Creeps me out! UN helps create The Hive (a modern day propaganda machine)

Hive_PrimaryOneColor_redoIf you’ve wondered how so many warm and fluffy stories are popping up on the issue of refugees, you might look to The Hive as one reason for the latest flurry.

Brian Reich
The Hive’s brain, Brian Reich.

Truly I’m creeped-out when I read about the small group of social engineers hired by the United Nations, to create a narrative, to solve what they call the “most pressing issue” of our time—the “refugee crisis.”

Here (hat tip: Julia) is what they say about themselves (of course they don’t tell you what they really are—propagandists!):


So what is the Hive, and what does it do? It’s a team of 10 people working out of New York, exploring the universe of “persuadables” in the context of the refugee crisis. Reich and his colleagues are always asking, “Who can we get to engage around this issue that the UNHCR might not otherwise target? And how can we measure their behavior?” Its hiring practices are unorthodox, for the nonprofit world, at least. “We have the first full-time data scientist in a nonprofit in the U.S. focused on engagement,” says Reich.

And, here they describe one of their recent successes as they work for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (the agency choosing refugees for your towns!):

The Hive has a wide berth to experiment with things that an august body like the UNHCR might not typically try. It made a “Jesus Was a Refugee” bumper sticker, riffing on a line of the Pope’s, and distributed it around the time of his U.S. visit.

The average person just thinks a theme like that springs up from the ether.  Do a google search on ‘Jesus was a refugee’ and see how it is spread throughout social media.

Here is their facebook page: USA for UNHCR where they promote their memes such as the bumper sticker project they brag about.

And, here is what they say they are doing:

We’re building knowledge about issues relating to refugees so that Americans will grow more committed to solving the refugee crisis.

We’re using data science to identify and micro-target prospective supporters.

And we’re developing strategic partnership opportunities for corporations and brands that change everything we know about philanthropy and advocacy.

This is not about charity. We’re here to help the United States. We are here to help the United States solve problems that truly need the United States’ support.

We’re here to unlock the potential of the U.S. market – both in terms of fundraising and advocacy – in support of the most pressing issue of our time.

We can’t make change happen alone or over night – that is why we need you. We are bringing together the smartest and most innovative partners in the U.S. to help us reach, educate and engage American’s on today’s most pressing issue.


One of the most important weapons they have in their propaganda arsenal is STORYTELLING!

The political Left loves stories: warm stories, family stories, children stories, stories of hardship overcome, stories about success and stories about how ethnic groups are reaching out to help each other with love and kindness.  Blah, blah, blah!

But, we have stories too! (and we don’t have millions of dollars and Manhattan brains promoting them).  We have stories about their angels wandering off-message (thus destroying their carefully crafted narrative) and raping little girls (Idaho!), becoming Islamic terrorists (Kentucky) or terrorizing suburbs (Minnesota).

And, therein lies the danger to the UN and its Leftist social engineers of blogs like Refugee Resettlement Watch and other on-line media daily messing up their narrative! by pumping out the “stories” that ‘balance’ their warm and fuzzy multicultural dream theme with some cold hard reality!

Viva La Free Speech!

25 thoughts on “Creeps me out! UN helps create The Hive (a modern day propaganda machine)

  1. Well, you should be quite used to getting creeped out by now. Allow me to add a little icing on the cake…
    Excerpt from Vanity Fair…Sub heading The Hive…
    ‘As part of a Freedom of Information Act request, has uncovered a secret “Enemies List” that potential presidential-candidate-to-be Donald Trump has been quietly assembling, in crayon. The 17-page, single-spaced document is too voluminous to run here, in full. And the true purpose of the list is not readily apparent. But as a public service, VF.COM has decided to share a portion of Page One.’
    Strikes me as odd that Trump would create an enemies list, in crayon nonetheless, and leave it accessible to the Freedom Of Information Act. One further thought: Just love the term “persuadables” mentioned in your essay above. Synonomous with mindless, unthinking, droid, awaiting data input from the programmer.


      1. Exactly, but the simple minded who read this rubbish in Vanity Fair are part of the “persuadables” that the young Mister Goebbels is looking for. They now believe. Proof is not required.


  2. The Hive’s entire purpose is to Astroturf this issue and present a wave of news stories and social media posts to make it appear as if the majority of public opinion is FOR refugee resettlement when it is not. The Hive is no match for a social media storm of awake citizens. The UN can not hire enough social media “specialists” to drown-out your voices. Sharing articles from Refugee Resettlement Watch and posting counter-stories to the Hive narrative is a very important task, your posts AGAINST “refugee” resettlement will give others the strength to dissent.

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    1. Thank you Eileen, I’m encouraged by your statement: “The Hive is no match for a social media storm of awake citizens.” Love it!

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  3. More like putting lipstick on a pig! Anybody with an IQ above 1 will not buy into the treasonous act of smuggling muslim terrorists onto our shores under the cover of darkness using UPS cargo planes! Where are the “Christian” refugees? You know, those who are being butchered by ISIL – or do you want us all to beleive that these poor terrorists need to be relocated into the US so they can carry out their Jihad here and institute Sharia Law? Sorry – tha dog wont hunt here in America!


  4. Great. Published:


    On Fri, Jul 8, 2016 at 7:57 AM, Refugee Resettlement Watch wrote:

    > Ann Corcoran posted: “If you’ve wondered how so many warm and fluffy > stories are popping up on the issue of refugees, you might look to The Hive > as one reason for the latest flurry. Truly I’m creeped-out when I read > about the small group of social engineers hired by the” >


  5. Some OT Saturday “fun” regarding a different, sinister “The Hive – or is it that different? (Scene from movie “Resident Evil” – think of the Umbrella Corporation as the UN) The Hive ends up creating zombies – another creepy similarity..


  6. You do know that the Largest HIVE is the Vatican, as there are Bee’s all over the columns, and the pope wears a robe with Bees all over it, as if this church is the Queen Bee.

    Book of Revelation, I sit as Queen.

    Common Core, to which the Joplin school superintendent professed as a Jesuit curriculum, in a radio interview, one that since has been scrubbed from the net, basically has the goal of creating a globe of citizens who have the HIVE MIND.

    The Queen Bee is set to speak in Washington D.C. on the 16th of this month, with the goal of uniting all the worker bees.

    Just two days before GOP convention too.

    Of course the UN has a global education plan, and no doubt the UN HIVE has to be getting influenced by the largest HIVE there is on the planet.

    Keep up the good work Ann.


  7. “The Hive.” Refreshingly upfront about their creepy collectivist agenda. The Hive needs to be fumigated and no, I will not be assimilated.


  8. Ah yes…The Hive. A gathering place where the unthinking gladly flit about serving the collective. I find the young gentleman’s name to be rather interesting as he looks like he would have made a good Nazi for Hitler.
    Shared, by the way.


  9. These Scumbags want a story then every time their beloved refugees commits a crime then send them that story. And end it that maybe their children may one day meet one of these “refugees” and then they’ll have a story to tell of their own. It’s called Reverse Psychology, plant that thought in the back of their mind so they worry constantly that their children maybe sexually assaulted by one of the cave dwellers looking for a child bride.

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  10. “The Hive”….. The Hive needs more worker bees. (Wasn’t there a horror film with that title?)


  11. PLEASE get this circulated to relevant media heads. It needs airing. It is part of the white depopulation attempt. The UN is our enemy.


  12. This type of blatant propaganda is the most deadly weapon used by the Left/ Dem/ Fascist/ Socialist machine in its war on Western civilization. The subtleties escape most people as their minds are manipulated into thinking that the illegal savages that are flooding our once great country, are anything but what they really are. We see this mind control happening in our re-education system, from K- through Kollege. Kids are being taught what to think, not how to think.


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