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Idaho update: City council meets again, citizen reports little girl afraid to go outside

Posted by Ann Corcoran on June 29, 2016

This is the latest news from Twin Falls, Idaho about the case where three migrant boys from Sudan and Iraq are accused of sexually assaulting a 5 year old girl in their apartment complex.  Officials admit the boys have likely been in the US for less than two years, but say they do not know if the boys are UN/US State Department refugees, or whether they just drifted in to the US and made their way to rural Idaho.  I’m being cynical of course.

There is no ‘line’ to get into America from places like the Sudan and Iraq.  There are pretty much only two ways—either illegally as illegal aliens who crossed our borders or overstayed visas, or as resettled refugees.  Which is it?  I assure you that the US State Department, federal contractor US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI), and Jan Reeves*** (Idaho state refugee coordinator) know who these people are and exactly where they came from.


Twin Falls mayor Democrat Shawn Barigar is angry that Twin Falls has been the subject of discussion on the world wide web by people who don’t share his values. (Which values?)

They could be what the federal government calls “secondary migrants”—refugees resettled in another city or state and who then move on their own to another location (often in search of jobs or better government services/welfare).

In recent years the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement (in HHS) has been tracking secondary migrants (as best as they can), so they know who these people are.  The College of Southern Idaho (the subcontractor operating under the USCRI umbrella in Twin Falls) says they were not resettled in Twin Falls, but by now they know where they came from—Boise maybe?

Whoever resettled them and to which city they were initially placed is known by Reeves and Barbara Day in Washington.  If they are not REFUGEES then Ms. Day needs to make a public statement to clarify that information (and, I will apologize for calling the boys refugees if they are not!).  

Silence means that Washington is hiding something.

I’m digressing.  Here is the latest (or at least the latest as of yesterday!) from Twin Falls.  Leo Hohmann at World Net Daily tells us this:

The 5-year-old Idaho girl who was sexually assaulted by migrant boys from Sudan and Iraq has become a “prisoner in her own house” since the crime was allegedly committed more than three weeks ago, says a close friend of the family.

That’s because one suspect’s family who was evicted from the apartment complex has still not moved out.

The families of the three boys involved – two from Sudan ages 10 and 14 and a third from Iraq age 7 – were all evicted from the Fawnbrook Apartments in Twin Falls last week following publicity about the sexual assault, which occurred June 2 in a laundry room at the complex. The Sudanese families immediately left the complex but the Iraqis still reside there, right next door to the victim.

Do not miss the two video clips from the most recent city council meeting embedded in this story.  Watch the mayor of Twin Falls tell residents to stop being emotional and then Julie Ruf, a citizen who has doggedly pressed elected officials on the case, calmly explain to the mayor and council that citizens should get emotional about a little girl being violated and now kept prisoner in her own home because one of the alleged perpetrators is still her neighbor.

Continue reading here.

And, by the way, US Attorney Wendy Olson has walked back her previous comments that demonstrated her political bias and appeared to threaten free speech rights. Hohmann has reported on her latest missive.  (Consider this! If Hillary is elected you will see Olson keep her job, if Trump is President in 2017, he will hopefully be cleaning house at the Justice Department!).

Update:  More on Olson’s attempt to extricate herself from the controversy, here.

If you are new here today, click here, for previous posts on the case and Twin Falls generally.

*** For inquisitive reporters, there is one person who knows whether the alleged abusers from Sudan and Iraq are refugees resettled in Idaho or elsewhere (and who might have moved to Idaho) and that is Jan Reeves.  Reeves likely knows where the evicted families are now living as well.  Reeves is an Obama-designated “Champion of Change” and, as the state refugee coordinator, has been calling the shots on who goes to Idaho for 25 years.  (In Idaho, a Wilson-Fish state, the state government has no say in how the program is run, Reeves runs it.)


8 Responses to “Idaho update: City council meets again, citizen reports little girl afraid to go outside”

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  2. said

    Dear Ann Corcoran,

    Is there an agency or reputable group of people who have set up a fund to help the little girl so horrifically abused by the migrants? I have searched around and cannot find any as of yet and I have no way of contacting anyone directly involved with the family in Idaho. I would like to send the family a donation.

    Thank you for any help.



    • Ann Corcoran said

      That is so thoughtful of you. I will forward to the person I know who is in contact with the family.


  3. The parents of these perverted boys should be jailed along with those boys. This atrocity they committed must be dealt with by incarceration. We cannot have perverts harming our children. Canada now has these sub human harassing the high school student there. Oh but this new Canadian Prez will have you believe that we in the US of A,are aligned with him plus this Prez from Mexico, with our own Prez,that we are aligned with them!

    Report: Adult Refugees Enrolled In Canadian High School, Harassing Young Girls
    Emails between school officials at one Canadian high school reveal the school has been struggling to…

    Our government is incompetent we do not pay them for incompetence


  4. TwoLaine said

    What jumped out at me from his horribly long and sanctimonious speech was his use of the phrase “our collective prosperity”. My “prosperity” is not his “prosperity” to be collected and redistributed. HANDS OFF!

    It sounded like NWO global propaganda sinister speak, so I looked it up. Here are a couple of articles. I’ll let you decide.

    What Triggers Collective Prosperity Creating?

    Individual Fear and Collective Prosperity in Democracies

    I wonder if this phrase is used in the Come to America refugee booklets.


  5. ccharley51 said

    Thanks, Domstudent11 for your boycotting of anything made by these refugees. Get the word out, boycott any product, any food any fast food place, every business they start up, everything by these so-called “migrants” of an Islamic nature no matter what they sell in your communities, do not buy from them at all! We need to show a FORCE that we only buy AMERICAN, USA made products, made my Americans FOR the American people! We put a boycott on their businesses and products, we can then force them to move out elsewhere for lack of profits for their so-called cults they bring to our country & attempting to force onto us who don’t believe one iota of it! Time for Americans to KICK BACK from being KICKED ON for all these years and show WHO and WHAT we ARE!!

    Liked by 2 people

  6. domstudent11 said

    I never buy Chobani yogurt (which is based in Twin Falls) because 30% of their employees are refugees. I no longer buy Perdue or Tyson chicken for similar reasons or beef from the major beef meat packers. Chobani CEO has previously bragged about hiring refugees (January 2016).

    Liked by 3 people

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