Minneapolis Somali ‘youths’ invade suburban neighborhood, threaten homeowners

I first read a story about this a couple of days ago and wondered if the scary incident involved Somalis, but the word ‘Somali’ was absent in the written account and it wasn’t until a reader, Dede, directed people to watch the video that we learned our first instincts were correct.

***Update*** More details at World Net Daily (Leo Hohman) here.

Update July 7th:  Primary victim of the rampage speaks, here.

I’m telling you, the lengths to which the media goes to hide the truth when it involves refugees of a certain ‘religious’ persuasion is stunning.  Why on earth leave the key piece of information people need out of the written news report!

Here is the story (do you see the word “Somali” in the text?). Now watch the video (this is a screen shot in case they remove this from the video).

Screenshot (43)


I guess we should be grateful that at least the broadcast version of the story used the ‘S’ word!

This should be on the national news!

Just envision this happening in your neighborhood!

How are Americans ever going to be prepared and proactive if we don’t even know what is happening in the next city, let alone the next state!  You know, I tell people in Maryland what is happening in Minnesota and they don’t believe me because they haven’t seen it on Fox News!  Ahhhhhh!

This is exactly what Phyliss Schlafly has pointed out here:  the second generation Muslim migrant to America isn’t assimilating!

For new readers: We probably have a hundred posts here at RRW on Minnesota as the state which has ‘welcomed’ thousands and thousands of Somali refugees.  Here is just one post from last year to help you get up to speed on ‘Little Mogadishu!’  Just remember! Somalis didn’t “make their way” to Minnesota, they were resettled there for two decades by the US State Department and three major contractors: Catholic Charities, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service and World Relief (additional contractors have moved in since).

The ‘youths’ harassing homeowners were born here or came as very small children!

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  1. Does anyone know how to get Secondary migration statistics for St. Cloud, MN? I see information is out there by state and even by county but I would like to urgently know by City how many foreign nationals are secondary migrating to Saint Cloud, MN. Please help. Thank you.


    1. Kevin, I only know how to find those numbers by state. I’ll look around and see if there is some place within the Office of Refugee Resettlement where you could ask. Of course Lutheran Social Services has some idea.


    2. Kevin, I just looked around the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement website and although there is nothing I saw about data by city, I urge you to do a little research there. It seems data is collected primarily so that social services (aka welfare) money can be allocated commensurate with numbers of secondary migrants moving there. I wish I had time to do some research but not today…


      1. Ann, thank you so much for your reply. I’ll look around on that website and see what I can find. I’m basically trying to figure out the impact the St. Cloud schools for things that are basically out of their control. I know Lutheran Social Services brings in 215 per year but I think the secondary migration to is much higher and from that I’m trying to estimate how many will end up in the school system. Thanks for your help!!


        1. If you find section of the ORR website that deals with secondary migration, you may see the name of an employee who is in charge of that portion of their work near the end of the website page. Call that person! If you can’t find someone, call the director of ORR and tell them what you need and see if someone will speak to you. Sounds like a really reasonable request! BTW, when I first started RRW in 2007, I was told they didn’t (couldn’t!) track secondary migrants, but they definitely are doing it now.


  2. It’s what the European media call them: Youths. Citizens all know it is a code word for Muslim teens/young adults.
    American law enforcement officials don’t know about no-go zones in Europe of which France with 750 official no-go zones and Sweden with 55.
    Look at these youth for future no-go zones. Someone better wake up law enforcement.


  3. In 2003, I wrote an article about the Somali’s in MN. At that time there were approximately 300 that were situated there. Now there are over 50,000, some moved into WI and surrounding states. Pat Owens


  4. We long have known that “youths,” like “teens,” is Newspaperspeak for nonwhite criminals under the age of 25, especially if the intended targets are white.


  5. 3 or more = Criminal Gang Activity

    The Lake Calhoun Community needs to come together and get the Gang Units involved. Call for an immediate open meeting with them. They would much rather work with you than without. It is your neighborhood, it’s time to take it back. IF you don’t, things will get much worse. Set up a Neighborhood Watch Program and put some teeth into it. Get someone to work the local TV stations. MAKE them cover it.

    This was a criminal shakedown. They did it BECAUSE THEY CAN. Tell them, NOT IN MY BACKYARD!

    Sticking your head in the sand MARYLAND does not make the enemy go away, nor does it mean it is not there already.

    Minnesota § 609.713. Terroristic Threats


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  6. shared to my public FB wth my added comments:



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  7. Great. Published: http://bit.ly/29ncnTf


    On Tue, Jul 5, 2016 at 7:01 AM, Refugee Resettlement Watch wrote:

    > Ann Corcoran posted: “I first read a story about this a couple of days ago > and wondered if the scary incident involved Somalis, but the word ‘Somali’ > was absent in the written account and it wasn’t until a reader, Dede, > directed people to watch the video that we learned our fi” >


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