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German couple among first victims of Merkel/Zuckerberg scheme to silence political speech

Posted by Ann Corcoran on July 9, 2016

Invasion of Europe news…

We reported here previously that Mama Merkel and Facebook mogul Marky Zuckerberg have agreed that you dare not criticize Germany’s immigration policy on facebook or you can be dragged into court, like this husband and wife.

From Breitbart:

A German couple were taken to court and sentenced after they created a Facebook group that criticised migrants and the government’s mass migration policy.

zuckerberg and Merkel

Jawohl Frau Merkel, whatever you say!

The couple, who live in the German town of Vierkirchen, stood accused of inciting hatred toward migrants via the Facebook group that the pair had created called the “Anti-refugee movement” (AFB). The group is said, by the court, to have been a clear incitement against migrants and as a result both 27-year-old Peter M. and his 26-year-old wife Melanie M. were found guilty of hate speech, Merkur reports.

The statements on the Facebook group did not seem to contain anything overtly nationalistic or Nazi-inspired, but rather expressed deep concern about the situation in Germany relating to mass migration.

Continue reading here.

And, don’t miss this other Breitbart story about the migrant crisis causing German towns to go into deep debt.

Click here for all the news (for the last few years!) on the ‘Invasion of Europe.’

Thank God we are not Germany yet! (And, free speech is probably the only thing that will save us from that fate.)

7 Responses to “German couple among first victims of Merkel/Zuckerberg scheme to silence political speech”

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  2. dotsword said

    – – – and yet, Facebook’s Zuckerberg’s MASSIVE HALF-MILE WALL around his Hawaii compound continues construction * * * Despite protests from the Local People –Native Islanders!!

    That self-righteous little twerp does NOT deserve his accidental ”right time/right place” success & Billions $$$ — Let’s hope some of Hawaii’s biggest sharks get very hungry while he’s surfing at his beachfront compound.

    I guarantee NONE of the ‘Locals” will miss him. [that double-standard sob is treading on some of my ancestors’ turf and we are not happy]
    – – some Hawaii karma sounds really good right now.

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  3. Diversity OR Free speech. Pick ONE. And ONLY ONCE.

    Diversity means everyone MUST think alike about ‘diversity’. Diversity just means White Genocide.

    Freedom now from this enforced, coercive, parasitic, anti-white, genocidal diversity. Its a crime, not a ‘policy option’

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  4. […] German couple among first victims of Merkel/Zuckerberg scheme to silence political speech […]


  5. […] German couple among first victims of Merkel/Zuckerberg scheme to silence political speech […]


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