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Breitbart: Wisconsin is (for now) the new TB capital of America

Posted by Ann Corcoran on July 5, 2016

Michael Patrick Leahy has published one more investigative report on Tuberculosis in the US refugee population. Go to our ‘health issues’ category by clicking here to see his previous reports.

Here is the latest, hot off the presses this morning:

Twenty-seven recently resettled refugees were among the 117 cases of active tuberculosis (TB) diagnosed in Wisconsin in 2014 and 2015, according to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. That makes the Badger State the new refugee TB capital of the United States.


Will we soon have to mass produce up-dated posters like this one from the 1920s to alert the public in refugee resettlement target cities?

Wisconsin replaces Louisiana as the state with the most reported cases of active TB among recently resettled refugees in the country.

As Breitbart News has reported previously, twenty-one cases of active TB were diagnosed among recently resettled refugees in Louisiana between 2011 and 2015.

Six other states have reported recently resettled refugees have been diagnosed with active TB: Florida (eleven), Colorado (ten), Idaho (seven), Indiana (four), Kentucky (nine in one county), and North Dakota (four in one county).

Wisconsin may not be the actual leader, though. Only eight of the forty nine states that resettle refugees under the federal refugee resettlement program have responded to Breitbart News requests to provide this important public health data, which resettlement agencies are required by law to monitor and report in each state.

Lots more here!

One more HUGE example of the secrecy surrounding the Refugee Admissions Program in America!

Endnote: I’m going to ask again if anyone knows if volunteers working with the resettlement contractors are given any information on how to stay safe from health risks associated with refugees coming here directly from the third world.

8 Responses to “Breitbart: Wisconsin is (for now) the new TB capital of America”

  1. Due to Political Correctness, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has been incapable of stopping the spread of HIV/AIDS in the U.S. since the 1980’s. Based on this fact, we cannot count on them to stop the spread of TB. I can just imagine the ACLU or an immigrant advocacy group writing a white paper or threatening to sue the CDC for stigmatizing immigrants. It’s all about feelings of victimization, you know.

    For more information about the CDC’s failure with HIV/AIDS, visit StealthCare a new website by two retired public health workers – . Especially newsworthy is the research budget for HIV/AIDS as compared to other diseases, including infectious.


  2. Dr. Rich Swier said

    Great. Published:


    On Tue, Jul 5, 2016 at 11:16 AM, Refugee Resettlement Watch wrote:

    > Ann Corcoran posted: “Michael Patrick Leahy has published one more > investigative report on Tuberculosis in the US refugee population. Go to > our ‘health issues’ category by clicking here to see his previous reports. > Here is the latest, hot off the presses this morning: Twen” >


  3. Janet Lehr said

    The best way to insure a REPUBLICAN VICTORY in November is to circulate this refugeeresettlementwatch website!! The information it relates daily is sufficient impetus to get reluctant voters out stumping for Republican success at the polls, and most importantly, volunteering to be Poll Watchers, driving the infirmed to the polls-asking your local Republican party officials what they need you, a citizen volunteer to do. It is particularly necessary to insure that every Republican VOTES and that ID’s are required of all who come to the polls to vote. Each Republican not voting is irresponsibly aiding a Democratic victory. Not voting, is just not an option. Too much hangs in the balance.

    #1, 2, 3, the number of Supreme Court Justices likely to be appointed under the incoming President. President Obama has carefully seeded the Federal Bench in these last eight years. After these eight years of this ‘seeding’, decisions coming from the lower courts have already proven to be alarmingly ‘progressive’.

    Another exceedingly, vitally important issue is that of President Obama’s Executive Orders. They ride with the President who has made them, his successor has the option of accepting them or repealing them. This alone should galvanize the Republican spirit in those who may not feel that the Republican candidate makes a ‘Presidential’ presentation.

    I look at the present ‘nominee apparent’s’ wife and children and hear from his past and present associates, but particularly note his wife and children – They display perfect’ discipline and exemplary characteristics. If we say, ‘the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree’, we must give that ‘tree’ the opportunity to demonstrate the depth and breadth of his exemplary influence. Surely he can sluff off the cloak of the TV host and with a little professional coaching regain the mien that fostered the mature solidity in his wife and children.

    Lastly, the United States of America will probably not survive another 4-8 years continuing on our present path of near ‘flat’ GDP, of encouraging ‘foreign invasion’, of rewarding those who ‘scam’ and flaunt our laws. Our Congress might consider incentivizing the nations law school to make mandatory a semester of Constitutional Law, with the option of advanced courses in the study thereof. Readers of this note will be shocked to learn that a significant % of the nations law schools have dropped the requirement of a course in U.S. Constitutional Law. Some schools such as Yale University have welcomed programs of Islamic Legal Studies. Abdallah S. Kamel Center for the Study of Islamic Law was establish at Yale University in 2015. Quoting from Breitbart This was the result of a paltry $10 million dollar gift by documented terrorist supporter!! (see Breitbart link above).

    Janet Lehr – Reformed attorney, Art dealer, Pro-Israel blogger writing as, Proud Republican Voter, devoted AMERICAN.


  4. domstudent11 said

    It might be worth signing up for a volunteer training session just to see what kind of information is dispensed. Curiously, Refugee One requires background checks for volunteers (but the refugees themselves don’t have to be vetted!)


  5. kerberos616 said

    Reblogged this on Kerberos616.


  6. Let me see if I have this straight… These people are from a foreign country and do not read English, but we are now going to deal with diseases that were wiped out in this country because they ruined their own country and want our help and benefits?? Not acceptable. Muslim women have to have the husband’s permission to do anything, including see a doctor about illnesses. Do you really think that any muslim husband cares enough about his wife to get medical care for her? It isn’t going to happen and the disease will spread. If it is the man who is infected *might* get medical care, but since he won’t be living in isolation, he is also more than willing to share this with anyone he comes into contact with — including the resettlement workers. Isn’t this just dandy? Those that are ill need to be removed to a medical isolation area and treated before they can “share the wealth” of this horrible disease.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. […] Breitbart: Wisconsin is (for now) the new TB capital of America July 5, 2016 […]


  8. TwoLaine said

    Thank You Speaker Lyin’ Paul Ryan!


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