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France’s Marine Le Pen on the UK vote: “springtime of the people”

Posted by Ann Corcoran on June 24, 2016

And, a “new air” of patriotism.

I’m sure you either stayed up very late or jumped out of bed, like I did, eager to learn the results from the British vote to stay in the European Union or leave, to discover that the “leaves” have won!


From left, Northern League leader Matteo Salvini, French far right leader Marine Le Pen and Firebrand Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders attend a press conference on the second day of a 2-day convention of European nationalists, in Milan, Italy, Friday, Jan. 29, 2016. The rally is being billed by organizers as the first congress of the Europe of Nations and Freedom group within the European Parliament, which was formed last year. (AP Photo/Antonio Calanni)

From left, Northern League leader Matteo Salvini, French far right leader Marine Le Pen and Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders as they create EU Freedom group earlier this year. (AP Photo/Antonio Calanni)


Now, leaders, of what The Guardian wants you to be sure to understand, the FAR-RIGHT, are over the moon!  Longtime readers of RRW surely don’t need a big dissertation from me to explain that this vote was all about immigration and whether countries can choose for themselves who enters and what sort of nation they will be.

I bet a buck that if German Chancellor Angela Merkel had never “welcomed” hordes of mostly Muslims from Africa and the Middle East to invade Europe and then demanded that other countries in the EU take them in when Germany became overwhelmed, this vote would never have come out the way it did. (It might never have been called!)

I hope this sends a resounding message to the American electorate as we learn that a new wave of thousands upon thousands of border crossers are entering the US right now and Obama is pushing for his own flood of mostly Muslim refugees to change America as he promised he would 8 years ago.

Here is what The Guardian is reporting this morning:

Europe’s far-right parties hailed the UK’s vote to leave the European Union as a victory for their own anti-immigrant and anti-EU stance and vowed to push for similar referendums in their own countries.

France’s Front National (FN) saw it as a clear boost for Marine Le Pen’s presidential bid next year and momentum for the party’s anti-Europe and anti-immigration line.

Le Pen told RTL radio: “Like a lot of French people, I’m very happy that the British people held on and made the right choice. What we thought was impossible yesterday has now become possible.”


The Dutch far-right and anti-immigration leader Geert Wilders called on Friday for a referendum on the Netherlands’ membership of the European Union.

“I think it’s historic,” he told Dutch radio. “I think it could also have huge consequences for the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. Now it’s our turn. I think the Dutch people must now be given the chance to have their say in a referendum.”


In Germany, Beatrix von Storch, an MEP for rightwing populist party Alternative für Deutschland, who was recently expelled from the Tories’ party group in the European Parliament over her “shooting refugees” comments, welcomed the result.

“The 23 June is a historic day. It is Great Britain’s independence day. The people were asked – and they decided. The European Union as a political union has failed.”


… the leader of Italy’s far-right Northern League party was swift to celebrate the Brexit outcome. “Hurrah for the courage of free citizens! Heart, head and pride beat lies, threats and blackmail. THANKS UK, now it’s our turn,” said Matteo Salvini, whose popularity has increased in recent years on the back of an anti-EU, anti-immigration platform.

More here.   Check it out and see how many times the reporters use the phrase “far-right”….funny!

I watched CNN’s reporting this morning and Christiane Amanpour was interviewing some FAR-LEFT British pol and he called Le Pen a Nazi.  The international NO Borders agitators are squirming and wetting their pants today, name calling is all they have left. Hey, George Soros you lose! (And, Obama that is two losses for you in two days!)

24 Responses to “France’s Marine Le Pen on the UK vote: “springtime of the people””

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  3. And the muslim leeches that have managed to attach themselves are fighting desperately to do as much damage as possible before being removed. Look at Khan, the “mayor” of London, who is trying to hijack the city, and turn it over to the EU. To do such a thing is an act of treason and Khan should be publicly hanged. At the very least, he should be removed from office and deported to the nearest EU socialist state, since his loyalties obviously lie with the EU and not the UK. Hard to believe that this treacherous third world carpetbagger would have the stones to turn against the people kind enough to take his family in, but that is just the kind of loyalty we can expect from these “refugees” and their supporters.


  4. kerberos616 said

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  5. God Bless our long time Friends and Allies, The British are Coming to their senses! Now if we can dump Obama and the Liberal Democrats. We might just OVERCOME the last 7.5 Years of idiocy.


  6. The European Union is falling apart like a House of Cards. Good, there are free people out there still who have a backbone willing to standup against Tyranny. Maybe now England will become Great Britain once again. I hope George Soros lost billion$ of Dollar$.


  7. Always the pessimist as I believe that I understand the Globalist agenda far better than most.

    This I found to be quite interesting…The comments more so than the article itself. It is like people are singing ‘Happy Days Are Here Again’, totally ignoring the reality that England and the west are so far in debt (Our bill now stands at 20 trillion dollars) and the debts of these various nations are controlled by the banksters who helped bring us down to this point.
    Brexit is a real kick in the shin for the Globalists but they are so firmly entrenched that they are not about to give up power. They still have the ability to collapse all of the economies of the west anytime they so choose. And the immigrants are still coming.…/brexit-soros-defeated-act-god/


    • Ann Corcoran said

      Aw, come on, let us all just dance in the streets for a few minutes!


      • Agreed! I shall condone a few minutes of dancing; then it’s situational awareness again. We still have a long and costly battle ahead of us.


        • Ann Corcoran said

          Thanks for the laugh… dancing is over! Back to the grindstone (the war)….


          • To understand Globalism you must understand the EU and how it came to be. These people are close to their goal of world domination and they are not about to roll over and play nice simply because of one referendum that expresses the will of the people. The people simply do not matter.
            Soros, Obama, Angela Merkel, David Cameron, and others were so confident that the Brexit vote would be Stay. It was not, and adjustments must be made. The odds makers of the UK were certain that the people would choose to remain subjects of the EU that they were giving 13 to 1 odds on the outcome of the referendum. Well, the people had their say and the odds makers are crying in their ale, but not to worry, as they are now calling for a do-over. Many are even celebrating this recent victory as the beginning of the end of Globalism. Stick around as true treachery rears its ugly heal.
            If the do-over effort fails they always have economic collapse and civil war to fall back on, but at the moment they would still prefer political subterfuge.


          • Ann Corcoran said

            I was disgusted to see news this a.m. that CNN was cheering over about a petition for a do-over!


          • Disgust! Now that is quite appropriate, especially when directed at our media who should be bringing the truth before America. Instead, they present yet more propaganda and most Americans insist on their daily ration.
            John Adams, in a letter to his wife Abigail, once wrote “I am more sick and more ashamed of my own Countrymen, than ever I was before. The Spleen, the Vapours, the Dismals, the Horrors, seem to have seized our whole State.” He further added “Posterity! You will never know, how much it cost the present Generation, to preserve your Freedom! I hope you will make a good Use of it. If you do not, I shall repent in Heaven, that I ever took half the Pains to preserve it.”


          • Ann Corcoran said

            Thanks for that great quote!

            Liked by 1 person

          • That light at the end of the tunnel is an oncoming train. It would appear that the English elite are doing a little side step and it will take until 2020 for England to actually get out of the EU, IF they are able to then.
            Excerpt from the following link:
            ‘ Both sides in the referendum campaign agree that this whole process would take several years, during which the UK would remain in the EU. The Remain side has always argued that the negotiations would be lengthy; the Leave side has now indicated that it would like to complete the process by 2020. Until the negotiation process is complete, the UK remains fully subject to its obligations under EU law.’

            I did a Google search on the facts that Mr. Ward posted…On the money.


      • Familiar with Rodney Atkinson? If not, he is one of the great conservative minds of England with impeccable credentials, and most assuredly not a crackpot. What I have learned from him and others about the EU/Globalism is why I am so convinced that this is going to be a long and costly war, which sadly, we may very well lose, as our enemies are so well entrenched as a power base across the nations of the west.
        Their weapons are many, including immigration, economic ruin, our legal system, political correctness, assaulting our education system, and weakening our military. Most of our people chase shadows while I choose to remain focused on the imminent danger (The Grindstone) before us.
        Mister Atkinson’s video is thirty seven minutes long and will be perhaps the best thirty seven minutes that any of us have ever spent.


  8. […] France’s Marine Le Pen on the UK vote: “springtime of the people” […]


  9. Carl said

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    Some Very Good News!


  10. ourcatsgotfleas said

    Sometimes the devil overplays his hand!


  11. The Turnberry Scotland tour de force … 48 minutes of presidential insight … just concluded, bodes ill for Hillary. All the more reliant (desperate) they will become, relying on voter fraud and illegals in November. Be prepared …


  12. bari1951 said

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  13. murlimews said

    This is a great day for democracy. Thank God for the British working class! They have lost the most in this brave new world and are still awake enough to vote.


  14. murlimews said

    If only the USA could have a referendum on refugees and immigration!


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