Asheville, North Carolina! You are next! Federal refugee contractor has come to town

There were some other things to write about this morning, but here we are, once again, telling you about the latest town targeted by the UN/US State Department and the International Rescue Committee to be the among the new sites for placement of mostly Middle Eastern and African refugees.


And, the amazing thing is that there are apparently no efforts being made to hide the fact that one of the drivers of this effort is the need by some hotel chains (planning new hotels in the area) for maids and janitors.

Note to ‘humanitarians:’ you are being used!

From the Citizen-Times:

ASHEVILLE – A global aid and humanitarian organization is exploring the possibility of making Western North Carolina a resettlement site for refugees.

Representatives from the International Rescue Committee met with local residents at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation on Wednesday to discuss the feasibility of a preliminary plan to relocate 150 people fleeing persecution in their home countries to the Asheville region.

If plans move forward, the first household could come as early as next spring, J.D. McCrary, executive director of the IRC office in Atlanta, told the crowd of more than 50 people. Others would arrive over the ensuing 12 months, he said.

Just like everywhere else, the IRC has been holding meetings and greasing the skids BEFORE word got out to the citizens of Asheville.

Donald Trump is right about the Chamber of Commerce—it is not friendly to conservatives and those who have concerns about immigration and preserving jobs for Americans!

The IRC has been meeting with city and county officials, as well as other interested stakeholders such as the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce, throughout the week, McCrary said.

JD McCrary
J.D. McCrary, executive director of the IRC office in Atlanta

“I am happy to tell you that your community is very, very welcoming.” he said. “This is a wonderful, wonderful town and you should be very proud of that. “

Available, affordable housing might be the greatest hurdle to a viable resettlement, McCrary said. There are jobs here. Some 1,700 new hotel rooms are coming in the next year and those hotels need workers. 

Could Marriott be one of them? See Marriott wants maids, here.

The heck with “marginalized” African-American citizens!

The Citizen-Times continues:

Some worried how a local resettlement would impact Asheville’s already marginalized African-American and Hispanic communities. Others wondered if Asheville could meet the needs of a resettlement.

Click here for more.

Are you interested in forming a ‘Pocket of Resistance?’

Anyone with concerns in Asheville first needs to learn more about the International Rescue Committee (I bet we have a hundred posts on them here at RRW, use our search window).  See also our Frequently Asked Questions, here.

Don’t miss ‘Ten things your town needs to know’ here.

See also this excellent write-up just yesterday about Radford, VA (another new target site).

And, you need to especially pay attention to what happened when the IRC tried to open an office in Athens, GA.  Here is just one post with links to follow.  McCrary arrogantly said the feds would decide if there were going to be third-worlders resettled in Athens and not the Democrat mayor!

Remember readers this is all happening because Obama is dramatically increasing the numbers of refugees admitted to the US and he is assuming that Hillary will be elected and will put the program on steroids, so the federal resettlement contractors are all out scouting new towns (having worn out their welcome in some of the 200 or so other towns and cities they are flooding).  

I think they also are assuming that if they get dozens of new offices opened, it will be harder (should Trump win) to get them all closed probably for years as the new administration gets settled in.  And, by then the seed community has been planted!

In my 9 years of writing about refugees I have not seen such a huge campaign to expand the number of towns to be seeded (colonized!).

Add Asheville to our growing list which includes Missoula, MT, Ithaca, NY, Radford, VA, Reno, NV, Rutland, VT, Fayetteville, AR, and Charleston, WV (am I forgetting any?) which I have written about in recent months.

17 thoughts on “Asheville, North Carolina! You are next! Federal refugee contractor has come to town

  1. Annie,

    The refugees they are talking about have health issues in abundance – most significantly – multi drug resistant TB. In most articles they put MDR TB like who the heck knows what that is unless you have med background.

    Just wanted you to read it.

    Love you, Dee On Jun 30, 2016 7:22 AM, “Refugee Resettlement Watch” wrote:

    > Ann Corcoran posted: “There were some other things to write about this > morning, but here we are, once again, telling you about the latest town > targeted by the UN/US State Department and the International Rescue > Committee to be the among the new sites for placement of mostly Mi” >


  2. This whole idea of bringing refugees to USA is insane!!! Why are they refugees and why not make their homes in the Middle East a safe place for them? We all know that answer don’t we? The Isis Muslim’s are included in that list and we all know that is how they have gotten to a large number of countries and caused mass massacres and we know where this happened. What US citizen wants that is their back yard!! Perhaps Obama can set up a tent city on the property of new house when he leaves office to help, pay for and accommodate all of these people he wants to bring into our country. What happened to the Immigration Laws that would prohibit such an onslaught of people here? We do know this is yet another attempt by him to destroy our great country! We truly need to unite and stop this from happening. We have too many homeless in our towns, men, women and homeless children in all grades of school. Provide for those first and foremost, help our own citizens before we even start to consider outsiders!!!


  3. Add Asheville to Missoula, Ithaca, Radford, Reno, Rutland, Fayetteville, Charleston …

    Hard not to think of that chilling scene in the original ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’ where the town’s pod people are loading and unloading trucks to distribute the giant alien seed pods to sleepy neighboring towns.

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  4. I’m very curious as to why these hotels believe they are going to have a ready-made population to hire for maid services since the majority of their women do NOT work outside the home -ever- and they prefer to keep it that way. [someone should inform these parties]

    I think it was Maine that began making a work requirement for refugee/imm. women in order to receive any type state assistance, and supposedly stemmed the flow.

    If so, this would be * * * an excellent model for other states to follow * * * –and– to heavily publicize this work requirement BEFORE they arrive to U.S. since most of them cherry-pick what country they want to go to based on benefits they can get.


  5. Asheville is a lovely little mountain city, with a significant new age/hippy/environmentalist/organic-food-eating in-town population. Pleasant people with some cool, fun shops and co-ops. Then there are the more numerous rural, county dwellers, who are also pleasant hard working people with traditional values. The Biltmore House and Winery are a prominent attraction and quite worth seeing. Outdoor sports and the Blue Ridge Parkway are also a source of pride, as well as important industries.

    Asheville has become the micro-brewing beer capitol of the U.S., taking the title from Seattle a few years ago. It has many features worth protecting and that will eventually clash with a certain ideology.

    It’s within easy driving distance to the Qualla Boundary, the home of the Eastern Band of Cherokee and Black Mountain, NC, home of Billy Graham.

    There are three potential pockets of resistance here, in addition to the general population. The hippies, with their crystals and coexist bumper stickers on their Prius’s, are probably hopeless, but the micro-brewers might be interested in learning a little Shariah law and about Germany’s and other European countries’ experiences with beer festivals and their refugees. The Grahams already know Islam well and are quite capable to combat the fake religious memes.

    Then there are the Cherokee. The Cherokee are generally very good people…everybody has a bad apple or two…who are law abiding, proud of their serving warriors and veterans, proud of their heritage and the retention of the way of the people. And, they have a big always-crowded casino. They are slow to anger, but when they get there, they will not stop until they hold the heart of their enemy in their hand. They’re focused, discriminating, quick and justified…and they know where the rhododendrons are so thick up on the mountains that a person can go in and never find their way out, where the rattlers nest, and where the areas are that no one dares go, unless you just happen to know those thickets, crannies, rocky overhangs and caves like the back of your hand…don’t mess with their children or their women. They won’t make an announcement, a video or a sound.

    They’ll avoid conflict, if possible, but an episode like Idaho would make it unavoidable. They are well aware of the wisdom of not inviting in the unavoidable. Political correctness is a yonega (white/English) affliction, not theirs. They deal in right and wrong and they decide what defines those terms…and do it quite well.

    General Winfield Scott once said he’d rather fight an entire band of Pawnees than ten angry Cherokee. In this clash of disparate tribal cultures, I’d put my money on ten angry Cherokee.

    Get the tribal council onboard and you’ll get the whole tribe, whether they live on or off the Boundary. Eventually, Asheville’s RRP will impact them. Many live in Asheville and surrounding areas already. There’s that always-crowded casino thing too. The tribe has many reasons to oppose the RRP.

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    1. You are a poet, my friend. I can completely visualize where “the rhododendrons are so thick up on the mountains that a person can go in and never find their way out,” Clearly you know these mountains well. “They will not stop until they hold the heart of their enemy in their hand.” I love that phrase. That’s what we need in this fight. Warriors.

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      1. Thank you, Domstudent11. I love those mountains from whence comes my strength. And I love the People who gave me enough of their DNA, in combination with the Scot/Irish contribution that is much like the Cherokee, in many ways, to never give up when the cause is right and righteous, despite the odds.

        You can’t throw a rock around these parts without hitting someone with Cherokee and Scot/Irish ancestry. Guess that explains something about being Southern and graciously ornery. It may also be a microcosmic view of why changing demographics is imperative to the fundamental transformation of America.

        The changers haven’t met my relatives yet. I’ll have the popcorn ready for that day.

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  6. . . . . and this was where I was planning to move to ESCAPE the hoards that have taken over my neighborhood in Houston; . . . . well, I guess the upside is avoiding the devastation, fury, and further financial loss due to them by finding out after the fact.

    Is this what is meant by ‘dodged a bullet’???


    1. I don’t think you are safe anywhere, however, my Tennessee friends assure me that at least there is a fighting spirit in their state!

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  7. I know your friend Lee is a Lib so she will probably be on the Welcoming Committee, but this might be a good time to sell her Asheville house.



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