More on Obama and his crony corporate pals doing an end-run on refugee program

We mentioned this story here and here the other day when we wrote about Twin Falls Idaho and Chobani Yogurt, but now we are learning even more!

The Daily Caller (reporter Alex Pfeiffer) has relied on the work of Nayla Rush a refugee/immigration researcher at the Center for Immigration Studies in Washington to flesh out yet another of Obama’s creative (sneaky and unethical) ways of flooding the country with phony refugees.

Crony capitalism on full display at the Clinton Global Initiative. Chatting it up with Bill is Hamdi Ulukaya founder and CEO of Chobani Yogurt. Big companies need the federal government to supply them with cheap labor! Photo:

Below is a bit of the Daily Caller article (note that Chobani Yogurt is prominent among the financial giants working to change the nature of your towns!).

Do not be fooled! It is all about money and power (with a brushed on veneer of compassionate humanitarianism).

The White House announced last week that it is launching a “Call to Action” asking private businesses to help with the resettlement of refugees. This could be done without regard to the government cap of 85,000 total refugees, including 10,000 Syrian refugees, in 2016.

Fifteen founding corporations have teamed up with the Obama administration on the effort. These are: Accenture, Airbnb, Chobani, Coursera, Goldman Sachs, Google, HP, IBM, JPMorgan Chase & Co., LinkedIn, Microsoft, Mastercard, UPS, TripAdvisor, and Western Union. The Call to Action initiative is not only to help refugees in the United States, but all over the world.


These refugees will be coming outside the refugee resettlement program so they would not be counted under the government cap of 10,000. These ‘alternative legal pathways or sponsorships’ will be under employment visas, training, student visas and scholarships, visiting scholars etc,” Nayla Rush, senior researcher at the Center for Immigration Studies, told The Daily Caller.

Rush added, “remember, the aim is to bring as many Syrian refugees as possible. 10,000 is the limit this [Fiscal Year] under the refugee resettlement program. No limit to these ‘private sponsorships’, more importantly, no traceability.”

Read Rush’s full report here.

She mentions Chipotle and the major US resettlement contractor, International Rescue Committee, something we told you about here in May.

Say after me: It is all about money! It is all about money!……

inquiring mindsIsn’t it curious that Chobani Yogurt asked Bloomberg to take a sentence out of a report that Bloomberg posted on June 30th on the Obama Call to Action.

Bloomberg correction:

“Corrects to remove reference to Chobani yogurt hiring additional refugees in ninth paragraph, which the company has not announced.”

Are they saying they are (or are not) hiring more refugees for their plants in New York state and in Idaho? Inquiring minds want to know!

15 thoughts on “More on Obama and his crony corporate pals doing an end-run on refugee program

  1. We’re boycotting Chobani. We like the Fage brand, I think it’s authentically “Greek;” it’s from an Athens recipe. It’s expensive but worth it. It’s Greece’s top yogurt brand. It’s made in both Greece and New York.

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  2. Makes you wonder how many other lucrative government contracts (ie: Chobani’s contract to supply yogurt to USA schools) have been, or will be, awarded to companies 1.) to make sure the companies have the “need” to import more Muslim refugee workers 2.) to reward companies for supporting Obama’s (and Hillary’s if she gets elected) refugee resettlement program.

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      1. Absolutely! triple underscore!

        Do you know any ‘Super-Reporters” with a knack for INVESTIGATING the tangled web of Government Contracts??

        –oh what a Pulitzer-winning story(s) that will be! –just need to find the right Reporter.


        1. I doubt there are many of that caliber left. And, most who would be on the right wavelength to do it have to crank out stories for employers on a regular basis leaving them little time. So that is why we need citizen journalists! No reason a regular person can’t become an investigative journalist: research and publish.

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          1. ahhh . . . . .showing my age; grin –

            Alas, no more Woodwards &Bernsteins; and gone are the days when cities had 2 or 3 wealthy newspapers in fierce competition, hence the backing for full time Investigations.

            I agree re average citizens could do it; when our local TV reporters try to trace just any of the City or County contracts, they have to resort to publicly using the clout of the TV station -on air, to force answers — but I’m sure a determined citizen can figure out something.


  3. I believe this is the creep, (actually both are creeps), but I’m talking about the Chobani owner who said ‘he was going to choke America with Muslims’!
    And johnny on the spot Billy Clinton is ready and willing to deal, for cash, with anyone who wants to threaten Americans with Islam/Sharia.

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  4. p.s. Let’s not forget that FOR EVERY SINGLE one of thousands of Workers & “students” that Obama sneaks in using work &educ. Visas:

    – – MULTIPLY THOSE 1000’s BY X 5-7, OR MORE – -THAT ole’

    [ugh – – I just now envisioned yogurt mixed with TB –ugh!!!]


  5. I listed these 15 co’s on twitter couple days ago but should have added all caps TELL EV1 TO BOYCOTT – – maybe someone else can do the honors – – and I’ll be happy to retweet –

    – – just takes me too long to figure out how to squeeze critical info [even when I utilize retweet of my own tweet] –while maintaining a MOTIVATIONAL headline so people will actually – take action.


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