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Lack of transparency got citizens steamed in Rutland, VT in the first place

Posted by Ann Corcoran on June 26, 2016

Vermont citizens, who are not happy that they were blindsided by their mayor who quietly invited 100 Syrians to resettle in the small city, have succeeded in getting enough signatures on a petition to bring the issue before voters…but get this!

The mayor says he isn’t sure he will put it on the ballot!  I don’t know enough about Vermont election laws, but I do know a bit about the secrecy surrounding refugee resettlement in almost any city in America where refugees are resettled or where the feds are targeting next, and I know that time and time again arrogant politicians thumb their noses at voters (at their peril!) and that the paid federal contractors sneak refugees into towns with only refugee advocates in on the plan.

Vermont meeting

Stacie Blake (right) representing the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (the major federal refugee contractor working in VT) attempts to place blame on citizens with concerns—that they are sending an ‘unwelcoming’ message to immigrants. This is however, your fault Ms. Blake because your organization chose to proceed with this plan and willfully kept information from citizens for months! It is about secrecy coming from Washington, not about the refugees themselves!

For background for new readers, visit our previous posts on the escalating controversy in Rutland, VT by clicking here.

From WAMC Public Radio:

Some residents in the city of Rutland were blindsided when the mayor and the Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program announced in April that 100 Syrian and Iraqi refugees would be coming to the city in October. Now, a petition seeking to put the issue before voters has been validated.

Concerned citizens have appeared repeatedly before the Board of Aldermen seeking information on the resettlement plan. But little information has been made public. A group called Rutland First circulated a petition and collected more than 1,200 signatures asking the mayor and Board of Aldermen to put a proposition before the voters.


Despite the demand that the refugee resettlement plan be placed before city voters, Mayor Christopher Louras has been quoted that he’s “not inclined at this time to put it on the ballot.” Calls to the mayor were not returned.

Continue reading here.

Have you been noticing a trend?  Small town newspapers (owned by big media corporations) are skewing stories to put concerned citizens in the worst light, while there appears to be some efforts still going on at TV and radio stations to give a more balanced report on the latest news about immigration/refugees.

For new readers, find out if your town is already getting refugees by clicking here.

The following cities are ones that are newly targeted.  There could be many more, but these are the ones we have reported on so far (in addition to Rutland): Reno, NV, Ithaca, NY, Missoula, MT, Charleston, WV, and Fayetteville, AR.  Again, I believe there are dozens more. Let me know if you suspect something is up where you live!

17 Responses to “Lack of transparency got citizens steamed in Rutland, VT in the first place”

  1. […] with the federal government to ‘welcome’ Syrians to town, and when the residents found out all hell broke loose directed mostly at the mayor for acting […]


  2. […] the federal government to ‘welcome’ Syrians to town, and when the residents found out all hell broke loose directed mostly at the mayor for acting […]


  3. Mary Ann said

    Mayor Louras basically told anyone who was against letting in refuges was “inhumane” the first red flag was he knew there would be a fight on his hands.. so he just went over everyone’s head.. I am FAR from racist.. but these refuges will be from Syria and Jordan.. the same camp that poured into Europe..look at their issues.. so he must only watch local news.. I spoke to the organizer of the petition, the refuge center in Colchester receives millions in grant money.. that is the icing on this cake.. My heart feels for these people in ramshackle tenements.. but our infrastructure is already crumbling.. we have become the mini drug trafficking center.. and he feels we can take on more.. but here they throw a temper tantrum and all get their way.. Can Louras assure us that these will all be family’s..and not single males.. because Germans are being told they need to cover up to avoid being fondled.. no way would they go for that here..


  4. said

    Residents are being overrided. C

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  5. sturandot13 said

    Take a good look at the smug, self-righteous, “we know better than you” looks on both of the women in the photograph. Kinda makes one want to wipe that smug look off of their faces.


  6. futuret said


  7. Mrs Stitch said

    I think public radio may not feel quite so obliged to kiss up to local businesses the way newspapers do – the latter are so utterly dependent on advertising and everyone is bleeding revenue. You won’t get much objective reporting on local real estate markets for the same reason.

    Also I noticed a seemingly concerted effort in Missoula to post “help wanted” signs all over the place, then run a local story about how we needz more workers! The whole thing seemed fishy to me.


  8. […] Lack of transparency got citizens steamed in Rutland, VT in the first place […]


  9. paleodrone said

    Who We Are What We Do What’s New State Strategic Plan Research & Reports Private Career Schools Veterans Programs Career Resources

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  10. seabrznsun said

    Self governance is a beautiful thing.


  11. kerberos616 said

    Reblogged this on Kerberos616.


  12. TwoLaine said

    Judge Jeanine on Immigration, Refugees and more.

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  13. Mary Steen said

    Rutland Vermont – RISE up and bounce these ILLEGALS – THE MAYOR AND THE WITCHES placing these bastards in your community!!!!! SHAME ON THESE TRAITORS ALLOWING TERRORISTS INTO AMERICA!!!


  14. Senatssekretär Freistaat Danzig said

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  15. TwoLaine said

    Could they look any more haughty? 😉

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