Comment worth noting: Multicultural ideology is failing and the Left can’t let go

We’ve had so many good comments over the last few days, but this one at our facebook page jumped out at me.  It is in response to Michelle Malkin’s good article: “Horror and Hush-up in Twin Falls, Idaho.”

Vector illustration of Multicultural children cartoon on planet earth
Children will heal the world. Oh! So that is what those boys were doing with the little girl in the laundry room! Silly me!

I couldn’t agree more with Gordon Millar about the idea of FORCED DIVERSITY, but he can explain it better than I can.

Mr. Millar:

This gets at the crux of the Lunacy. The elite demand Forced Diversity, a focused plan by a few. The civil servants are obliged to enforce it, They cover up any negativity that would inflame the masses. The Mainstream Media, who were programmed at Uni and are on-board with Multiculturalism, suppress news that exposes the weakness of the Multicultural Ideology, and they promote a narrative that is favourable to it.

The Left cannot re-evaluate their Faith in Multiculturalism, they sense it will not work but they can’t dare look. No, they are forced by pride and cowardice, to close their minds to reason and re-double their efforts to make the dream they believe in, a reality. (Magical Thinking)

We must do our homework and be ready to stand when the opportunity presents itself.

And we will!

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    1. I’ve wondered that myself, but I always assume that changes like that have to do with some monetary coercion by someone.

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  1. It seems to me that children are only as good as the parents who raised and taught them! This incident is a prime example of that! There is a victim here and a perpetrator, I pray no one needs to be shown which is which! And Barrack Obama wants far more of the same, as does Clinton!

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