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Tomorrow Obama will nag businesses to give jobs and stuff to refugees

Posted by Ann Corcoran on June 29, 2016

In September Obama and Justin Trudeau will be hosting a refugee shindig at the United Nations and so in advance of that Reuters tells us Obama will be pressuring businesses (starting tomorrow) to give more jobs to refugees, and more goodies too.  I guess he wants to brag at the UN this fall.

But, wait, aren’t we being told ad nauseum that refugees are self-sustaining within months of arrival and boosting the local economy wherever they are placed?  Can’t have it both ways!

Power with O and H

The sooner these three are gone the better off we will be! Power, Obama and Hillary want our borders erased.


The White House will on Thursday rally businesses to give jobs to refugees ahead of a September summit where U.S. President Barack Obama will urge world leaders to boost humanitarian funds by a third and double the number of refugees being resettled.

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power, said on Wednesday that the Obama summit during the annual gathering of world leaders at the United Nations would also aim to get one million refugee children in school and one million more refugees access to legal work in the neighboring countries they fled to.

“The summit is by no means a panacea; even if we hit every target, our response will still not match the scale of the crisis,” Power told the United States Institute of Peace, adding that it would boost the number of countries trying to help.

“We need businesses, big and small, to do more too; which is why tomorrow, the White House is launching a private sector call to action, which will rally companies to do their part, from providing jobs to donating services to refugees,” Power said.

So does that mean some low-skilled Americans will lose their jobs so a refugee from Africa or the Middle East can have it?

I’ll have more to say tomorrow.

10 Responses to “Tomorrow Obama will nag businesses to give jobs and stuff to refugees”

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  3. Excellent point about the hypocrisy behind this thing. If they are so self sufficient, motivated, etc., why do we need to hand them jobs? it is also a slap in the face to people who have been trying to get a decent job for years. As usual, the interests of foreigners who have been imposed on us take precedent over our own people. Obozo and the globalists should be ashamed!

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  7. We have two tools for preserving the Constitution and the United States that can be accomplished without bloodshed.

    The first is to obey the Constitution that was ratified to provide for our representative government by the People through their representatives they elected to stand in their place in the management of our country. The U.S. Government would not exist without the People of the United States. Article I. Section 2. specifies that Members of the House of Representatives (all of them) shall be chosen every second year. No provisions for reelections. Article I. Section 3. spells out that Senators shall serve six years. No provisions for reelections.

    Article II. Section 1. creates the Executive Position of the United States in a President. (This second sentence clearly spells out what sex a President must be and exactly how long a President is to serve. No permission for reelection included.) The second sentence reads: He shall hold his Office for the Term of four Years, ….”

    “He shall hold his” means only one thing. Only a man can be President! Turn back the pages of time to the period during which the Framers did their great work. During that time and up until women were given the right to vote in the 19th Amendment, ratified and official in the 1920s after nearly 65 years of effort, women did not take part in government at all. They had no voice, period. Knowing this, its quite clear that the Framers meant what they said: He shall hold his Office.

    The remainder of the second sentence is also quite clear: “for the Term of four Years, ….” The word “the” is singular meaning one Term of four Years. Thus, a male President can serve on term of four years, PERIOD!

    The 22nd Amendment was a tricky maneuver by the political machinery to make it look like a President was restricted to serving two, four year long terms. How can he be restricted to two terms if he does not have the ability to serve two terms to start with. So, the 22nd Amendment also permitted a President to serve two terms. But, there is a problem here. Nowhere within the 22nd Amendment is Article II. Section 1. mentioned or altered in any way. Since Article II. Section 1. was not addressed or changed it still stands as written and restricts a male President to serving the (one) Term of four Years

    We must not reelect anyone in 2016 and ever again from that point forward. People in office longer than the Framers dictated allows weak men exposed to unguarded temptations (over time) for which there are no penalties for abuse will eventually fall to this temptations and begin to serve them instead of constituents as they are supposed to.

    We are clearly seeing the results of reelections right now. Long serving members of both houses of Congress have run amok of their duties and serve their personal demons before all else. The only time they are aware of their constituents is when its time for elections and then they will do anything and everything to be reelected and continue to reap the benefits of their ill-gotten gains. Up pops political correctness and everything appears to threaten chances of reelection so they do nothing, can’t afford to hurt anyone’s feelings. They might not vote for me.

    Do not reelect anyone ever again. One term and home again – PERIOD!

    The Second way to preserve our country has to do with saving our sovereignty. Our country must never enter into agreements with any entity that causes the U.S. to give up any control over all aspects of our country and of our people according to the Constitution, as originally written and legally amended in accordance with Article V. thereof. The only way anything about the Constitution can be changed. THE ONLY WAY!

    Obama is working hard to surrender control of the United States to the One World Government being formed in the United Nations to which Obama aspires to be President of the World. An Islamic world where the richest and most powerful 200 or so persons and families will control everyone and everything in the World for their own benefits and amusement. Imagine bringing back feeding people to the lions for entertainment.

    He is pushing to replace NAFTA with TPP. NAFTA destroyed jobs in America and sent them all over the globe. We can thank Bill Clinton for that. TPP is touted as being a free trade agreement, it isn’t. It may contain a few words that appear to apply to trade but that is it. The rest is a plan for creating a court that will have the power to let businesses sue governments if those governments pass laws that interfere with their making profits. That is gross disruption of the sovereignty of each member country and surrendering control to a homemade court solely designed to give businesses and banks control over everyone in every member country for the purpose of profit.

    Trade is good and is necessary for people to survive. Trade can be negotiated between countries as it has been done in the past. It is not necessary for any country to surrender its sovereignty in order to conduct trade with other countries. Especially the United States which must remain sovereign and not allow any other country or organization of countries to become threats to our Constitution and our System of Laws founded therein.

    The way to preserve our sovereignty is to separate the United States from the United Nations and the United Nations from the United States. There is a bill now tabled in the House of Representatives that would do just that if it were brought to the floor for an up or down vote with no amendments allowed. H.R.1205 – the American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2015 introduced by Congressman Mike Rogers (R – Alaska) June, 2015 is just the tool to get rid of the United Nations for good.

    Please read an article discussing the presentation of H.R. 1205 at:

    You can read the text of the bill (not very long) here: I hope you will take the time to read it. Then, I hope you will start calling your Member in the House as many times as you can to tell them that you want this bill off of the table on onto the floor of the House for an up or down vote with no amendments.

    Please tell everyone you know to do the same and to ask everyone they know to do likewise. There are many in the House that want to get us out of the U..N. and if enough of us start yelling at them to get it done in an election year we can succeed in getting them to act.

    Please, please, please take action and keep taking action until H.R.1205 – The American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2015 get the U.S. out of the U.N. and vice versa.

    God Bless You one and all,

    Joseph D. Hollinger
    God Bless America, My Country tis of Thee!


  8. Must be a beer summit…as they are spending our money “like drunkin sailors”…no offense to the Navy! If businesses have positions to be filled, they should go to Americans!

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  9. Companies had better think long and hard before they hire Muslims. They will be expected to accommodate the sensibilities of their new workers — such as refusing to deliver or sell alcohol — and then they will be expected to accommodate their requirements for prayer times, special places to pray, etc. Ann, you can help the companies that will be pressured to provide jobs by providing a list of all the employment grievances and lawsuits that have been brought by Muslims against their employers in the past few year.

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