And, here he says Hillary wants migrants admitted to the US from countries that persecute gays and mistreat women.

Female Genital mutilation is on the rise among immigrant communities in the US (linked at Drudge).

CAIR says that voter registration among US Muslims is up by 300,000 over 2012.

Anatomy of the US terror threat (including from some refugees) is at Fox today.

And, 48% of respondents in a recent poll agree with Trump’s ban on Muslim migrants entering US.

Then there is the fact that Muslim immigration is at the heart of the Brexit battle to be decided in the UK, here tomorrow.

I’m sure there is much more, that’s just a few stories that jumped out at me over a few minutes of checking the news this afternoon!

Do you have some I missed?

So could we be reaching critical mass to bring the change needed to roll back this monstrosity. Yes, I believe we are moving in that direction. Time will tell if we are moving fast enough.

Georgia Somali flag-attack story begs the question: why are we admitting refugees with serious mental illness?

This is an update at World Net Daily on the story about the wild Somali woman who entered a suburban yard and attacked the home owner with the home owner’s flagpole.  See our previous story.

The FBI is not charging the attacker with a hate crime because they say she is mentally impaired.

Amina Ali Ahra
Amina Ali Ahra (burqa obviously removed for mug shot)

If mentally impaired, the case demonstrates what happens as we resettle (dangerous!) refugees into the US with expensive-to-treat health problems, including mental health problems.

Leo Hohmann writing at World Net Daily:

The FBI has determined that no hate crime occurred on the day after Memorial Day in Lawrenceville, Georgia, when a Muslim woman dressed in a burqa came out of the woods behind a homeowner’s house, grabbed the family’s large American flag and attacked them with it.

The FBI was asked by local police to investigate whether Amina Ali Ahra, 30, may have committed a hate crime when she attacked homeowner Dami Arno and her 17-year-old daughter while the two were drinking coffee in their garage on the morning of Tuesday, May 31.

Ahra grabbed the family’s large flag off their mailbox and used the 4-foot long pole made of PVC pipe as a weapon, swinging it wildly at Arno’s head. The 42-year-old fought off the much larger Ahra and two neighbors helped restrain her until police arrived. At one point during the attack Arno’s 14-year-old son emerged from the house with the family pistol and pointed it at the woman assaulting his mother but did not fire a shot.

A federal law enforcement official told WND that Ahra has been determined to have mental health issues, which would make it unlikely for federal prosecutors to charge her with a hate crime.

“But if you want an example of someone who is radicalized you can’t get a better one than someone walking up and grabbing someone’s American flag and beating them with it,” said the official, who asked not to be identified.

Local police Chief Randy Johnson told WND that his department referred the case to the FBI.

But the agent assigned to the case never took the time to interview the Arno family or any of the other eyewitnesses to the attack.

“The FBI agent, Chuck Campo, never contacted our family. We finally reached him and he told us there was no hate crime and I am not entitled to any information on this woman who attacked me in my own home,” Arno said. “He wouldn’t even tell us whether or not she was legally here in this country.”

Keep it up FBI, the public is already suspicious because of your mishandling of the Orlando killer case!

Needless to say, the victim and her family are not happy.  Continue reading here.

See our health issues category with 300 posts. We have many reports on mentally impaired refugees.

UNHCR: Canada naturalizes more refugees than any country in the world (really?)

More than the US?  That is what The Star (Toronto) is reporting.

I started to wade through the report released by the UNHCR this week for World Refugee Day, but lost patience when I couldn’t quickly find the information on the numbers becoming citizens in their new countries.  I find The Star‘s assertion hard to believe because the US takes in far more refugees each year than does Canada.

obama and trudeau
The boys (Trudeau and Obama) will hold a little pre-summit at the United Nations in September on refugees. Will Trudeau, with his big Syrian resettlement numbers, put Obama to shame? You can bet this is being timed in hopes of whacking Donald Trump. Watch for it! Hillary will be a featured speaker!

But, if true, knock yourself out Canada! You will go down faster than Germany or Sweden!

From The Star:

And the number of those who eventually receive citizenship in their new countries is vanishingly [vanishingly?—ed] small: More refugees became citizens of Canada than any other country last year, with 25,900 granted citizenship, but that represents the vast majority of a relatively tiny number of naturalizations recorded worldwide, the agency reported.

The sobering statistics were contained in the agency’s annual global trends report, released Monday to mark World Refugee Day.


Canada has consistently been among the lead nations in resettling refugees, with the Liberals’ Syrian program helping raise those numbers in 2015.

Approximately 32,000 refugees were granted citizenship worldwide last year, the agency reported. No other nation came close to Canada’s naturalization totals, though there are many gaps in the data as destination countries do not always distinguish when citizenship is granted to a refugee versus a non-refugee.


This fall, Canada will co-chair a special summit on the refugee crisis in New York.

If any of you have more patience than I and find the stats in the report, let me know!